Friday, June 14, 2013

Skylanders E3 2013 Exclusive Copper Metallic Hot Dog In-Game, Chase Variant Status Confirmed

Well, you saw me retrieve E3 Dog from the fortress of my Power A Skylanders Giants Travel Tote Upper Compartment and Travel A Game Pack in mint condition...

We checked out the packaging, the printed "exclusive" shot, and the "not for resale" bottom end.  We then scanned the figure to get the best light on what I deem a copper metallic paint.

What we didn't do with that first review, aside from actually unbox him, is see how he registers in game.  Would he be like your garden variety chase variant, regular Hot Dog, or would he be special beyond belief with a fully maxed chip?  Well, this video provides the answer:

As you can see, here is what we learned:

2013 E3 Exclusive Copper Metallic Hot Dog registers as:

-Special Hot Dog on the character intro screen
-An actual addition the list (ie +1 Fire Skylander and +1 Overall Collection)
-Level 5
-2100 Coins

So the answer is...E3 Dog registers as a typical chase variant (think Silver Dino-Rang, Gold Flameslinger, GITD, Stone, etc).  And as expected, he shows up in game just like regular Hot Dog.

Again, this showcases why the blog is sometimes better than the video...You have your answer and it took just a few seconds to read...oh well, most prefer videos.  I am super tired, but also still being powered by the excitement of E3 and all the great content I still have yet to show you!

Just in case you missed it, here is the overview of 2013's E3 Exclusive Copper Metallic Hot Dog:

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