Thursday, June 20, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force 3DS Big Improvements Revealed at E3

This is big news...

Really big news...Super convenient news.

News that makes the exclusive Eruptor, Rattle Shake and Free Ranger perks of the 3DS Starter Pack even better!

Nintendo 3DS Owners and Skylander fans everywhere will appreciate this one:

At the Swap Force Booth one of the first things I learned was regarding Swap Force on the 3DS...

Archive Your Entire Collection

I saw Elemental Logos lining both the Left Hand and Right Hand sides of the touch screen (lower half).  I assumed this was so we could have one Skylander of each element stored in the game, making our lives so much easier.

I was wrong...Pleasantly wrong.

The guy running the 3DS demo was super cool...He was just as into Skylanders as those of us who were brought out to attend E3 and check things out first hand!  We had a lot of good conversation, but when I commented how cool it was we could have one of each element he calmly corrected me, "No, not just one...the entire collection!"

I thought he was joking, but soon realized by the proud smile he was serious.  I asked "All of them?"  And he said, "All of them."  I think he was as excited to share the news with another 3DS gamer as I was to learn it...

The only real drawback and downside to the 3DS version was having to switch characters for the elemental bonus and each level etc.  While it was cool to have the "oh, you need Magic and Earth for special areas in this level" I would much rather just enter the level, find the hidden area, and swap instantly to whatever element I need...Having the ability to pick from any character is just that much better...I'm still shocked by this one!

After recording, he did caution he wasn't 100% sure it applied to EVERYTHING, but I kept that in mind and asked 2 other VERY HIGH UP people and they confirmed what he said...If there are any issues (no Legendary or in-game variants showing up etc) they are unaware.

Swap Force Selectability: Your New Power Really Is Choice

Gotta say, once again I am very impressed.  Activision and n-Space nailed it here.  If you have all 16 Swap Force Characters you can simply cycle through the list of your collection and select combination 249 of 256 and jump back into the game...No portal, no fumbling around with halves of a character, just simple and user friendly touch screen selectability!

Same Length, Different Story

When I asked about the length and different story line I was told it would be roughly the same length as past 3DS entries and that the story line would once again be completely different from the console version.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on Swap Force 3DS...and I can not wait to register the collection to the game and go about truly enjoying the visuals and gameplay after equipping my 3DS for the ultimate journey!


It is 6 AM and I am beat...that said, just typing this out got me excited...I can't believe we get to archive our ENTIRE collection to the 3DS!  It is going to be awesome!  Thanks to Activision and n-Space for coming through with a great improvement!


  1. Small Question, you stated that 3DS Swap Force will have a different story. I read that a different company would be developing the Wii (non-U) version. Do you know if the Wii version will be a straight port of the other consoles, or will the Wii version have its own story as well? Thanks.

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    1. The Wii version is developed by Beenox and will be exactly the same as the Wii U version, with the exception of the graphics etc. Vicarious Visions is doing all the consoles (save the Wii) and your perk is the new graphics engine. The guys at VV told me the Wii version is the exact same, just w/o the better graphics.

      Only different story line will remain with the 3DS.

      So, if you and friends have all the consoles etc it is the same game.

  2. I just found lc hex in eb games but still no sign of s2 drobot he's either sold out or not out yet.

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    1. Oh nice! I wondered if she would hit elsewhere or not...Drobot has been spotted here at Walmart..very limited in most instances I've been told of...

    2. I have seen s2 drobot at my local target I also saw a jetvac single pack (not lightcore) I think they'll be in a triple pack together iv been having trouble with Twitter so I can't send a picture sry

    3. Nice, a lot of the hard core collectors are really wanting the JV Single Pack.

    4. Also I was wondering what would be better for me to get lightcore hex or the hex, slambam,shroomboom triple pack?

    5. LC Hex could be tough to come by (at least initially), but she won't have the WowPow like the S2 Hex. Slam Bam is great, and Shroomboom isn't bad either. $19.99 for 3 vs $11.99 for 1...If you aren't worried about her being hard to find I'd do the triple first. Keep in mind a lot of Aussies will pick up LC Hex to scalp her and sell her to people over here who can't wait.

    6. For me its actually $18 compared to $30 but it is the same logic I honestly don't really care about the scalpers cos that doesn't happen at my local stores so I just want u tell me about her wowpow so I can figure out what I'd prefer lightcore or wowpow

    7. Well, since you aren't worried about her being rare, I would go with the Triple...particularly if you need those characters (Slam Bam is good and yet very different down his two paths).

      That said, Hex's WowPow is argued to be one of the BEST in the game...I have yet to upgrade her, but I've heard that from many players...I would go with the Triple for your case.

    8. At the present time I'm thinking triple pack because I want 2 get a free sidekick when I spend $25 or more and lc hex is only $18 ($25 would be ridiculous) so I would have to get another character ( probably s2 drobot but I think he'll be in a triple pack with jetvac so I won't get him now) so my best option is h,sb,sm triple with free sk then buy lc hex then buy drobot triple(along with extra sk)

    9. Btw I think the triple will be:
      Chopchop or zap

    10. Yeah, that is the best option. As far as I know the TP always ended at #9. That said, they could crank another one out...really just depends. Wham-Shell never made it to TP status last time. All kind of up in the air till it happens, but I do remember when GS had them all listed and it stopped at #9.


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