Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Blog Feature: Upcoming Releases!

Well, now that I kind of have the internet back, I am able to do stuff online...

If you read the "Weekly Updates" you know that I regularly plug games that are coming soon, or games that are announced that I plan to pick up...

I figured I'd try something new where I just make a sidebar list...

This list covers games that I plan to purchase, if not upon release, shortly there after...Obviously, that will cut some games out, but at least this way you have an idea on what is coming soon and what I plan to pick up...Similarly, it makes finding the release dates way easier than skimming the typical sites and having to search each title...

The first game I plan to pick up in the near future will be....

Donkey Kong Country 3D for the 3DS!

What are you looking forward to?  How does your list compare to mine?  Leave a comment and let's see how we stack up!


  1. My most anticipated game is probably Mario and Luigi: Dream Tesm, since it looks like an awesome puzzle and RPG sort of game with a Mario touch to it, kind of looks like Super Paper Mario for the Wii. However, I have a LONG way to wait.

    In the meantime, I think I may go for Fire Emblem Awakening, since it looks like it will have a good story and I want to try to play all the previous Nintendo games before Super Smash Bros 4, if you knnow what I am trying to explain. Might also get Pikmin 1 or 2 before Pikmin 3

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    1. Yeah, that is prob my the one my nephew is looking the most forward to as well. He really enjoyed Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story.

      I've heard nothing but good about Fire Emblem Awakening...I've played awhile on the demo version and enjoyed it. I hear you on getting the back ground...When I got SSBB I had to sit there and try to figure out who some of the characters were, lol.

      I've considered Pikmin 2 as well...can't go wrong at $19.99 as a Nintendo Select title.

    2. I would also like to try The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker remake for the Wii U as well as the TLOZ A Link to the Past 2 (well not sequel, just same setting as original as mentioned in the recent Nintendo Direct.

      I wish Nintendo would make a game like Minecraft, but the setting is Wuhu Island. I don't knoe why I want it, I just want it.

      Wouldn't mind seeing Super Mario Galaxy 3, but maybe in 2014, after the Year of Luigi.

      Well, what do you think?

    3. Oh yeah, I need to add kind of kills it for me not having solid dates, lol. Both Zelda titles will be on my list.

      I'm actually up for anything on Wuhu Island...I love it. I'd like to see a dedicated bike racer that made use of the balance board.

      I think there is still plenty of potential in SMG, but I have heard that they are going to go in a different direction for this "3d" Mario offering...Still, if they do, we will have the chance to get it AND SMG3 over the Wii U's life cycle.

  2. pokemon mystery dungeon gates to infinity
    pokemon x and y
    skylanders swap force 3ds and wii u

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    1. My nephew has Mystery Dungeon and really likes it...I played about 30 mins into the demo and liked get to transfer your progress if you have the demo. I need to add X/Y to the list...big one for my Nephew right there.

      Swap Force will be another big one...I figure October, but I'm waiting for a solid date. I'll prob do 3DS and Wii U too. Went Wii on Giants due to the Wii U not being out yet etc. Hopefully they keep the extra features on the GamePad.


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