Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frito-Lay Spearheads Halloween with Special Orange and Black Fright Rider

I saw this late Sunday night, but it was too late to blog it...

I have checked for chips (the promo started Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 from what I know), and have not found them just yet.  I believe we have until middle November for this one, but will know more once I find the actual chips.

This will once again be a promotion involving their Classic Mix and Flavor Mix Variety Packs.  Unlike the Sidekicks setup where you buy the chips, enter the code, and pay freight, this one goes back to Flocked Stump Smash.

Before you ask, "No, I do not have Flocked Stump Smash."  Why?  I seriously NEVER found the specially marked bags of chips for him.  If you know me, you know I'd have gone for him and I literally never once, at any store around me, saw the special bags.

I certainly hope that isn't the case this time around as Orange and Black is one of my personal, favorite color combos...I am a big fan of Halloween, and more importantly I'm a fan of Fright Rider and this figure, based on what we see on the bags, looks AWESOME!

You can find more info, and enter the contest, here:

Special Fright Rider, Classic Mix:

Special Fright Rider, Flavor Mix:


  1. Another brought up an interesting thought: While I understand most variants are simple repaints and not In-Game variants, is it possible that Swap Force would have some of these simple repaints as in game variants? In other words, would they be able to program Swap Force so that the game could recognize these "paint" variants and have them become standard In-Game variants?? A cool idea...I don't expect it but it would be an above and beyond kinda thing..!!

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    1. It is very much a possibility...I have heard of it before. It is kind of like Polar WW...PEB was likely contemplated "late' in the game and after the programming...The simple solution is DLC patches/updates, but I don't know that they will do that for the Skylanders franchise. It is very much a possibility that we could see him "match" in SF. Guess we will find out soon! Then agian, SF was likely maxed out programming wise back in the late summer...prob comes down to when PEB was contemplated and made a reality.

  2. Another injustice by Activision theres so many people who can't get this fright rider people who can't find the packets, people who dont live in a country where Frito lay are sold AND even if u do get a packet your not guaranteed the fright rider. Oh well even though I can't get him good luck to those who have a chance and maybe Activision will give u one anyway 1ofwiisdom like what they did with so many other products.

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    1. I'm not a fan of this setup either...I could literally walk in, buy 4 multpacks, come out, head home, enter the codes and not win. I much prefer the "buy the pack, enter the code, and pay shipping." In all honesty, I would buy a pack to get a code to pay full price for him (I wouldn't do that for all promos, but he is one of my favorites and I'm a big fan of Orange and Black). Idk if Activision has any to send out or not...I didn't get the Sidekicks from them, so there is no baseline for me.

      That said, fwiw, I wanted to go for Flocked Stump Smash and I literally never once saw a bag of the chips...I will check on them tonight.

      I really like this Fright Rider's look!

  3. Got a Winning Code said 8-10 weeks for delivery thou.

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    1. Nice! I am a bit concerned about my chance of even finding the bags...never did with Stump Smash and then this week when I ran errands the bags had Frankenstein on them :s

      Hopefully they'll ship it quick like the Sidekicks this last time...I'm hoping to get one too as it looks like a killer repaint! Congrats again!


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