Sunday, June 9, 2013

Unboxing Animal Crossing New Leaf for Nintendo 3DS

What?  Animal Crossing New Leaf, Nintendo 3DS
Where Did You Get It?  Toys'R'Us
What Did It Cost?  $34.99
Any Promotions?  At this time, only TRU which offers a $5 gift card
What Was Stock Like?  First to purchase!

Unboxing Animal Crossing New Leaf

I have to say, I am excited about this game.  I have NEVER played an Animal Crossing title, despite plans to have bought City Folk a long time ago.  The game just always looks relaxed and enjoyable.  I kind of view this series as an escape from the norm...I really enjoy the Professor Layton games and I think ACNL will provide that same change-of-pace I enjoy, but maybe without being as taxing on the mind, lol.

From what I have heard from the Mayor Program everyone has really enjoyed the game and say it builds upon the foundation beautifully!

It is also of interest because my 8 year old Nephew just got out of school and was the Mayor of his 2nd Grade Class project called "The Mini Society."  It sounds an awful lot like this set up...I am thinking he will enjoy it as well!

Once things slow down for me and I am able to play it and get the ins-and-outs down, I may post up whatever info necessary to have you come visit my town...All I ask is that you leave your info etc so I can check out  your place!

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