Saturday, June 1, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force: New Magic Element Character Leaked

If you read along here recently I mentioned a leaked Magic Element character in SwapForce...

Here it is:

This character was spotted on a hat listed on a European Amazon listing...Pop Fizz, Wrecking Ball, and Spyro were actually featured as well...I cropped the image down to focus on the new "mystery" Magic Skylander.

Given the hat and the surrounding characters you could likely conclude this character hails from the Magic Element...

The medallion on the cape's clasp kind of seals that hypothesis.

The gender is not 100%, but I am inclined to say female...Look how much the almond-like eyes resemble Stealth Elf.  Similarly, there appears to be the classic "wasp waist" you see with sketches to indicate a female...the detail on the cloak kind of goes along with that.

The status remains unknown and the item was yanked from listings...

Regardless of the unknowns, this character looks like a very sinister and imposing Skylander...just what the Magic Element needs imo!

As any more info comes out I will keep you posted!

You can keep up with all the Swap Force character developments here:


  1. THis is just my speculation but i think it will be a swap force because it has a thin waste and all revealled swap force characters have thin wastes.

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    1. Hmm, could be! That is a good observation!

  2. i have found 2 new triple packs (and dont ask me what they were thinking when they made them) the ttriple packs are: slam bam, hex and shroomboom; and bash spyro and hot dog (all s2 or newlanders)

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    1. Weird...I guess that rounds it out. Is this down in Australia, or did you find them online? I'll get them added to the post later today...430 AM now and I had better get some sleep.

    2. Ha, my bad...had the list already completed but forgot...

      Did you get any pics? If so I'll post them and give you credit for the images. Those are strange combos...Although given how hard it has been for folks here to find Bash and Spyro it might be welcome...

  3. Yes these were in Australia now every s2 and newlander except zap, drobot, chop chop, cynder and jetvac is in a triple pack I have photos but don't know how to send to you if you tell me I will send

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    1. Do you have them on a photo host? You can just post the links. You can also send them on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook.


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