Friday, June 14, 2013

E3 2013: Power A's Skylander Displays: Box Art, Accessories, Storage Innovations, Controllers, Mobile Device Covers, and More!

My first stop at E3 2013 was the Power A Booth.  I was pretty excited because, as you know, I am a fan of the products.  I still get people asking me where I got my 3DS case and it still looks brand is incredible quality.  Similarly, Power A got on the Skylanders wagon early in the game cranking out some great products to provide custom storage solutions and enhanced gaming with carefully crafted accessories.

This year, they have really upped the ante.  They had some of the most innovative storage/display products I have seen.  It is almost as if someone imagined this concept and then instead of the bean counters saying, "No!" it actually went into production.

For those of you who aren't just content with the cases (upgrades there as well!), they now have flush mount islands that turn your wall into Skylands.  If you were to use some of the wall stickers, or paint a custom mural it would be over the top.  The islands connect with bridges and comfortably hold Giants and Swap Force characters as well as your regular SSA cast.  They are very cool.

If you are more interested in say putting your display on a desk or table of some sorts you can have the full on 3D treatment!  The island display is ridiculously awesome as is Flynn's Ship.  These are products and displays many of us have dreamed of, but never really thought we would see outside of attempting to have one fabricated at our own expense.

Power A has these new storage and display innovations along with some other cool new products.  They have recently gotten into the mobile side of things and have smart phone, iPod, and tablet covers and sleeves ready to go...I saw a few "insiders" sporting the Hot Dog cover at the show...Amazing what a keen eye will show you!

On top of the new product line and innovations the cases and controllers are just as good as ever.

What caught me off guard was their box display.  This is akin to what you might see in your local Game Stop, Toys'R'Us, Target or Walmart.  It featured artwork for Ninja Stealth Elf, Blast Zone, and what should be S3 Chop Chop and S2 Hot Dog.  Inside they had product boxes to highlight the potential display layout.  However, what was a total surprise was getting to see the box art for some of the new Swap Force characters!  It was a very big surprise and was just a taste of what was to come...

It was difficult to get great pictures or video due to the volume of people, lighting, and noise, but I think you will get the gist of things...Power A and Skylanders make a great team with killer products for us, the end users!

I have a separate video to highlight their back section which features even more great products for all platforms and from brands like Nintendo, Mario, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and more!


  1. That is awesome! So I have a Wii and a 3DS, and I currently have the Wii versions of Skylanders SA and Skylanders G. Since the new game needs a new portal anyway, and the reviews of the 3DS games are better, do you recommend that I get the Wii version or the 3DS version? I enjoy the Wii games and the big screen, but it might be nice to play on the go, too. Thanks!

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    1. Yeah, it is some killer stuff!

      Honestly, for SwapForce I would go with the Wii version, unless you can swing a WiiU or think it may be a Christmas gift etc. Since it sounds like you are a Nintendo fan anyway, it might be worth while to get the WiiU given the awesome slate of games coming (Mario Kart 8 looked awesome!).

      You could, in theory, get the 3DS version around launch and then hold out for the WiiU version if you can get the console for Christmas etc...The WiiU version has awesome graphics, Vicarious Visions handled it. Wii's version will be the same, but just lack that HD pop. I have honestly never been much on graphics (I appreciate them, but prefer gameplay), but after being at E3 I have to say SF looked very impressive...I might have to spring for an HD TV! SF on the 3DS will have some cool features I'll detail soon!

  2. Those storage/ display products look like they might come with exclusive variants

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    1. That would be cool, but I'm thinkin they might have a hard time swinging that...although it does make perfect sense. In a perfect world I'd like to see Flynn and Cali figures etc...they would be nice tie-ins with the display sets.

      Honestly, when I was told the APs would just be a location piece I was thinking it might be by way of Cali and other characters etc...But, that piece you found and posted on Twitter looks legit and along the old format?!

  3. I had an idea 4 skylanders 4 it could be called skylanders complete kaos and there will be no new characters ( although maybe the castaways will get a return) so u mainly have to rely on ur current army of skylanders with high levels and upgrades because the enemies are at the last level power at the beginning of the game which makes it very difficult.

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    1. I wouldn't mind that at all...I do know it is already in development with Toys for Bob though, lol.

      I'm thinking every main entry will have new figures, BUT I wouldn't mind seeing a mid-way release that kind of takes a physical place of DLC that makes use of such a concept...


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