Thursday, June 13, 2013

Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 7: Fright Rider, Wrecking Ball, Flameslinger

I have been needing to get this up for quite some time...I've been so busy trying to get the upgrade paths taken care of, that I never got a chance to make my weekly post where this would have been highlighted in the Giants Hunting section...

Nonetheless, here it is...

May 30th, 2013
Location: Toys'R'Us

Not expecting to find much past the usual, I was schocked to see LightCore Pop Fizz and LightCore Chill.

The other surprise was seeing my first ever Triple Pack 7!

Skylanders Giants Triple Pack 7 consits of Fright Rider, Wrecking Ball, and Flameslinger.  Wrecking Ball is still tough to find, Flameslinger has remained tough, and Fright Rider's usual presence had dropped somewhat here lately...Now, all 3 should be working their way back into the mix.

I am finally getting a chance to post this for one big reason...Nigel has located Triple Packs 8 and 9!  Stay tuned to see them!

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