Sunday, September 1, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force 3DS Storyline Revealed!

One lingering bit of info from Gamescom turned out to be a big one...

In addition to a few screen shots, we got the story line behind the 3DS version of the game!  Check it out:

Here it is for those of you who prefer reading at your own pace:

"The story of  Skylanders SWAP Force  on Nintendo 3DS begins in Boomtown, home of Skylands' favorite pilot, Flynn. As the town is celebrating Flynn as their hometown hero, a new villain known as Count Moneybone sneaks his way into Boomtown to kidnap Cali, long-time friend to Flynn and the Skylanders. Now it's up to Portal Masters everywhere to assemble the  Skylanders  and SWAP Force to save Cali and defeat the evil Count Moneybone." So, let's recap that: Flynn is from Boomtown Cali is back...and kidnapped New villain is Count Moneybone Sweet! Skylanders SWAP Force 3DS Starter Pack Includes: Free Ranger, Rattle Shake, and 3DS Exclusive Volcanic Eruptor 

3DS Level Screenshot: Toad Stool Terrace

Free Ranger vs ?? Cool Looking Chompies

Rattle Shake in an Interesting Locale with Good Ol'd Greaser Trolls

For those that still do not know, the 3DS Version of Skylanders has ALWAYS had a unique story line with different enemies and goals etc.  The Nintendo 3DS is an incredible system with a huge library of killer games.  Three of those include the Skylanders 3DS entries...If you have held out in buying a 3DS, I suggest you pick one up and capitalize on being able to land the SSA and Giants Starter Packs for budget friendly prices...and yes, that will also net you the 3DS Exclusives Dark Spyro and Punch Pop Fizz.  Then, come October 13th, you can add Volcanic Eruptor to your collection!  

The other great thing about this year's Starter Pack is you get no duplicate characters!  You can go home with just the console and 3DS Starter Packs and have 4 Swappers and 2 Core Chracters...That is a lot of value...In addition to that you have 2 games and 2 redesigned portals.

Lastly, something I feel should be hit addition to being able to play all your Skylanders Collection (yep, even SSA Castaways like Camo, Dino-Rang, and Ghost Roaster), they will all be archived and available at the tap of the lower screen!  This is a HUGE improvement over previous installments. No more travelling or hoping you have the right Skylander to access a region...your entire collection will be a tap away on the touch screen!  Those of you who have played SSA or Giants on the 3DS will know what I am talking about...That may be the best improvement in the game imo.  I can't wait to try it out and sort thru all the SWAP Combos!

If you don't have Skylanders SWAP Force for the 3DS on your short list of "Must Buys" I suggest you get it there...You will not be disappointed! 


  1. Boomtown!!!...That's too perfect!! Where else could Flynn be from..?!? Lol.
    We picked up a 3DS @ 2 weeks ago ( excellent!!) now I'm trying to pick a strategy: 3DS Starter is a done deal (have to remember to use one of the $10 sidekick coupons). So now do we buy the SSA and Giants 3DS versions new (I've seen a few discounts but wonder if there will be some release day deals!?!) or use the SwapForce portal and try to find used versions of the older two?..

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    1. Oh nice...3DS is something you literally can't go wrong with. StreetPass, the videos, and a huge assortment of great games!

      My advice is to get them new, but on sale. This will land you Dark Spyro (SSA) and Punch Pop Fizz (Giants).

      Since there is no Dark Edition 3DS SP you are golden there. There could be launch day deals, but if you find a SP for around $40 I'd be content there at this point...

      You'll enjoy the games as they are totally different than the console versions!

      But yeah, Boomtown! is perfect.

  2. On a side note: I could totally see Cali getting the name wrong and calling his hometown: The Villiage of Blowhard or Airhead Hamlet

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  3. I got a 3ds several months ago so this played perfectly into my plans
    Also I can just imagine a town full of Flynn's . hilarious.
    I wonder if the dreadyacht will make a return via 3ds?
    Based on the story I think this could be happening at exactly the same time as the console story thus explaining the absence of Cali in it. This means it's possible that at the end u could unlock heroic challenges at the end and that we could see her return in skylanders 4 in either 3ds or console version.

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    1. Oh nice...the 3DS is killer. Has some really great games. Not sure if you are into Animal Crossing, but be forewarned it is addictive, lol.

      This story line should be great and very comical involving Flynn.

      Future is wide open..I've still got questions in on the heroics/quests/personal quests (new ones) and am hopeful they'll respond.


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