Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unboxing Pumpkin Eye Brawl

What? Pumpkin Eye Brawl, or Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl
Where Did You Get Him?  GameStop Pre-Order and Activision (Thanks!)
How Much Did It Cost?  $15.99 plus tax,
What Was Stock Like? My local GameStop got a shipment of 6
What Lights Up?  Head/Eye, just like regular, but in Spooktacular Orange
Is This Timed, or Limited Quantity Etc.?  Right now that is unknown, my advice is to get him now if you want him.
How Does He Appear In-Game?  Title Screen indicates "Special Eye Brawl."  He shows up just the same as regular Eye Brawl and starts with no Level or Cash incentives.

If you've got your sights set on a spooktacular Halloween, look no farther than the latest Skylanders Giants offering, Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl. SH2013 Eye Brawl, or as he is more commonly referenced, Pumpkin Eye Brawl, is sure to be a smashing success with kids of all ages and collectors alike.

Eye Brawl, Special Halloween 2013 Edition Eye Brawl in the Packaging, Pumpkin Eye Brawl (Loose):

Pumpkin Eye Brawl left the factory with a glossy, jet black cloak and his ever intent eye has taken more of a jack-o-lantern look. All of his copper piping and silver wings are jet black.

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, Front:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, Back:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl and Eye Brawl, Side-by-Side, 3/4 View:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl, Eye Small, and Eye Brawl:

On the Portal of Power, Pumpkin Eye brawl radiates a warm, but sinister orange glow. With the lights out, he looks fantastic.  The color closely matches the #5 billiard ball and kind of spins out from a fiery yellow, to pumpkin orange, and ultimately scorches as a burnt orange before fading back thru the same spectrum on the back half of the eye.

The one I opened (GameStop Pre-Order) seemed to have the light source off-center.  The one sent from Activision (thanks again) was dead on...The other pre-order I got for my Nephew's Halloween present was also centered.  That said, with the lights out, the one I opened looked great with the orange glow.  I'm thinking it was just a rare one...nothing was loose, or rattled.  If you are concerned, just stick the one you intend to buy on the Portal of Power at the store display and see how it lights up.

                                  Pumpkin Eye Brawl & Eye Brawl Lit on the Portal, Lights On:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl & Eye Brawl Lit on the Portal, Lights Out:

Pumpkin Eye Brawl is the perfect pumpkin stuffer for this year's Halloween.  It is unknown how long he'll be spooking on shelves, so act fast if you don't want him haunting you.

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. He looks great! Ours arrived pre-order at Game Stop. Now...you know this has been a long slog...The capstone to the adventure was we were finally in the mall (where our local GS is located) to pick up the long awaited orange monster and we rounded the corner, GS in sight...100 yards...50 yards... Almost there...AND...Every alarm in the mall goes off. Sirens...flashing lights...calm but urgent voice announcing,"There is an emergency in the mall...Please vacate the building immediately"... I looked up, holding my son's hand, and said,"You've GOTTA be kidding...Right ?!?..." Long story short, an hour later, we had PEB in hand.
    Ps...I half expected it to explode when we put it on the portal.

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  2. Congratulations on finally getting him I'm not sure if he'll ever be available in Australia considering with shipping times he'll be on the shelf a week before ssf! I dont really think I'll get him even if he dose come out in Australia because I'll be paying off my ssf preorder and by the time all my figures are payed off he'll probably be impossible to find :(

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  3. Thanks...I don't know if he'll be around well stocked here before and after Halloween, or if he will go quick ahead of it etc. If he is around afterwards, I bet you could pick him up pretty cheap online.

    He doesn't show up different in the game, so you're really only missing out on the display aspect of it.

    SWAP Force will be expensive :s

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  4. Congrats! I just called my GS after I got home from my workout, and lo and behold, he's there, and waiting on me (they know me well enough to hold me one), as there were six total, including mine, so I had 'em hold me a second one, because as we know with Scarlet, there could be some defects in the paint job, so I wanted to be able to see which one looked better, as that's the one I'd get... Don't think I'll take him outta the packaging, though, but if I get both tomorrow, the one that doesn't look as polished will come outta the packaging and not only get the path I choose, but when October comes around, he'll join me at work for the spooktacular month ending in Halloween! :D

    However, if I spot a Thumpback, I'll snag him instead along with PEB and just pop PEB outta his package (carefully, I might add). :P

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    1. Very nice...my store only got 6 as well. I'll be monitoring to see if the restock etc, or what other store have if I can make them. I'm still waiting for a 2nd TB too...would like to get one on sale.

      PEB will definitely spruce up the office desk a bit ;)

      Well, I'm going to call it a night...Check out my latest post...You can listen to the SWAP Force Soundtrack's samples on Amazon :)

    2. Well, Pumpkin actually was a bit lucky today too, as I went up to Gamestop again, but before that, I turned in a few of my old games and game systems (got about almost $67 for all of the stuff!), at Game Exchange, and guess who I found there? A SECOND SPROCKET AND GITD SONIC BOOM! :D I snagged both of those, so I can take one down one path and the other down the other and let ya know how they are.

      The real pay-off, however, was when I got to Gamestop. I thought all the PEB's (the remaining five, as I took home Headless yesterday) would be gone, but there they were. I snagged one of 'em, and I spotted a single Swarm on the top peg (was needing one, because I was distressing on what path I was going to take my first one on), so I reached for it... and it tumbled off hitting the counter and breaking off its back of the package! :O However, I went on and bought him (apologized that it fell off, as well) and brought him home... I'm hoping he'll light up still.

      Going to watch some of your upgrades videos before I go play around with the Skylanders. I'll let ya know if anything interesting happens with 'em as well.

  5. Oh nice...I have a second Sprocket too! She'll be upgraded after the rest of the S2 crowd. I still prefer Sonic Boom's Siren Griffin Path, but I did Medea Griffin for her S2 (since it matches the pose...I'm bad about wanting stuff to line up, lol), and it did some really impressive damage. Kind of weird, but it works.

    Swarm is a tough one...I really wanted to do Swarm Form, but talked myself out of it...Luckily, like you, I landed a second one from GameStop.com when they were half-off...They shipped him only (ran out of Eye-Brawl and Thumpback, hence why I didn't have their 2nd figs, and why PEB worked out so well).

    I can't believe the back of the package came off...Hope the light up still works too. If he stayed in the plastic shell, I bet it should...his isn't too crazy of a light up. I thought he might look neat in kind of the turqoise/purple like the old school Charlotte Hornet uniforms...I may have to try that some time, lol. At least you can do both paths now!

    Good luck! I'll be making S2 Prism Break and Terrafin live here in a few minutes...Then I have to get some sleep.

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    1. Thankfully he did light up, and that second Sprocket? No HC's but already down the first path, so my Sprocket's path has been picked for her.

      Also headed to the fair today, and Flashwing was with me, but she was in the purse. :P I bet she thought she was going to Cutthroat Carnival again! XD

    2. Nice...got doubly lucky there! Yep, might as well explore both paths!

      Y'all have the fair this week too? I went on Wed night..planned on Tues, but it rained...Wed was really hot...Thurs night it flooded, lol.

      Hope you had a good time at the fair with Flashwing ;)

    3. Yup! She ended up helping me win a plush blue dragon at the balloon pop, but I think she might've thought we were going on some crazy stuff as well, since I had the purse with me on several rides. The only ride it didn't get on was the Nemesis 360, which looks like a giant egg beater. I also think that Kaos wanted me to be late or something today to work, because I didn't get up until an hour before I was supposed to go to work! X_X

    4. Haha, nice! Glad you had fun and won the dragon! Nemesis 360 sounds a bit intimidating, lol. At least you made it! Hope you didn't find the massive Skylander info posted today, or you'll prob still be up right now...it is an information overload!

    5. I saw, and I was STOKED about that, especially concerning one Skylander who I haven't found since SSA's days! Also, LC Flash being a DAY ONE Skylander?! SCORE! :D And Free Ranger too! :D Oh, and Hoot Loop! That just leaves Fire Kirin (I think that's supposed to be that one Swap Force member), and Scratch as my most anticipated ones.

      Oh, if you wanna see Nemesis 360, they have videos of it on YT. Check 'em out. :)

    6. Yep, release day looks pretty solid! We also have Enchanted Hoot Loop if you haven't seen that...kind of a Scarlet Ninjini type deal, I'm thinking it should be an in-game variant.

      Lots of Fire Kraken action in the new video I'm working on...they just sent it out today!

      I'll check it out...Glad you can get your LC Flashwing immediately ;)


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