Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Skylanders Swap Foce E3 Questions: A Compilation of Repeated Requests

If you've followed along on the blog, YouTube, Google +, Facebook, and other outlets I have posted on, there have been a lot of questions submitted..the vast majority overlap, or are the same thing just worded different, so here is a more concise list, sorted for ease of viewing.

Skylanders Swap Force


Who Are the 16 Swap Force Skylanders?

Who Are the 16 New Skylanders (Series 3)?
-Are they all going to be "adjective" landers (ie "Ninja" and "Volcanic").

Who Are the 16 Returning Skylanders?
-What are their new powers based upon?

Who are the 8 LightCore Skylanders?
-Will they have WowPows or anything past the "FlashBomb" Effect in Giants?

Will there be in-game variants again?
-If so what lines does it apply to (S3, Returning, LC, SF, etc)?

What is the fate of the 8 SSA Castaways?
-Do sales figures dictate who survives and is reposed?

Will there be SF Sidekicks?  If so, when and of what characters.

Starter Pack Specifics

What are the names of the Starter Pack Characters?

Will Starter Pack Characters be released for solo purchase at launch, or sometime after?

Will there be any special Starter Packs?  (Ie GITD, etc).

Will any in-game variants be tied in with the purchase of a new console?

Will the new Portal of Power be backwards compatible with Giants and SSA?

Adventure Packs and Battle Packs

Will there be Adventure Packs and/or Battle Packs?
-If so, how many of each?
-Also, if there are APs and BPs how will they be packed (same as usual, 1 Location, 1 Character, etc).

GamePlay Questions

How Many Chapters are in the game?

How does the length of SF compare to Giants and SSA?

Will the new SF Skylanders (all lines) have more individual personalities?  If so, how will they showcase it?  Voice acting, cut scenes, special interactions with others etc.

Will the Beenox version for the Wii be the same as the Vicarious Visions version?

Will the 3DS version continue with a different story line?

Will the same villains continue to reappear?

With the new jumping ability, will there be "upward" flight?

Will there be online play in Swap Force?
-If so, how?
-If not, will there in future releases.

Will there be a Solo Battle Mode?

How will the Heroics work this time...do old characters unlock anything new?

What, if any benefits, will there be to having Giants play in Swap Force?

Is Flynn a staple?

Where will the hub for Swap Force be located?

Will fan favorites and established elements be back?
-Auric's Shop, Hats, Legendary Treasure, Story Scrolls, Treasure Chests, Battle Arenas, Sky Stones

What Happens if You Put Only Half of a Swap Force character on the portal?

435 AM...I'm beat...didn't sleep much last night...Going to hit the hay.

I hope we can get answers to some of these questions...and yes, I will have the archived post up as well!


  1. 1ofWiisdom! You probably already found this, but a lot of skylander SF stuff was revealed! Go to http://www.darkspyro.net/swapforce/

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    1. Thanks for the link, but I got to learn it all first hand at E3 :D I'm slowly getting the content up...I've got a decent bit on the characters AND some developer insides.


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