Thursday, September 19, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force PowerA Accessories Spotted on

Hey...ever had one of those nights where it is getting really late, but you make yourself go thru your "routine" anyway?  Sometimes it really pays off; That was the case tonight!

I was checking my e-mail and noticed that TRU had sent out their Hot Toy List.

I opened it up and the last listing in the "Fabulous 15" was none other than Skylanders SWAP Force (they clearly saved the best for last!).

That said, I figured it was as good a time as any to make sure there weren't any new single, double, or triple packs up for pre-order.  There were not, BUT they did have some PowerA accessories listed out...some being up for pre-order and others being listed as IN STORES!!

Yep, you read that right...I plan to make my rounds tomorrow and see if I can locate any of the merchandise first hand.  If you have played SSA and Giants you are in need for some good storage solutions.  Why not get something that not only does the job (and does it well at that!), but looks great and adds to your collection?

PowerA has got you covered on that end!  I put together a real quick video highlighting what I found, the prices, and made sure to indicate the figure capacity (when listed), the stock status, and of course...whether or not it was indicated as a TRU Exclusive.  So, here you go:

If you want those precious, enlarged pictures you can't get from a video, fear not...I've got your back:

Adventure Case, $34.99, Holds 32 Figures

Carry & Display Case, $39.99, Holds 32 Figures

Element Storage Case, $24.99, Holds 15 Figures

Tackle Box, $24.99, Holds 20 Figures


Show & Go Case, $14.99, No Spec on Capacity

Legendary Travel Tote, $19.99, Holds 20 Figures

FunPlay HideAway Skylands, $69.99, Holds 20 Figures and Portal


  1. The funplay hide away looks very good but it is a bit pricey so I probably won't get it on launch day but maybe sometime later.

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    1. Yeah, I wasn't sure how it would be priced...TRU is often times a bit higher than others, but that is a moot point if it is exclusive.

  2. I'm going to be heading to Memphis, TN (across the river from where I live), to a Mistletoe Madness thing with my sister and mother this friday, and we'll likely stop off at a TRU along the way, so I'll try to snap some pictures there as well as hopefully nab me some legendaries I may of missed. If I catch a surprise, I'll be sure to put it on my G+! :D Also, a friend at work's going to get me one of the entry things for the Fright Rider as well. :)

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    1. NIce...hope y'all have a good time! Good luck at TRU too...Someone found Swap Force Triple Packs out at TRU! I saw the picture on Twitter...I bet they would ring up with a date lock etc.

      Nice work on the Fright Rider entry too...I really hope I can find the bags and win one...Orange and Black is one of my favorite color combos...

    2. If they don't ring up a lock date, you'll likely see a big grin on my face. :D Even better will be if I nab Legendary Bouncer AND another Thumpback. :P I'm having a PAIN deciding on him. Was also on Eye-Brawl, but with two Eye-Brawls and Headless, I don't have to worry. ;)

    3. Haha, I bet! I found 1 hidden SWAP Force item at TRU was a walkie talkie set, lol. That said, my big find there was Voodood! Hadn't seen him in FOREVER. I nearly bought it, but they had been being $7.99 or less and they had all SSA figures at $10.99...

      I checked all my stores (minus Walmart). I didn't see any Legendary Skylanders at my TRU, but I would think they would have them out again for launch of SWAP Force...If you don't see them ask...Tell them that you don't have a store near you and this is your only chance to get them...No reason they couldn't pull some out and sell them since they've already been released etc.

      I know, that part does suck when you only have one figure...I think the Anchor Path prob does more damage, but I thought it would be fun to spit star fish, lol. I plan to get a 2nd one (just on sale) to take the primary path.

      On a side note I landed Halloween Costumes at Target and Pre-Ordered Pokemon Y...Luckily they still had the posters :D

      Hope you get lucky this weekend!

    4. Oh, yea? Well, I saw a lot of the accessories at the TRU that I went to (didn't get to check which ones, cause I was in a hurry since we had to be home by 4:30), but my big catch wasn't legendaries OR LC's... If you wanna see WHO Jade and Flashwing helped me land, check out my G+! :D

    5. Yep...very nice...when I saw that Voodood single Wed night I wondered if you'd find something similar at TRU...didn't anticipate Wham-Shell though! Nice find Miss Cassie ;)

    6. Yup, and as always, good ol' Flashwing and Jade were there, so I think I was double-lucky considering I almost DIDN'T get to go! But, my sister said I only had five minutes, and I told her I could do it in less time. HC for Portal Masters, anyone? ;)


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