Saturday, May 18, 2013

Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy 5/18/2013

I am extremely tired, but...

I just ordered Scarlet Ninjini and the price was $12.99.

Yep, an in-game variant currently going for $30-40 online and she is debuting at Best Buy for the low price of $12.99.

But, why the post?  To help YOU out...Here is the link...Just click "check stores" and enter your info...all stores with stock will pop up...They claim they'll hold her for roughly 7-8 days so you should have plenty of time to pick her up if you go this route:

Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy: In-Store Pickup for $12.99  <--click p="" there="">
Photo by Cassie

We know Target and Toys'R'Us will have her Sunday morning (which just seems to spell disaster in all likelihood).  I found out today that Walmart has her on hand as well (octaneblue has a picture up on his Twitter feed), but they are apparently joining the party late with a "purchase date" of Tuesday, May 21st, 2013.  I've yet to see Amazon with their batch accounted for, but I'm sure it will surface over the weekend or early next week.

GameStop has been selling her for over a week now, with shipments hitting the farther reaches of the US the last couple of days...I expect them to continue to ship out, just at an unknown interval at this point.

Again, personal experience says TRU's big promotions usually tank...big time.  They rarely have anything past limited stock on hand and in many cases, several stores go with no stock of the big launch item.  They sometimes orchestrate things well, but I've got 2 years worth of documentation in terms of Skylanders they routinely fall short of pleasing the masses...You are also likely to have to endure a line and ticket system at many stores.

Target has no quota on Skylanders (at least that I've ever seen or been made aware of)...This basically means if there were say 6-12 Scarlet Ninjnis on the shelf, an ebay pirate could pluck them all right at opening...Again, I have better things to do with my life than hang outside a locked door of a retailer...

My plan was to wait out GameStop, or get lucky with Amazon, but thanks to Best Buy's surprisingly good price and in-store pickup option I am not set and can avoid what would likely be a mess Sunday.

Hopefully you can take advantage of this surprise price and more surprising convenience and land your Scarlet Ninjini at Best Buy!

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