Friday, May 17, 2013

Nintendo Direct 5/17/13: Wii U Releases, Sega Partnership, Winter Olympics, Lost World, Donkey Kong, Animal Crossing, New Super Luigi, and More

So, the anticipated Nintendo Direct aired this morning and the focus this time was almost entirely on the Wii U's upcoming software.  I can't stress enough that the "BIG" Nintendo Direct will likely be in early June PRIOR to E3.  They are ditching the usual press conference format and going in favor of a "direct to you" approach they adopted awhile back (I guess that means they read and value all those Club Nintendo forms I submit, lol).  You can expect the big news breaks in that installment...I'm thinking we'll get word and possibly footage on: Mario Kart Wii U, the new entry in the Smash Bros. franchise (Wii U and 3DS), the new 3D Mario, and likely some other very cool stuff.  They will still be at E3, but basically to just let attendees check out the new games and source first hand feedback and user impressions etc.

That said, content wasn't lacking in this one...

I did this on my lunch hour so these "notes" below are a very, rough draft...I'll get something more formal typed up later tonight.  Just kind of use them to help you navigate the video for what you want to see etc.

Future Wii U Content to air around E3

1. Sega--Mario & Sonic Olympic Winter Games Wii Remote Plus, improved graphics, added figure skating...GamePad used in some like curling...Dream Events looks cool...take place in Sonic & Mario Worlds...

2.  Worldwide partnership with Sega on Sonic Franchise...Sonic Lost World..brand new action adventure platform...only Wii U 3DS...Sega GameGear titles

3. Nintendo Tree House
-A: Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons...3DS VC...ultimate adventure...$5.99...1st 3 weeks promo $4.99 each, both $10

-B: Mario & Donkey Kong Minis on the Move: player created puzzles 
-C:  DKCR3D 8 New Levels: New Mode with New Items 5/24

-D: Animal Crossing New Leaf: nintendo created video series treehouse localization team...StreetPass Mii Plaza=Puzzle, SwapNote=Game Theme Message

-E: Wii U Game & Wario: Out Fronk Your Friends...Ninja Twins Cat & Anna: Patchwork...flow between gamepad and tv....Kung Fu & dumplings...6/23 $39.99


Resident Evil Revelations...coming to Wii U soon with updated graphics and content.  5/21

New Super Luigi U: DLC NSMBU-Year of Luigi: 8/25 Disc, 6/20 as Nabbit...all courses updated. DL=$19.99, Disc=$29.99

Wonderful 101-Platinum: 9/18/13

Pikmin 3: Ollie...3 new main characters: Alph, Brittany, Charlie...GamePad info=koppad...August 4th

Reggie: e3 excitement...inro new hardware in previous years...this year=games.  past focus on for the ple...partner with bestbuy us & ca experience select unreleased Wii U games.  More details soon

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