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Skylanders Day at GameStop Saturday, June 22nd, 2013: A First Look atthe Limited Poster and the Swap Force Flyer

If you saw last night's video where I highlighted some great Skylander deals from Toys'R'Us and GameStop, you are good to go...If not, skim back (or find it via the above blog link) and check it out.

I actually made the call this evening and found that my regular GameStop had just gotten Polar Whirlwind in and stocked her.  I asked if they could hold me one as I would head straight there from work and the response was that they'd have one for me...This made me think there must have been quite a few.

I rushed up after work, despite it looking like storms were coming, and headed in...There she was on the wall...Polar Whirlwind!  Just below her I saw a few regular Ninjini figures (which for many has been harder to find than Scarlet).  But speaking of Scarlet, the variant, ninja genie was no where to be seen.

I took 2 Polars to the register and they rang up as "not for sale" with the street date of 6/22.  I explained the promotion and that some stores were selling them and since I had called I figured it would be good to go...

Since I'm a regular they apologized, quickly pulled Polar and Ninjini off the shelf and said they'd save a Polar for me and appreciated the cooperation.  With an uncertain schedule for Saturday they went ahead and hooked me up with the poster AND a generic info sheet that I assume they will have a lot of...The poster is pretty cool, but it is the info sheet we focus on in the video...In addition to having nice artwork for S3 Terrafin, we saw a new Adventure Pack:

It looks to be the Tower of Time with Pop Thorn:

Here is a look at the flip side of the info sheet:

And lastly, here is the 12" x 16" poster for the first 25 guests Saturday:

I can tell you that some GameStops will sell Polar (and everything else) early, but they should not do so...That said, it doesn't hurt to check your local store in the event you can for sure land Polar and avid the rush and potential headache to get her later on...

I will give you this info...

It looked like this particular store had 6 Polars and 6 Ninjinis.  The flyer explicitly mentions Scarlet, so there is a good chance she could come in another shipment possibly with more Polars.  Giants are generally 6 to a box and if Scarlet is up in limited quantities there should be 6.  Ninjini was pulled because her SKU rang up to be street dated as well.  I mention this for the simple fact I still know a lot of people who have Scarlet, but not regular Ninjini...this event may help you out.

I did ask if Polar was a timed exclusive, or a dedicated, store exclusive (ie Jade Flaswhing at Target, Royal Double Trouble at GameStop etc), and the answer was unknown.  I will lean towards Polar being a dedicated exclusive given GameStop is due something special in my mind (if you recall I had predicted Scarlet would be their exclusive).

The poster is pretty cool and measures 12" x 16" while the flyer is standard 8.5" x 11" just of a better stock.

There were no signs of S2 Drobot and I can attest to Ninjini being new as she was not in store Monday when I pre-ordered the 3DS Starter Pack for Swap Force.  By the time I headed out the storms were about to hit and I had to abandon my initial plan to check Walmart for S2 Drobot...

So, in conclusion Skylander Day should be a big hit...great deals on Starter Packs and Battle Packs, posters, Polar Whirlwind, and a few Ninjini or Scarlet Ninjinis hanging around the shop!

Good luck this Saturday and Happy Skylanders Day in advance!


  1. Here in Australia we don't have skylanders day but I guess ours is the day swapforce comes out cos we get FREE polar whirlwind
    Also I think I know the 8 s2 in swapforce:
    Pop fizz
    Ghost Roster

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    1. Yeah, that is what is making me think she could seriously be a legit store exclusive and not just timed...Still doesn't explain a few European outlets, but it could be the case for US, Canada, Australia etc...I'd rather have gotten Polar than LC Hex as a bonus.

      Is that just speculation on your end? I know we have Blizzard Chill and given the artwork I'm thinking Pop Fizz and Hot Dog (also likely a LC with the flaming bone). I'm still amazed they are bringing Sprocket back :(

      I'd love to see those 4 castaways! I'm not big on Wham-Shell so him being absent is fine with me.

      Oh, I also got the flyer you found a pic of tonight from GS...along with their poster that should go out Saturday.

    2. Scratch that last part, I thought you posted this on the previous post, lol...Obviously you saw the pics, haha.

    3. I'm confused about sprocket too but maybe they plan an amazing wow pow or awesome figure or something to make here super popular it's also possible they could also do a lightcore but I don't know really. I kind of understand the choice though because she was probably more popular than boomer, however I think boomer is better even tho I don't have him. I played him at a friends house and he was awesome(fully upgraded BTW)

    4. I'm thinking they could stick her in the tank, or behind a turret...Tank being preferable. Boomer would have been WAY better imo. They could very well give her a killer WowPow though.

  2. Sprocket being a girl may carry some weight in the decision to release her.

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    1. Yeah, that is a good point and most likely did weigh into the discussion.

    2. Now that it is mentioned it makes sense because all swap force characters will be male

  3. If anyone needs to know if Polar is the GS exclusive, I can tell you with a fact that she is, since I got my two today! Also, as I found out, this'll go on today between Opening and 2:00 PM, so if you want Polar, you'd best hurry (I had a friend hold me two).
    -A note on the Sidekicks: Even though it says free with any Skylanders Giant purchase, they mean the Giant Figures (Like Eye-Brawl or Ninjini, for instance), the Battle Packs, the Triple packs, and the Starter sets. I would've had Trigger Snappy if that was the case with my two Polars.

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    1. Sad they didn't clarify that a bit better in the flyer...That said, good luck landing them this weekend!

      I got them with the Battle Grounds SP :D

      I forgot in the other post, but Hot Head is fun down either path...I've still held out to get a 2nd Swarm for his other path.


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