Thursday, June 13, 2013

Skylanders Swap Force Exclusive E3 Trailer

Here is the OFFICIAL E3 Swap Fore Trailer...kind of an advanced and more playful version of the first:

However, there is another version...the LIVE E3 version!  And it is longer than the one shown above!

There may be subtle things you don't pick up on...Let me outline a few:

First, it was a challenge to film the sequence as it was projected on Activision's swanky close-to-full-circle screen.

Second, if you play close attention (and a few times I turned the camera to the floor to showcase it), you will see the lighting is sometimes an Elemental Symbol!

Third, there was a smoke/mist coming up from the perimeter of the screen.

Fourth, anyitime you heard anything "loud" the stage was literally rocking underneath our feet...I watched people jump off-and-on all day while near it...They also showed a few other trailers that literally had the place rocking!

So, here it is...the same new trailer for Swap Force, but LIVE and from my vantage point:

LIVE Exclusive E3 Skylanders Swap Force Trailer

*If it looks a little dead that is because it was...This was a SPECIAL AFTER HOURS run of the trailer just for those of us brought out to cover Swap Force.  The entire trip was filled with little things like that which really made a difference.  Having the smaller group of dedicated fans up on the stage really allowed each of us to really take in the trailer...As we all tried to anticipate where the next character was going to enter, you would see cameras scrolling anxiously right to left only to have them quickly tunnel the other direction when the appearing character emerged in their periphery.


  1. I just discovered at my local eb games if u preorder swap force u get free polar whirlwind on launch day

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    1. That imo, is a better set up than LC Hex. They might make her rare and hard to get (ie Wham-Shell), BUT I would take an in-game variant any day.

  2. Iv been trying to figure out what the legs of fire kraken can do I think it's either bounce or stealth because the others seem unlikely, from the video I ssq him jumping so I think it is most likely bounce

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    1. Some of the folks I was with might have gotten some gameplay of him...I'll check around once I'm caught up.


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