Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Skylanders Valentine's Mailbox

What: Skylanders Valentine's Mailbox
Where Did You Get It:  Gift (Walmart)
What Did it Cost: $3.98 plus tax
What is Included: Skylanders Mailbox, (2) Sticker Sheets

Review of Skylanders Valentine's Mailbox

I have to say, this thing is pretty cool.  The quality is great, especially given the $4 price tag.

The only  real downside is that this seems ideal to come packaged with Valentine's cards, but I am sure they aren't hard to find.  The stickers weren't exactly "Valentine" themed, but were cool nonetheless.

I think this would excel at being opened and then stocked with a Skylander, Trap Master, a few Traps, and some favorite candy for your favorite Portal Master this Valentine's Day!  Plus, after it is cleaned out of candy and Skylander gear, it makes for a very nice tin for whatever you want (candy, cash box, Skylander storage, and so on).

I definitely think this is a good value and has a lot o options!  It would no doubt go great with Love Potion Pop Fizz as well!

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