Monday, September 2, 2013

PowerA's Skylanders SWAP Force Display at PAX

This weekend PAX Prime took place in Seattle.  It is a HUGE gaming convention that really caters to the core players.  PowerA was on site with even MORE in way of their product offerings for Skylanders SWAP Force.

Here is the video to recap their display:

PowerA at PAX Prime 2013

If you want a closer look at the products, check the pictures out below.  If some look familiar it is likely because we got a first look at E3.  Here is the previous blog post and video:

I can't stress enough that PowerA truly puts out a quality product.  That is why I buy their cases!  My 3DS case has been with me pretty much EVERYWHERE I've been and has yet to still looks brand new.

The issue with SWAP Force is that we are going to have a TON of Skylanders.  Just starting with SWAP Force might be overwhelming to many bedrooms, living rooms, and homes...Toss in complete collections from SSA and Giants and you have a real mess.

You only have so much display space...that means you have to carefully select who gets displayed.  Is it the latest and greatest, your personal favorites, variants, special editions, or some combination of those entities?  The bottom line remains the same...something's got to give.

Luckily, PowerA has us covered with innovative storage solutions to fit pretty much any requirement.
-Kid Friendly and Accessible?  Show & Go Case

-Soft, Durable, Easy to Travel?  Adventure Case

-Quality, Durable, Stacking Storage: Stack & Snap or Tackle Box

-Something Easy to Access and Out of the Way?  Over the Door Storage

Plus, they are continuing to innovate and develop new products.  If you, or your kids, have an iPad or iPhone there are soft, squishy cases, hard shell cases, and tablet sleeves to protect your investment while making it unique.

This year there is a new Light Up Game Bag that actually has LED piping and a ton of storage.

We are at a point where no one can deny or debate the success of Skylanders.  You could literally put a Spyro sticker on an off-brand cereal and watch it fly off the shelves.  The great thing here is that PowerA isn't just cashing in on what is hot...They have been making video game accessories for a long time now and work with other franchises like Nintendo, Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek and more.  They crank out quality products.

There is so much that goes into making a good accessory: aesthetics, initial appeal, initial quality, and ultimately generating the desire to acquire by a fan, or player looking to step up to something better.  That first purchase will be the most heavily critiqued.  If you are not satisfied, you will tell people...much more so than if you like what you've got.  However, when and if the consumer is satisfied, they come back...when friends need to replace their broken PS3 controller, they ask around.  PowerA is still here, still innovating, and still cranking out products because of the reputation for quality.

Their recent venture into the mobile side of the market is testament to that.  They continue to build quality and innovation into practical pieces for gamers.

One other showcase comes not in a controller, or stereotypical storage tote, but in a display.  Two of the products I was most intrigued by at E3 were not cases (although those are no doubt gaining functionality given the sheer number of Skylanders), but rather displays.  Flynn's Ship and the Fun Play Hideaway don't just store Skylanders, they put them on prominent display in something that otherwise would only be dreamed of by the most hardcore Skylander fans.

As Skylander fans we should be glad that Activision and PowerA teamed up...we get great storage and display solutions, with unique qualities, that are delivered at economical prices.  The quality covers the cost.  When you buy the cases, displays, or controllers you know that you aren't just getting a temporary fix, but rather something that will be with you for the long haul.  As fans, it doesn't get much better than that.  Form and function working in conjunction to truly amplify our experience with the game.

What PowerA product are you looking most forward to this fall?  What are you currently using to store your Skylanders...Which ones do you display?

As always stay tuned for the latest!


  1. I am very interested in the one you have labeled tackle box plus case.

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    1. It does look pretty good. No nonsense, simple and stackable.

      It looked like it had dividers as well.

  2. I'm not really into the storage but I do like the display sets like the island hideaway (that's my name for it) it looks very good and will make my tv display skylanders ( my favorite ones for playing with and levelling up) fit in even more.

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    1. Yeah, in person at E3 it was a very, very nice piece...Portal storage, working Canon, etc. I keep a few on top of the tv too, lol.


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