Monday, September 30, 2013

Skylanders Giants: Series 2 Fire Element Upgrade Paths

Here is the Video Set for the Series 2 Fire Element Skylanders Upgrade Paths:

Skylanders Giants Part 148: LightCore Eruptor Volcanor Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 149: Series 2 Eruptor Magmantor Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 150: Series 2 Flameslinger Pyromancer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 151: Series 2 Ignitor Lord of the Flame Upgrade Path 
and Legendary Ignitor Blade Master Upgrade Path

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brand New Skylanders SWAP Force Gameplay Footage

The epic overflow continues!  While at work today I got an e-mail with brand new Skylanders SWAP Force Gameplay!  The good folks that are Activision's PR sent over about 4 minutes of footage and some new screen shots!

The gameplay clip is awesome, super fast paced, and you can catch something you missed every time you watch it.  That said, it had over 40 small, short clips in it...My initial plan was to break them down with title slides, introduce the clips, commentate them, and call it good.  The short length of each individual clip made that tough, but I ultimately felt it would have taken away from the action and excitement.  As deliver, you have 4 minutes of non-stop action that keeps you glued to the screen...I didn't want to take away from that, so I opted for something different:

I took screen caps from each of the 42 (by my count) scenes and spanned them for 10 seconds...This allowed me to highlight the character, scene, more, enemy, or item etc and prepare you for the frenzy that is the 4 minute highlight reel...I think it turned out pretty well given the options.  This lets you take in the still shot from the clip, learn what to look for, and then see the action just like I saw it as a straight, continuous clip.  With that said, let's take a look:

We've got tons of SWAP Force combinations on hand, some SF Newlanders, and an incredible amount of detail to take in...

That said, I did mention we had some Official Screen Shots as well...let's check them out:

Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Packs: Final Renderings:

Nintendo 3DS Screen Shots

Grilla Drilla and Inventory 

Grilla Bomb (Grilla Drilla + Stink Bomb)

Night Shift

Zoo Lou

Free Ranger's Vortex Move + Rattle Jet

Grilla Shift (Grilla Drilla + Night Shift)

Night Loop (Night Shift + Hoot Loop)

Stink Charge (Stink Bomb + Magna Charge)

Hoot Bomb (Hoot Loop + Stink Bomb) and Stink Loop (Stink Bomb + Hoot Loop)
in Survival Mode

Roller Brawl and Zoo Lou in Survival Mode

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All Skylanders SWAP Force Characters Revealed! Artwork, Figures, Screenshots, and Videos

Information overload on epic reveal of content!

Today, @SkylandersGame revealed they had updated the website with ALL the SWAP Force Characters...I don't just mean your 16 SWAP Force, I'm talking EVERYONE.

Not only are they all listed, but they are sorted by several factors: Game, Series 2, Series 3, Giants, Element, LightCore, SWAP Force, etc.  It is very convenient and super slick!

Furthermore, we get really nice artwork for each character, their background story, screenshots, and even their preview videos!  It truly answers almost any character related question...Note that savy users have also noticed you'll see "Alt Deco" listed out on a few individual characters...these are for the "variants" if you will.

I can't even begin to explain it well at 4:36 AM, but it is guaranteed to keep you busy for a few hours if you try to take it all in...

If you are up for it, here is the link:

Please note that you can use the top navigational bar to sort the characters however you would like...I have this link routing you to "ALL" of the "FIRE" Element Skylanders.  If you just go across and select another element, it will remain as "ALL" and show you everything from the earliest of SSA on up thru the latest and greatest of SWAP Force.

The following showcases a few Screen Caps I took...Note that some characters are not named, and a few are still in the wrong places (ie Super Gulp Pop Fizz classified as a Series 3).  Nonetheless, take the link above and you have a treasure trove of information!

SWAP Force


Series 2

Series 3

Air Element

Earth Element

Fire Element

Life Element

Magic Element

Tech Element

Undead Element

Water Element

Here is a tentative list of Day 1 Releases (I will update this as time allows, I know some are missing, including the Starter Pack Characters etc.):

SWAP Force Single Pack:
-Free Ranger
-Hoot Loop
-Magna Charge
-Rattle Shake

SWAP Force Newlanders (Series 1, New Characters)
-Roller Brawl
-Slobber Tooth
-Zoo Lou

SWAP Force LightCore Skylanders:
-Grim Creeper
-Star Strike

SWAP Force, Series 2:
-Blizzard Chill
-Super Gulp Pop Fizz

SWAP Force, Series 3:
-Mega Ram Spyro
-Lava Barf Eruptor

SWAP Force Triple Packs:
Triple Pack 1: Lava Barf Eruptor, Slobber Tooth, Super Gulp Pop Fizz
Triple Pack 2: Mega Ram Spyro, Blizzard Chill, Zoo Lou

Frito-Lay Spearheads Halloween with Special Orange and Black Fright Rider

I saw this late Sunday night, but it was too late to blog it...

I have checked for chips (the promo started Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 from what I know), and have not found them just yet.  I believe we have until middle November for this one, but will know more once I find the actual chips.

This will once again be a promotion involving their Classic Mix and Flavor Mix Variety Packs.  Unlike the Sidekicks setup where you buy the chips, enter the code, and pay freight, this one goes back to Flocked Stump Smash.

Before you ask, "No, I do not have Flocked Stump Smash."  Why?  I seriously NEVER found the specially marked bags of chips for him.  If you know me, you know I'd have gone for him and I literally never once, at any store around me, saw the special bags.

I certainly hope that isn't the case this time around as Orange and Black is one of my personal, favorite color combos...I am a big fan of Halloween, and more importantly I'm a fan of Fright Rider and this figure, based on what we see on the bags, looks AWESOME!

You can find more info, and enter the contest, here:

Special Fright Rider, Classic Mix:

Special Fright Rider, Flavor Mix:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Official Skylanders: "Just Like SWAP Force," "Countdown," and "Hitting the Wall" Trailers

Another day, another round of new looks at Skylanders SWAP Force!

We have a humorous "Just Like SWAP Force" trailer where Eruptor and Jet-Vac attempt to combine powers like the SWAP Force Characters only to have their attempt fail and be greeted by Kaos...and his Mom!

Official Skylanders: "Just Like SWAP Force" Trailer

Continuing on, we have "Countdown" a clever, play-on-words video introducing SWAP Force Newlander, Countdown (whom I am already thinking will be a "blast!").

The final trailer, "Hitting the Wall" shows how Fire Kraken was able to swap bottom halves with Wash Buckler and use his unique climbing ability to scale a vertical wall. You can see several S3 Skylanders and there is that giant group of figures toward the end you can pause and examine.

Official Skylanders: "Hitting the Wall" Trailer

We are closing in on under 3 weeks until SWAP Force now...Are you ready?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Skylanders Giants: Series 2 Earth Element Upgrade Paths

Here is the Video Set for our Series 2 Earth Element Skylanders.  I will expand on these with personal thoughts and opinions in the near future.

Skylanders Giants Part 141: Series 2 Bash, Granite Dragon Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 142: LightCore Prism Break, Crystaleer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 143: Series 2 Prism Break, Prismancer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 144: Series 2 Terrafin, Brawler Upgrade Path

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Official Skylanders: What's new in SWAP Force

Always nice to wake up to a sweet find...The folks at Skylanders sent over a BRAND NEW video, "What's New in SWAP Force."  They take a look at a wide range of the games features, upgrades, battle modes, 3DS differences, and we are even treated to the Vicarious Visions' development team listing out some of their favorite Skylanders.  Oh, and you also get a look and insights on Kaos' Mom...just fyi she encourages her son's quest for conquest of Skylands!

Skylanders SWAP Force MP3 Soundtrack

Right after finding that PowerA's sweet storage solutions and SWAP Force accessories might just be in-store at TRU (and some were up for Pre-Order online) I stumbled across the MP3 Soundtrack on Amazon!

I've sampled everything already (it will go live on September 24th, 2013) and it sounds great.  My only wish is that we could get a physical copy as opposed to the MP3 only route.

That said, check out the tracks (click the image below to go to Amazon):

Note, that you can click the Track List to Enlarge It.

Skylanders SWAP Force PowerA Accessories Spotted on

Hey...ever had one of those nights where it is getting really late, but you make yourself go thru your "routine" anyway?  Sometimes it really pays off; That was the case tonight!

I was checking my e-mail and noticed that TRU had sent out their Hot Toy List.

I opened it up and the last listing in the "Fabulous 15" was none other than Skylanders SWAP Force (they clearly saved the best for last!).

That said, I figured it was as good a time as any to make sure there weren't any new single, double, or triple packs up for pre-order.  There were not, BUT they did have some PowerA accessories listed out...some being up for pre-order and others being listed as IN STORES!!

Yep, you read that right...I plan to make my rounds tomorrow and see if I can locate any of the merchandise first hand.  If you have played SSA and Giants you are in need for some good storage solutions.  Why not get something that not only does the job (and does it well at that!), but looks great and adds to your collection?

PowerA has got you covered on that end!  I put together a real quick video highlighting what I found, the prices, and made sure to indicate the figure capacity (when listed), the stock status, and of course...whether or not it was indicated as a TRU Exclusive.  So, here you go:

If you want those precious, enlarged pictures you can't get from a video, fear not...I've got your back:

Adventure Case, $34.99, Holds 32 Figures

Carry & Display Case, $39.99, Holds 32 Figures

Element Storage Case, $24.99, Holds 15 Figures

Tackle Box, $24.99, Holds 20 Figures


Show & Go Case, $14.99, No Spec on Capacity

Legendary Travel Tote, $19.99, Holds 20 Figures

FunPlay HideAway Skylands, $69.99, Holds 20 Figures and Portal

Wii Fit U Direct 9/18/2013

This was a very welcome surprise...Much more expansion and commentary on this is coming soon!  So many cool innovations!!

For now, here is the video:

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unboxing Pumpkin Eye Brawl

What? Pumpkin Eye Brawl, or Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl
Where Did You Get Him?  GameStop Pre-Order and Activision (Thanks!)
How Much Did It Cost?  $15.99 plus tax,
What Was Stock Like? My local GameStop got a shipment of 6
What Lights Up?  Head/Eye, just like regular, but in Spooktacular Orange
Is This Timed, or Limited Quantity Etc.?  Right now that is unknown, my advice is to get him now if you want him.
How Does He Appear In-Game?  Title Screen indicates "Special Eye Brawl."  He shows up just the same as regular Eye Brawl and starts with no Level or Cash incentives.

If you've got your sights set on a spooktacular Halloween, look no farther than the latest Skylanders Giants offering, Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl. SH2013 Eye Brawl, or as he is more commonly referenced, Pumpkin Eye Brawl, is sure to be a smashing success with kids of all ages and collectors alike.

Eye Brawl, Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl in the Packaging, Pumpkin Eye Brawl (Loose):

Pumpkin Eye Brawl left the factory with a glossy, jet black cloak and his ever intent eye has taken more of a jack-o-lantern look. All of his copper piping and silver wings are jet black.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, Front:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, Back:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, 3/4 View:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl, Eye Small, and Eye Brawl:

On the Portal of Power, Pumpkin Eye brawl radiates a warm, but sinister orange glow. With the lights out, he looks fantastic.  The color closely matches the #5 billiard ball and kind of spins out from a fiery yellow, to pumpkin orange, and ultimately scorches as a burnt orange before fading back thru the same spectrum on the back half of the eye.

The one I opened (GameStop Pre-Order) seemed to have the light source off-center.  The one sent from Activision (thanks again) was dead on...The other pre-order I got for my Nephew's Halloween present was also centered.  That said, with the lights out, the one I opened looked great with the orange glow.  I'm thinking it was just a rare one...nothing was loose, or rattled.  If you are concerned, just stick the one you intend to buy on the Portal of Power at the store display and see how it lights up.

                                  Pumpkin Eye Brawl & Eye Brawl Lit on the Portal, Lights On:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl & Eye Brawl Lit on the Portal, Lights Out:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl is the perfect pumpkin stuffer for this year's Halloween.  It is unknown how long he'll be spooking on shelves, so act fast if you don't want him haunting you.

Happy Halloween!!!

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