Thursday, September 19, 2013

Official Skylanders: What's new in SWAP Force

Always nice to wake up to a sweet find...The folks at Skylanders sent over a BRAND NEW video, "What's New in SWAP Force."  They take a look at a wide range of the games features, upgrades, battle modes, 3DS differences, and we are even treated to the Vicarious Visions' development team listing out some of their favorite Skylanders.  Oh, and you also get a look and insights on Kaos' Mom...just fyi she encourages her son's quest for conquest of Skylands!


  1. Kaos' mum looks like a vampire and I'd like to know what happened to his dad.

    This game does look good but I think the developers have their priorities all wrong they've made up too many new characters and the s3's are just ridiculous who wants to buy a third (or fourth) character of who's exactly the same as the others? And 12 levels is just not enough better would be 16 swappers 8 cores 8 lightcores and 8 s2 (series 2 is good particularly with the castaways but s3 really isn't necessary and about 20 levels would be good.

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    1. Oh yeah, Vicarous Visions did a great job with the E3 it looked killer on any screen, from any console.

      I have to agree that I am concerned with the sheer volume of the characters...I mentioned this way back when we first learned of SWAP Force. I mean the concept is great, it works, it is innovative...but 256 combos is nuts! I feel like it would be better suited over time...Ie 8 SWAPs now, 8 in the next game etc. That makes 64, which could be explored. Really even just 4 would work, although I guess with the abilities it does matter.

      They keep saying that despite the lower chapter count, it plays about the same time.

      I would love to see a longer campaign, and of course, a true solo battle mode.

      Nonetheless, it is going to be a great game and lots of fun. It is just a bit daunting contemplating the collection size and the prospect of showcasing all 256 in "hands on" videos and in-game is going to be very interesting...still not sure how I'm going to handle that. Almost have to wait till all 16 are out to really showcase it, or just go 1 at a time etc.

      Still, even thought it is a bit overwhelming, for those who do get the entire collection it is a crud ton of play time to explore/fully enjoy each character etc.

    2. Other option is to just pick up the "new" stuff, favorites, and rely on your old collection etc. I think some folks will honestly be cash strapped to get everything new.

      I had wanted to record a playthrough of Giants using only the Castaways, but won't have time before SF.

      It will be neat to see the original castaways in HD and on the new graphic engine though...jump ability will be neat too.

    3. Im thinking that 12 larger levels that has the same amount of gameplay as a 22 regular level game isn't very good for people with little time for playing and can only do 1 level at once with the regular sized levels it would work better with 24 half levels like what they did with the last 2 levels in giants.

    4. Gotta agree with you. I really like to explore the levels and some of them push upwards of an hour as is...If I don't go slow and explore, I can get them done quicker, but then have to come in and replay etc.

      The hot ticket would be levels that are 30ish minutes imo maxed out and then more of them.

      At E3 when I asked the other thing they said is that is just how the story flowed out.

      In a perfect world the playthrough would be Part 1-All of Ch 1. Not Part 1-Ch 1, Part 1 of 3 etc.

      Still, should be fun...

      I'd still be up for a stand alone game that will give us Solo Battle Mode with AI for the other Skylander...Price it right ($29 or so) and have it able to accept updates and you'd be golden.

    5. Or they could add checkpoints so u can stop playing at random times as required (roughly every 20 mins/half level)


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