Tuesday, September 26, 2017

New Series - Archaica: The Path of Light

What can I say....the game looked cool!  If you liked The Room and The Room Two, you will likely enjoy this game.  It is more of a puzzler than a mystery based game, but the graphics are fantastic!

I've only completed the "tutorial" portion of the game and will gauge interest in the series before deciding how frequently to upload.  It is also a stream candidate.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

New Series - Wii Sports Resort!

Welcome back...to 2009!  Wii Sports Resort is a game I have always wanted to upload...in fact, I stopped playing it in order to do just that.  I never really had the time to play it, but wanted to rectify that.

My favorites, from back in the day, included Swordplay (Showdown and Duel), and Island Flyover in the Airsports section.  I plan to upload all of those, and possibly dive into Cycling.

If the series does well and people want to see more, I can make that happen as well.  This game is a true gem and Island Flyover is one of the most relaxing non-Animal Crossing games I have ever played (I still wish you could unlock longer, or unlimited flight times tho!).

Part 1 is already out and has been very well received....it seems many of you have the same fond memories of this classic Wii game!  Thanks for your support and stay tuned for more!

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