Friday, May 31, 2013

Unboxing LightCore Pop Fizz

What?  LightCore Pop Fizz
Where Did You Find Him?  Local Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $12.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  4 Others were on the Pegs
What Lights Up?  The Bottle in His Hand
Special Notes?  The pose is actually different than his concept design and that seen on the poster.

Unboxing LightCore Pop Fizz

LightCore Pop Fizz has a really cool pose...I actually like it a little better than his regular pose as you see with Pop Fizz and Punch Pop Fizz.  The light-up effect is very intense.  It is kind of the nuclear/acid green we see with LC Shroomboom and on the intensity of Prism Break's crystals.  I do have to say, his original design would have been awesome...and if both bottles were to light up it would have been one of this round's best LightCore figures in my opinion.

That said, nice pose, intense light, good coloring equates to a winning combination for LC Pop Fizz.

Slogan: "The Motion of the Potion!"

Card Stats:

Power/Strength: 70/150
Defense/Armor: 60/150
Speed/Agility: 50/150
Luck: 120/150
Totals: 300/600


If you have followed along here on the blog, Twitter, Google +, or Facebook you know that LC PF and LC Chill have both been up on Amazon recently.  I fought the "in-stock...add to cart...gone at purchase" thing for a few days and then finally got them on their big stock day of the 30th.

As fate would have it, when making the rounds at my local TRU there they were...I was pretty shocked honestly.  No one had reported seeing them at brick-and-mortar stores yet, AND they weren't in any ads etc. with a set release date.  I had no issue checking out with either, so if you have trouble, or can't order from Amazon be sure to check your local TRU (and other stores) this weekend.

There were roughly 4 more LC Pop Fizz figs and I think I saw only 2 more LC Chill (which is weird, bc I would think they'd ship in the same quantity (likely 6), and with this being TRU L-LC Chill should be top dog.

Anyway, I'm not going to complain...BUT you should know this is one of those very few times that Amazon has actually gotten my "super saver shipping" stuff sent out the next day (I ordered them late in the night).  The last time it happened was with Hot Head...go figure.

Monday, May 27, 2013

LightCore Chill and LightCore Pop Fizz Now Available at

Big news once again as several folks have ordered and have shipping confirmation on LightCore Chill and LightCore Pop Fizz!  We have also seen a new Magic Element character leaked for SwapForce...more on that later!  Sneaky news, no?

The source as of right now is

They were spotted for pre-order on the 24th, and a ship date on the 26th, but many already have them in transit!

This is great for several reasons;

1-We are closer to wrapping up the Giants Collection!
2-I personally plan to use LC Pop Fizz for the other upgrade path and let Punch Pop Fizz, take the one I like better.
3-Most of the time when Amazon sells something first, it isn't too terribly long before others have them up online, or in store.  GameStop is usually first to follow suit.  Walmart will often have the site-to-store option up that works well to avoid freight, but still alleviate dealing with scalpers.  Many folks have had long standing pre-orders with TRU...I'm thinking you'll continue to have to wait as I would almost bank that they will hold them back for a "special" day and ad/e-mail to bring folks in...

I can't stress enough how it pays to be patient...don't pay more than $11.99 for either of these characters.  They may be hard to come by early on, but you will feel a lot better when you hold out for retail, or better yet, land them when they drop to $5.99 like several other LightCore characters have already done.

I really don't know how some justify ordering these in from Eurpoe when they will be standard issue, eventually well stocked characters...especially when they have both been out since launch!  It isn't like you're getting in the last "new" character or something.  Be smart with your money and shop around.  By not paying scalpers, and not paying out $25-40 to order it in from Europe you have more coin in your SwapForce bank!

That said, here are the links...As usual, they are in and out of stock throughout the day and night...keep refreshing!

LightCore Chill on Click HERE
Also on Toys'R' thanks to  on Twitter for the lead!

LightCore Pop Fizz on Click HERE

Good luck!

Unboxing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

What: Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (3DS)
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $34.99 plus tax
Any Deals?  BOGO 40% Off...Always nice with software!

Unboxing Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

{Video will be recorded once I can talk better...Thanks strep throat!}

I hope that everyone watched the Skylanders Giants Castaways vs Newlanders Round 6 Results and Round 7 Matches.  I made sure to point out in both a few things, among them being that TRU's BOGO 40% Off Sale (5/19/5/25) would be on the table for those wanting DKCR3D.

This means you can pick up a new Wii U title you've wanted, and get 40% off DKCR3D...Buy DKCR3D and score 40% off a lesser priced title, or do like I did and purchase 2 copies of the game.

Why 2?  I still get asked this a lot, especially with unboxing vids...

I often pick up 2 games or Skylanders etc so I'll have one and my Nephew can have the other.  That is especially cool for titles like DKCR3D that have Local Co-op Play!

I will say I was very disappointed not to see the "instruction poster."  I know they have phased out the full blown manuals, but this game doesn't even have that smaller fold out page highlighting basic button functions etc.  I have always appreciated something full color from the mfg. as it is a nice not to collectors as well as beginners.  The game does have an "electronic manual" but I am not a fan..just as I prefer physical copies of the actual game...I prefer the same for the manual.

The other HUGE disappointment was the lack of a pre-order bonus.  I really wanted DK's tie.  I kid you not, I would have worn that places...It was AWESOME!  I know EBGames offered it up for some of their clue why the same wasn't done for GameStop here in the US.  That is actually why I didn't pre-order the game...I held out hoping something would happen.

I hope that maybe DK's tie will show up on Club Nintendo or some other "insider" outlet as it would be a killer addition to any Nintendo fan's collection!

Nonetheless, here are some pics:

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Inside Case:

Game Cartridge:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Scarlet Ninjini at

As promised, I said I would let you know when Scarlet Ninjini popped up on as an ACTUAL LISTING, not just a link to a scalper's $30 bounty etc.

Well, here it is:

Please note that when she sells out, it may revert to the next available listing, BUT as soon as Amazon restocks it will be reflected with the $14.99 amount.

So, if you missed out due to scalpers at Target, disappointment at Toys'R'Us, or a store pulling the "can't sell til Tuesday" etc, this is your chance to land her NOW.

Good luck!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Unboxing Scarlet Ninjini Skylanders Giants

What?  Scarlet Ninjini
Where Did You Get Her? via in-store pick up reservation
How Much Did She Cost?  $12.99 plus tax
What Lights-Up?  Genie Cloud, Eyes, Face/Hair to a degree
What Was Stock Like?  None in the store aside from my reserved figures...I could have gone in Saturday to get her, but had something to do Sunday so I put it off a day.

Unboxing Scarlet Ninjini

Please note that I spent the first 7:30 or so of the video outlining your options to land Scarlet...If you want to skip to the unboxing, go straight to around the 8:00 minute mark.  Similarly, the back end of the video was used to vent about Best Buy's continued, lackluster store policies.


Scarlet & Card

Scarlet & Regular Ninjini

Scarlet and Ninjini

Scarlet, Front View on Portal

Scarlet, Back view on Portal


Scarlet Ninjini is +6 Armor and +10 Critical Hit over regular Ninjini!


Scarlet Ninjini is quite interesting...not just the whole ninja-genie thing, but her actual figure.  With most "in-game variants" we see them locked to a certain store (Granite Crusher=Target, Molten Hot Dog=Walmart etc).  Scarlet Ninjini is EVERYWHERE.  GameStop, Best Buy, Target, Toys'R'Us, Walmart, and I'm sure very soon on  What are we to make of this?

Well, this practice has never really been done before.  We have routinely seen the "in-game variants" stocked on release day only to sell out super fast, and disappear often for months...They sometimes reappear, but thus far it has been in very limited quantities and they are quick to sell out once more.

Do we assume Scarlet will be run-of-the-mill and a shelf warmer after the inital surge?  Or do we make note of the "quantities limited" notices on sales circulars from Walmart, Target, and Toys'R'Us and wonder if this isn't a big shipment into the US that is dispersed evenly and will quickly be depleted?  If so, will she come again, or is this temporary influx and omnipresence of Scarlet just a nice gesture and one that could be wrongly perceived by the less stalwart fans who ultimately wind up missing out?  As of right now, we just don't know.

From what I can tell, the diehards who still lacked her have been able to land Scarlet today for the most part...I have had a few tell me the scalpers cleaned the store out (see Target/Best Buy).  There has been a big influx of Scarlet listings on both eBay and Amazon from the retail pirates.

All I know to do is suggest you be diligent in tracking her down and get her for retail (or less) as soon as possible.  I would not at all be surprised to see this "Scarlet is everywhere" hype fade into a "Scarlet is nowhere..despite all the stores being able to sell her" reality.  That said, best case she routinely reappears at retailers in staggered intervals, but with this approach, we just don't have a base line to go by...

Hopefully you landed her today, if not already...Feel free to post up the conditions at your local stores and we will try to piece this together!

Scarlet Ninjini Hitting Toys'R'Us and Target Today 5-19-2013, Both Have Good Sales

Well, if you read the blog regularly, or follow me on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook this is old news, but I do have the actual sales flyers that might help you decide where you stake out to get the new Scarlet Ninjini!

I want to stress that both Target and Toys'R'Us warn that "Quantities are Limited."  We have seen TRU botch many of these Skylander releases...Target has had her for some time, but has likely done their best to attempt to have good stock.  I would hope TRU has done the same.  If you do follow the blog, you could have already landed her at GameStop last week, or Best Buy yesterday (I have mine on reserve, just haven't gone to pick her up yet).

That said, here is how things break down for the Sunday launchers:

Target is offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free (of equal or lesser value):

Toys'R'Us is offering a Buy One, Get One 60% Off:

Also of note is TRU's BOGO 40% Sale on DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U Games!  This sale should be good thru Saturday, May 25th and that would mean that when Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D surfaces we could land it on the promo (this is how I usually score good deals on games...if you watch the unboxings I almost always pay less than retail).  

Nonetheless, it is after 5 AM and I am going to call it a night...Some folks are probably staking the doors of Target and TRU as we speak...

Good luck...Hope you can land Scarlet (and some good deals) if you are venturing out today!


-Order Scarlet online from

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Skylanders Sidekicks The Complete Set: Gill Runt, Terrabite, Trigger Snappy, Whisper Elf

Here is a look at all 4 of the Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Sidekicks:

If you recall, I only got 2 of the Sidekicks via the original Frito Lay promotion.  Luckily, thanks to this 2nd Round of GameStop bringing them back I now have the complete set.

The Sidekicks really add nothing to the gameplay...they just hurriedly follow you around often provoking laughs or comments of, "How cute!" from others.  I have gameplay footage of Terrabite and Trigger Snappy up in the SSA Playthrough...I'll try to record all 4 in action soon on the Giants playthrough.

The promotion that helped me land the little Skylanders is going on at GameStop through the end of May 2013...If you need anything I'd pick it up there and land the FREE Sidekick!  Good luck!

Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy 5/18/2013

I am extremely tired, but...

I just ordered Scarlet Ninjini and the price was $12.99.

Yep, an in-game variant currently going for $30-40 online and she is debuting at Best Buy for the low price of $12.99.

But, why the post?  To help YOU out...Here is the link...Just click "check stores" and enter your info...all stores with stock will pop up...They claim they'll hold her for roughly 7-8 days so you should have plenty of time to pick her up if you go this route:

Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy: In-Store Pickup for $12.99  <--click p="" there="">
Photo by Cassie

We know Target and Toys'R'Us will have her Sunday morning (which just seems to spell disaster in all likelihood).  I found out today that Walmart has her on hand as well (octaneblue has a picture up on his Twitter feed), but they are apparently joining the party late with a "purchase date" of Tuesday, May 21st, 2013.  I've yet to see Amazon with their batch accounted for, but I'm sure it will surface over the weekend or early next week.

GameStop has been selling her for over a week now, with shipments hitting the farther reaches of the US the last couple of days...I expect them to continue to ship out, just at an unknown interval at this point.

Again, personal experience says TRU's big promotions usually tank...big time.  They rarely have anything past limited stock on hand and in many cases, several stores go with no stock of the big launch item.  They sometimes orchestrate things well, but I've got 2 years worth of documentation in terms of Skylanders they routinely fall short of pleasing the masses...You are also likely to have to endure a line and ticket system at many stores.

Target has no quota on Skylanders (at least that I've ever seen or been made aware of)...This basically means if there were say 6-12 Scarlet Ninjnis on the shelf, an ebay pirate could pluck them all right at opening...Again, I have better things to do with my life than hang outside a locked door of a retailer...

My plan was to wait out GameStop, or get lucky with Amazon, but thanks to Best Buy's surprisingly good price and in-store pickup option I am not set and can avoid what would likely be a mess Sunday.

Hopefully you can take advantage of this surprise price and more surprising convenience and land your Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Nintendo Direct 5/17/13: Wii U Releases, Sega Partnership, Winter Olympics, Lost World, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, New Super Luigi, and More

So, the anticipated Nintendo Direct aired this morning and the focus this time was almost entirely on the Wii U's upcoming software.  I can't stress enough that the "BIG" Nintendo Direct will likely be in early June PRIOR to E3.  They are ditching the usual press conference format and going in favor of a "direct to you" approach they adopted awhile back (I guess that means they read and value all those Club Nintendo forms I submit, lol).  You can expect the big news breaks in that installment...I'm thinking we'll get word and possibly footage on: Mario Kart Wii U, the new entry in the Smash Bros. franchise (Wii U and 3DS), the new 3D Mario, and likely some other very cool stuff.  They will still be at E3, but basically to just let attendees check out the new games and source first hand feedback and user impressions etc.

That said, content wasn't lacking in this one...

I did this on my lunch hour so these "notes" below are a very, rough draft...I'll get something more formal typed up later tonight.  Just kind of use them to help you navigate the video for what you want to see etc.

Future Wii U Content to air around E3

1. Sega--Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games Wii Remote Plus, improved graphics, added figure skating...GamePad used in some like curling...Dream Events looks cool...take place in Sonic & Mario Worlds...

2.  Worldwide partnership with Sega on Sonic Franchise...Sonic Lost World..brand new action adventure platform...only Wii U 3DS...Sega GameGear titles

3. Nintendo Tree House
-A: Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons...3DS VC...ultimate adventure...$5.99...1st 3 weeks promo $4.99 each, both $10

-B: Mario & Donkey Kong Minis on the Move: player created puzzles 
-C:  DKCR3D 8 New Levels: New Mode with New Items 5/24

-D: Animal Crossing New Leaf: nintendo created video series treehouse localization team...StreetPass Mii Plaza=Puzzle, SwapNote=Game Theme Message

-E: Wii U Game & Wario: Out Fronk Your Friends...Ninja Twins Cat & Anna: Patchwork...flow between gamepad and tv....Kung Fu & dumplings...6/23 $39.99


Resident Evil Revelations...coming to Wii U soon with updated graphics and content.  5/21

New Super Luigi U: DLC NSMBU-Year of Luigi: 8/25 Disc, 6/20 as Nabbit...all courses updated. DL=$19.99, Disc=$29.99

Wonderful 101-Platinum: 9/18/13

Pikmin 3: Ollie...3 new main characters: Alph, Brittany, Charlie...GamePad info=koppad...August 4th

Reggie: e3 excitement...inro new hardware in previous years...this year=games.  past focus on for the ple...partner with bestbuy us & ca experience select unreleased Wii U games.  More details soon

Unboxing Skylanders BattleGrounds with Royal Double Trouble

What? Skylanders BattleGrounds with GameStop Exclusive Royal Double Trouble
Where Did You Get It?  GameStop
What Did It Cost?  $39.99 plus tax
Any Specials?  FREE Sidekick with Skylander purchases of $19.99+ thru 5/31/13
What is Included? Download Code for Game, Bluetooth Portal of Power, USB Cable, (3) AA Batteries, S2 Cynder, Jet-Vac, Platinum Treasure Chest, Royal Double Trouble, Poster, Collector Cards, and Sticker Sheets

I finally pulled the trigger and landed Royal Double Trouble!  As you should know, I am a pretty big Double Trouble fan...I had held off getting him for the collection due to not having a way to play the game (sidenote: I still don't have a way to play the game).  So why pick it up now you ask?  Simple...Sidekicks!


GameStop has a promotion running where you get a Sidekick with $19.99 or more in Skylanders merchandise...this likely varies by store in terms of how they enforce it (ie to the letter of the law, Starter Pack=4, 1 Giant=1, $20+ on 4 separate purchases etc).  I wasn't sure (based on their internet ad) if it would work with the iOS Starter Pack or I asked.

The local store I go to said they hadn't been selling Skylanders in a long time and that no one had even asked about the Sidekicks...guess that was good news for me!  I picked up Skylanders BattleGrounds AND got all 4 Sidekicks!!  For what it is worth, this is good business...I have bought a TON of Skylanders and games from them in the past, most of the employees know me, and it is a nice gesture that helps to ensure when the next round of Skylanders, or hot game drops I will give them first shot.  Still, that was a pleasant surprise...

With the Sidekicks known to be secured, I could fully justify the purchase...however, as I held BattleGrounds in my hands I realized it was actually a good deal.

Let's view it on a line item basis:

-Royal Double Trouble $10
-Jet-Vac $10
-Cynder $10
-Game, Portal of Power, Platinum Treasure Chest >$10...that covers it!

In my case here is how I was able to justify it:

-Royal Double Trouble: I am afraid they might eventually discontinue him (think along the lines of Walmart's GITD Starter Pack etc)...People have been hocking him on the net for close to $40 since it came out...Just getting him is justification for most...I am not most.

-Cynder: Since I got both of my Starter Packs (Wii and 3DS) in the Walmart Exclusive GITD Versions I never got the real "purple" Cynder.   A minor issue, but it makes her $10 of the purchase price very valid.

-Platinum Treasure Chest: It is unique and registers separate...Most would stick $10 here, but I'm thrifty so we will go with $5.

-Jet-Vac: I really like him...Granted with LC Jet-Vac and Legendary Jet-Vac I didn't have to have him, but I'll still call it $10...We are now at $35 out of the $39.99.

-BattleGrounds the game...yeah, haven't mentioned it until now!  Obviously if you are an Apple person, this alone justifies the purchase.  I am more of an Android guy and currently have no way of playing BattleGrounds...However, I am smart enough to know it would be worth at least $10 to me as I enjoy the Sykanders franchise...I can give it to my Nephew, buy a compatible device and play it myself, or sell the download code for $5-10 and use that to buy S2 Drobot.  This fully covers the purchase price.

-Bluetooth Portal of Power, USB Cable, and Batteries: The last two are fully functional with any device...The Portal should work for desktop, serve as a backup for the Wii and Wii U, and get me, or someone else going with an iOS device.  We have now exceeded the purchase price.

-FREE Sidekick: I was thinking I'd get at least 1 (maybe 2...which is what I needed) with this purchase...big perk!  My plan if I only got 1 was to go back to the store when Scarlet was in stock, buy her and another figure to cover the 2nd one...The fact I got a full set was unexpected and awesome!  (And if anyone from corporate GameStop sees this...think about it: The Sidekicks are a promotion to get people in to buy Skylanders...the employees both mentioned how they hadn't sold Skylanders in awhile and no one had asked about the promo...They know me as a good customer...Guess what that means for this branch of your store?  When Scarlet resurfaces...I am buying her there.  When LC Pop Fizz, LC Hex, and S2 Drobot surface I'll be purchasing them from this store...Similarly, when I want to pre-order or hunt for a game, they get first shot...It was a smart move from the folks down at the bottom of the ladder...Look at my reaction and tell me they did something wrong).

And there you go...made sense to me, hope it makes sense to you!

If I don't wind up with a way to play the game, I'll likely give it to my Nephew (provided his iPod can play it...if not I think he will be getting  a way to play it soon enough).

With this logic, I probably should have bought it when it came out, but oh well...Waiting paid off in the sense that I got to cash in on the Sidekick promo!  Last time they were out there was nothing I needed...go figure.

If I do wind up with a way to play the actual game, I'll post up my thoughts on it...Nonetheless, Whisper Elf, Gill Runt, regular S2 Cynder, AND Royal Double Trouble have now officially joined the team!

If you are in need of a Sidekick, or the complete set, consider picking up BattleGrounds as a way to land the  GameStop Exclusive Royal Double Trouble, the Platinum Treasure Chest, AND a Sidekick, or two, or three, or four!

Once I get some free time I'll record Royal Double Trouble's Intro to the Playthrough AND take a look at the Platinum Treasure Chest...I'm curious as to what it dishes out and more importantly if I can use it and the regular treasure chest in the same level...I think it should work and that makes a lot of "cents."

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Scarlet Ninjini at GameStop

As posted previoiusly, Scarlet Ninjini is set to appear at Target this Sunday, May 19th, 2013.

However, GameStop beat big red to the punch, getting her out late last week.

My local stores (I'm a day's transit from the distribution center) had her late last week (Friday)...a few others reported landing her Thursday...much to everyone's surprise.

I would have already picked her up, but was out-of-town over the weekend and missed the shipment.

I can't stress enough that if you are planning on using Target as your means to obtain her that you go as soon as possible.  The in-game variants (Granite Crusher, Jade Flashwing, Molten Hot Dog) have been VERY tough to come by...It varies by region and individual store, but despite Scarlet not being limited to Walmart or Target etc, I would err on the side of caution and land her as quick as you can...Remember, I still have readers/viewers who have yet to get her from  I am confident she will be restocked and should in theory be a bit easier to come by than Granite or Jade, but don't let that keep you from acting fast.

I've yet to find a solid link to her (outside of the scalped Amazon units), but should one appear I'll post it...

In the meantime, check out these sweet pics from Cassie (she landed her Scarlet this Monday!):


Unboxed Front:

Unboxed Rear:

Photo Credits: Cassie

**UPDATE: Scarlet Ninjini is now appearing for online ordering via

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Scarlet Ninjini Magically Appearing at Target May 19th, 2013

I have gotten reports and solid confirmation that the much anticipated Scarlet Ninjini will finally be making her debut at Target on Sunday, May 19th, 2013.

This follows suit with Jade Flaswhing and the earlier released Granite Crusher, but Scarlet will not be exclusive to Target.  In fact, my local GameStops (and those near the distribution center) had her on the shelves Thursday-Friday, May 9th-10th).

I again have to stress that the Target Exclusives can be hard to locate and find stocked at many stores and in many regions.  As I've said before, I saw Granite Crusher at my local store on release day and never again...Jade was only seen twice at my local Target.  I realize some folks have store that handle more inventory etc, but for everyone else (or those with scalpers) they are much harder to come by than say your in-game variant from Walmart or Legendaries at Toys'R'Us.

Bottom line, if you want her...I'd act fast.  She should be available at multiple outlets, but the dates are uncertain for Walmart, Amazon, etc...Given how the last few exclusives and in-game variants have been I would treat her as if she was a store exclusive and move fast.  If Target is your planned means of landing the magic ninja genie, I would go as early as possible.  Granite, Jade, Molten Hot Dog, etc have all been relatively tough to land.  They do get re-stocked eventually, but there are still plenty of people who have yet to land Granite that have been trying since launch!

I also hope you had enough faith in me to not go out on a limb and buy her from Amazon Germany...If that was the only option, I might have done it...No point paying extra freight and having to wait all that time (I know a few that ordered her and have STILL yet to get her in hand).

I will keep you posted on any other news breaks regarding Scarlet or the other yet to be released Skylanders.  Similarly, if a link goes up online I'll post it...That is your safest bet to avoid a potential disappointment at your local store...

Stay tuned and happy hunting!

New Blog Feature: Upcoming Releases!

Well, now that I kind of have the internet back, I am able to do stuff online...

If you read the "Weekly Updates" you know that I regularly plug games that are coming soon, or games that are announced that I plan to pick up...

I figured I'd try something new where I just make a sidebar list...

This list covers games that I plan to purchase, if not upon release, shortly there after...Obviously, that will cut some games out, but at least this way you have an idea on what is coming soon and what I plan to pick up...Similarly, it makes finding the release dates way easier than skimming the typical sites and having to search each title...

The first game I plan to pick up in the near future will be....

Donkey Kong Country 3D for the 3DS!

What are you looking forward to?  How does your list compare to mine?  Leave a comment and let's see how we stack up!

Skylanders Giants Final Boss Battle Tag Team: Dino-Rang & Zap/Slam Bam vs Kaos

One of the things I get the most requests for is Battle Mode, which I can't record by least not entertaining matches (unless you want like a PvP style format).  My only real chance to do that is when my Nephew is over...He was out this past weekend and he wanted to play the last chapter in Giants.

I clicked over to record and fittingly the audio wasn't picking up (this happens a lot).  Nonetheless, I thought it would be neat to I did:

I played as Dino-Rang the whole way through and he used a combo of L-Slam Bam, S1 Zap, and S1 Slam Bam.  He pulled Zap a bit into the battle with Kaos so we wouldn't loose him.

His strategy was to take on the enemies while I was to focus on the Fist of worked out pretty well.

Since there was no game audio and I didn't record commentary I figured I'd find the cheesiest music possible and stick it with the video...It is pretty hilarious on my end anyway.  Just something totally different...

I've been pretty swamped at work and the cable/internet issue isn't still 100% resolved, but I've at least been able to get online...That said, look for Shroomboom's Upgrade Path vids in the next day or so.

I have no idea how people will react to this video...whether they will focus on the 2P aspect, complain about the music, chime in on how ridiculous/funny it is for something that should be intense to have music like this, or what...

I will say, I added in some "last minute" text based commentary towards the Eon, er...towards the end.  Since you are reading this on the blog, or came here from the link in the video description, make sure you check that out as well...

Again, basically made the most of a dead recording...To combat the "no audio" issue you typically have to restart the program, or more often the computer multiple times until it picks up...No clue why, that is just how it goes.

Nonetheless, enjoy!

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