Sunday, June 9, 2013

My First iPad Mini Video: Thunder and Lightning in a Texas Storm

Well right after (and I do mean right after) I set up the iPad mini last night a storm hit...One of those ones I actually deem bad enough to turn the desktop off...

The hail didn't materialize, but it was quite the light show...

I've mentioned before I am a weather enthusiast and what better way to test out the iPad mini's HD video recording than shoot some lightning?  My thoughts exactly!

This is pretty much a typical storm a few tenths of an inch of rain, but really enjoyed the lightning!

I was on the porch, in the dark, and had never shot video with it before...You can barely hear me, but what I say isn't too important...That also helps keep the emphasis on the lightning and the iPad mini's capability!

I was pretty impressed with it, although the sound pickup/mic isn't super great...Then again, maybe my hand was in front of it?  I haven't had it long enough to check...I did record this with the plastic still on so that might have lessened the quality slightly.

Nonetheless, I was happy to break the mini in with such a great light show!

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