Sunday, June 23, 2013

Skylanders Giants Unboxing Polar Whirlwind

What?  Polar Whirlwind
Where Did You Get Her?  GameStop
What Was the Cost?  $10.99 plus tax
What Was Stock Like?  Local store had 6, still had several when I went late in the evening
Anything Special?  Yes!  Polar Whirlwind is an in-game variant and looks great!

Unboxing Polar Whirlwind

Quick Info:

Polar Whirlwind, In-Game Variant
Air Element, Series 2

Slogan: "Twists of Fury!"

Card Stats

Power/Strength: 70/150
Defense/Armor: 40/150
Speed/Agility: 65/150
Luck: 95/150
Totals:  270/600

(Same Card Stats as S2 Whirlwind)

At this point in time it is still unknown if Polar Whirlwind will be a true GameStop exclusive, or just a timed exclusive.  As of right now I am inclined to believe she will be a true store Exclusive.  Although the stickers are not printed on the packaging, they were put on...which is more effort and branding than we saw with the other timed exclusives.

I personally had forecast that Scarlet Ninjini would be the GS Exclusive, but Polar Whirlwind wasn't too far off...Although, I must admit, it makes more sense for Polar Whirlwind to have gone to Target, but whatever...

She showed up early this week and some stores were actually selling Polar to customers, despite the street date.  I tried my luck Wednesday night and was delighted to hear they had just stocked her...I got up to the store and found 6 of them:

Sadly, she rang up as a street date...I told the manager of the promotion and he said he would try  to hold onto them for me, and went ahead and got me the Swap Force Poster and Flyer early due to the mix-up etc.  All-in-all, not a bad deal!

Here are some shots of Polar Whirlwind:

If you want her, I would suggest you move quick and land her ASAP from GameStop.  If she winds up as a timed-exclusive, she will still be most desirable in the original GS form with their sticker.  That said, if she follows the path of other "in game variants" and store exclusives this time around she could be quite difficult to find (think Granite Crusher, Jade Flashwing, Molten Hot Dog, etc).

To help you out, here is the link to her listing on

Boxshot: Skylanders Giants Polar Whirlwind Individual Character Pack by Activision


  1. I can tell you after playing with my Polar last night in some of the HC's (along with Jade and Scarlet), she doesn't start off at level 5 nor has 2100 cash to start off with. That said, she does get pretty fast on her speed, but not as fast as Scarlet, as we know. She looks really awesome in game, though some of the HC's, she looked a bit like normal Whirl. Don't know if that was a glitch or not.

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    1. Interesting...I'll have to monitor things! She looks awesome out of the package long as she is usually Polar-esque in game I'll be fine...I have yet to get to play her, or S2 Drobot :s

  2. I believe that the GameStop exclusive sticker is a sticker so that eb games (Australian GameStop) can have it as an exclusive too

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    1. Yeah, a lot of the Aussies are telling me they get her as their pre-order bonus with Swap Force. That might explain why it is a sticker and not printed...saves money, lol.

    2. I'm unsure if I will get 2 Polar's or not because I preordered sf wiiU BEFORE the promotion was put into effect and then it was in effect when I preordered 3ds this next part isn't about polar whirlwind it is about sf I noticed with giants the core to s2 was a ratio of 1 to 2 but in sf the ratio is 2 to 2 which means we could se triple packs with 2 core characters not just 1 like in giants

    3. I made a mistake the giants ratio is 1to3

    4. I would double check on your Wii U pre-order of SF...It doesn't make sense to penalize someone for being one of the FIRST to pre-order. That said, if quantities are limited, they might have it etched just for those within the time window etc...If they have changed it, I'd cancel and re-order...I'm sure the employees would understand.

      Yeah, it'll be interesting to see how they handle the SF characters...Their packaging was roughly the same size if you watched my E3 videos. I suppose they could considerably make 2 or 3 packs of SF, or make a 1-SF w 2-Core triple...then again, they might keep the SF swappers solo...

      I might forward that question on to see if I can get an answer.


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