Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Castaways vs Newlanders: Stage II Castaways vs Castaways and Newlandersvs Newlanders

Well, for those of you following the series you know that along with our Camo vs Pop Fizz Sudden Death Showdown, we ran a poll asking if you'd like to see the series go straight to the final tournament, OR continue with Castaways vs Castaways and Newlanders vs Newlanders...After the votes were tallied, most sided with me and want to see the epicness that is Castaways vs Castaways and Newlanders vs Newlanders!

So, we essentially have 7 more matches (a total of 15 overall) before the tournament gets seeded for the final showdown.

That said, I will archive the new additions here...on this post.

If you are curious about how "x" Skylander wound up with their current record etc from Castaways vs Newlanders, be sure to check this link for the video and poll archive:

For everyone else, we will start this installments archive here!  The polls will run one week, closing at 11:59 PM Friday Night, with the exception of this First Round which will run 10 Days.

The polls can be found on the Right Hand Side of the Blog, just below the Twitter Feed.  Spread the word and pull for your favorites!

Castaways vs Castaways and Newlanders vs Newlanders Archive

Round 1 Matches

Round 1 Results

Round 2 Matches

Round 2 Results

Round 3 Matches

Round 3 Results

Round 4 Matches

Round 4 Results

Round 5 Matches

Round 5 Results

Round 6 Matches

Round 6 Results

Round 7 Matches

Round 7 Results

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