Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Skylanders Giants Final Boss Battle Tag Team: Dino-Rang & Zap/Slam Bam vs Kaos

One of the things I get the most requests for is Battle Mode, which I can't record by least not entertaining matches (unless you want like a PvP style format).  My only real chance to do that is when my Nephew is over...He was out this past weekend and he wanted to play the last chapter in Giants.

I clicked over to record and fittingly the audio wasn't picking up (this happens a lot).  Nonetheless, I thought it would be neat to I did:

I played as Dino-Rang the whole way through and he used a combo of L-Slam Bam, S1 Zap, and S1 Slam Bam.  He pulled Zap a bit into the battle with Kaos so we wouldn't loose him.

His strategy was to take on the enemies while I was to focus on the Fist of worked out pretty well.

Since there was no game audio and I didn't record commentary I figured I'd find the cheesiest music possible and stick it with the video...It is pretty hilarious on my end anyway.  Just something totally different...

I've been pretty swamped at work and the cable/internet issue isn't still 100% resolved, but I've at least been able to get online...That said, look for Shroomboom's Upgrade Path vids in the next day or so.

I have no idea how people will react to this video...whether they will focus on the 2P aspect, complain about the music, chime in on how ridiculous/funny it is for something that should be intense to have music like this, or what...

I will say, I added in some "last minute" text based commentary towards the Eon, er...towards the end.  Since you are reading this on the blog, or came here from the link in the video description, make sure you check that out as well...

Again, basically made the most of a dead recording...To combat the "no audio" issue you typically have to restart the program, or more often the computer multiple times until it picks up...No clue why, that is just how it goes.

Nonetheless, enjoy!

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