Saturday, June 22, 2013

Random Skylanders Swap Force Clips from Nintendo's Booth at E3

As the title implies, this is really just a conglomeration of three quick clips shot at the Nintendo Booth's Swap Force demo...

I was loaded down with stuff at this point and this is where I shot the gameplay for wdrumz on his camera.

I had a little downtime and used my free hand to shot a few clips...If you don't want the voice intro explanation, just skip ahead to roughly 6:10 for the clips themselves.

You get a feel for a few key things:

-The look of the portal
-Wii U Controls
-Night Shift background
-Night Buckler
-Fish Fishing Bonus Mission
-Insights on How to Win Hot Dog

I will get a similar, but better, compilation of Swap Force vids from the actual Activision Swap Force Booth up tomorow!


  1. I'm totally loving free rangers pose I think he will be a very powerful character

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    1. He does look pretty aggressive/intimidating.


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