Friday, June 28, 2013

Underwater Beyblade Battle Tournament

This is something my Nephew, thewalkthruking, and I had thought would be pretty cool...We came up with the idea quite some time ago, but just recently got to put it in practice.

We did a simple setup that he selected: 16 Blades vying for the title of Grand Champion.

Obviously the 16 Blades meant we would have a First Round consisting of 8 Matches...8 Blades would emerge as Winners and 8 Blades would be expose as Losers.  Not wanting to end it there, thewalkthruking decided we needed to have both a Winner's Bracket and a Loser's Bracket with both sides producing one, lone winner who would be destined to compete in the Grand Championship.

However, this is one catch...The competition would be in a stadium partially filled with water!  This adds an entirely new dynamic to the matches and really served to spice things up...

The Battle Tournament is broke down into 6 Parts:

We had a great time!  The plan is to continue to record more Beyblade Battle Tournaments as time allows...

If you have a request for a showdown matchup, or ideas for playoffs/tournaments feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you'd like to see.  If possible, we will try to make it happen!


  1. You might not know this but I am a bit of a beyblade expert if you want any strategies on launching ask me but this is really about a beyblade called Hades kerbecs I have both hk and meteo L Drago and in all battles Hk beat mld (box stock defense mode) and I would like to see underwater bet battle between the two you should try it in both attack mode and defense mode in my opinion he's best in defense mode because of his stamina tip and extremely high defense he's nearly unstoppable (only ever been defeated by twisted tempo who you should also get) because his fusion wheel and spun track lock together to form a high defense (most likely water deflecting) wall I am unsure about the water deflection though.

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    1. Nice! I have never been able to find Hades Kerbecs locally. If I can find him, I'll film it with my Nephew (he is 8 btw). I have a pretty good collection going (have a ton that need to be unboxed).

      My Nephew has Twisted Tempo and what we call Green Twisted is just the different color, I think in a triple pack. They are great blades!

      We actually had a deal tonight (no water) where he wanted to see Diablo Nemesis Hyperblade vs Twisted Tempo. TT won...we then did L-Drago Destructor vs TT and TT won that as well.

      I have a sweet video up that is private...I got Blitz Striker awhile back..I launched him and my Nephew was playing as Beat Lynx...Blitz Striker got a stadium out! I've had some close calls, and a few bounce outs, but that was and is my only stadium out thus far...just came down off the sides and sent BL was pretty epic!

  2. Btw how old is your nephew(just curious)?

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