Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force Pre-Order Bonuses at TRU (LC Hex, Poster, Free Skylander) and GameStop's Skylander Festival

If you have not yet pre-ordered or reserved your copy of Skylanders Swap Force, now is a great time to do so!  In addition to the already known LightCore Hex, there are a few add-ons from Toys'R'Us and GameStop to sweeten the pot!

At TRU, thru Saturday, June 29th, 2013 you can reserve your Swap Force Starter Pack for $1 and get an exclusive Swap Force Poster, Lightcore Hex, and any single character!  If you don't have a TRU nearby, you can still get the free LC Hex AND FREE Shipping.  Check it out:

If TRU isn't your cup of tea, consider GameStop's newest promotion...although it is only for a few hours this Saturday, June 22nd, 2013.  It is a very nice set up as well!  Same known offer of LightCore Hex, but they also claim to have a poster for the first few fans in the door AND they tout limited supplies of the "GameStop Exclusive Polar Whirlwind" and Scarlet Ninjini...

If that is correct, it looks like Polar Whirlwind could be a GS Exclusive, which is what I had predicted for Scarlet Ninjini.  It could be just the way they worded it, it might be a timed exclusive, or it could legitimately be their own exclusive...I will try to get some answers.


  1. Where do you plan on picking up your starterpack?

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    1. Well, I pre-ordered the 3DS version at GameStop to lock in LC Hex. I will prob be content with that there...

      The console version I will wait on in the event we get some last minute deal like we saw with Walmart's GITD last year.

      The 3DS version will have the exclusive Eruptor, so it is money regardless.

      The console version will come down to the best set up (ie store exclusive), or simply who has the best launch day deal.

  2. I got mine ordered! I wonder if we'll get to pick the winnings or if not, which ones we'll get! Definitely going to try to pick up two of Polar if possible this weekend as well. :D You know, one for boxed only, and one for playing around. :D

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    1. Cool! I pre-ordered the 3DS from GameStop :D

      I had 2 Polars in hand tonight only to see they were street dated...that was my plan, open one, keep the other sealed...Brilliant minds think alike ;)

    2. Yea, and I can confirm with my two Polars that she IS a GS exclusive. :D Also, you had to buy a Giant, battle pack, triple pack, or starter pack to get your sidekicks, so sadly, Trigger Snappy and Terrabite will have to wait until this weekend when I pick up my second Hot Head (I wanna get one to do his path I didn't pick!) and maybe Swarm if he shows up again.

      My G+ also has pics of Polar, if you want use 'em in the blog. :D I only do this for favorites and exclusives/variants.

    3. they did confirm it? The people I talked to didn't know if it was a true exclusive or timed. I leaned towards dedicated in the video and blog post bc of the sticker (it wasn't on their timed stuff).

      I actually have all the Giant upgrade vids ready to post...just been focusing on E3 stuff and now all this new activity.

      Also, I hope you are hungry because some of the Frito Lay Giant Sidekick bags are showing up!


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