Thursday, June 13, 2013

Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 8 Bash, Spyro, Hot Dog and Triple Pack9 Hex, Slam Bam, Shroomboom

Nigel (@Omenix000) recently picked up Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 8 at his local Kmart (and no, he is not in the US!).  While there, he also found Triple Pack 9 and was nice enough to snap pictures of both, caught in the wild, to share with everyone via the blog.

Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 8: S2 Bash, S2 Spyro, Hot Dog

Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 9: S2 Hex, S2 Slam Bam, Shroomboom

A big thanks to Nigel for sending in the pictures and sharing with everyone...more importantly, congrats on the find!

Triple Pack 8 is critical at this point because it contains the very hard to find S2 Bash, and S2 Spyro...hopefully this will help folks complete their collections.

Also of note is the S2, S2, Newlander sorting...The good news for those missing any number of these characters is you can save a little cash via the triple pack.  S2 Slam Bam has also become tough to find for many...overall a nice addition to the stable of available Skylanders.

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