Sunday, June 9, 2013

Overview of the Loewpro Adventura 140 Camera/Video Bag

What?  Lowepro Adventura 140
Where Did You Get It?  Ofifice Max
What Did It Cost?  $24.99 plus tax
Does it Seem to be Quality?  Oh yeah...super nice!

Overview of the Lowepro Adventura 140

I will start by saying this is a great case at an awesome price.  I've seen similar, and much less impressive, cases/bags going for $49.99-$69.99...compared to those, this seems like a $99.99 case.  It is truly that nice.

From a camera perspective you get a nicely cushioned interior with orange padding (nice for visibility of black and silver camera components etc).  The main interior segment has 2 removable (velcro) dividers.  This allows you options in terms of sizing it up for your specific needs.

As it comes delivered the 3 sections would work great for a camera, different lens, and accessories.

For someone like myself it will be incredibly versatile: camera, smart phone, Nintendo 3DS, batteries, more batteries, chargers, USB cables, valuables, small electronics, money, paperwork etc.  It really is limitless what you can do with it.

The front side features a full zippered lower pouch that has an elastic netted area as well as a dedicated slot for SD Cards that is secured tight via velcro!  It is a very smart feature.  This area is secured by the zipper and flip down front cover!

The sides both have pouches with easy access and elastic tops.  The back side has an open pouch, that while not as secure as the others, could prove functional.

Lastly, the bag come with a nice shoulder strap that will allow you to keep everything "on you" and secure while freeing up both hands to capture photos and video...Or just whatever else you are working on...

A friend gave me a camera and Lowepro case a few years ago...It has held up remarkably well...Despite being black, it still maintains that like new appearance.  The zippers (which have been opened thousands of times), slide like butter, the velcro is still strong, and the lanyard is comfortable and has yet to fray.

I view this Adventura 140 as the same type of storage solution, just in a bigger and more versatile package.  At the price of $24.99 I do not think you can go wrong with one!

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