Friday, September 20, 2013

Skylanders Giants: Series 2 Earth Element Upgrade Paths

Here is the Video Set for our Series 2 Earth Element Skylanders.  I will expand on these with personal thoughts and opinions in the near future.

Skylanders Giants Part 141: Series 2 Bash, Granite Dragon Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 142: LightCore Prism Break, Crystaleer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 143: Series 2 Prism Break, Prismancer Upgrade Path

Skylanders Giants Part 144: Series 2 Terrafin, Brawler Upgrade Path


  1. The Skylanders Swap Force newest trailer is epic. I finally managed to laugh because of Skylanders.
    Also, the official box art for Skylanders Swap Force is available on Amazon now.

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    1. The "Just Like SF" one? It was pretty funny...the Jet-Vac/Eruptor failure was interrupted by Kaos bringing his Mom to battle, lol.

      Nice find! I'll try to blog those later today...It is 6 AM here and I'm going to try to get some sleep before work.

    2. Man, I think Kaos's mom will be a funny one. Well, Kaos will have a tough time figuring things out with his mom getting in the way. I hope she will bring some laughs into the game

      Note I also found a lot more Skylanders Swap Force figures on I found some core character singles and a first look at how the lightcore boxes will be like. It is missing Rattle Shake on the list, which Amazon already has.
      Anyways, have a good day!

    3. Yeah, it is looking very promising! This is too much info to take in...I'm busy at work and have a lot of time consuming stuff going on after hours and then I keep coming in late to finding massive amounts of info...bit overwhelming, lol.

  2. At the eb games website (Australia version) there is a picture of the official box art for the dark edition starter pack. I find it interesting that it doesn't show the swapping ability like it does on the regular. There is also mysterious images on the side of the box I think one shows what's in the box, another is the logo, and there is a box with 3 images witch I think is the battle back and the adventure pack and something else...

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  3. I tried to see it, but they just stuck me with the same shots I get on

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