Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Happens When You Just Put Half of a Swap Force Skylander on the Portal of Power?

One of the questions posed for me to investigate at E3 was, "What happens if you just put part of a Swap Force Skylander on the Portal?"

At first I thought it wasn't a good question and pictured a screen either telling you to up a character on, or saying you there is an error etc.

However, the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me...I didn't just want to know what would really happen, I needed to know.

Personally, I had grown akin to the concept of having the selected half stumble about on screen looking for the missing half...This was well received by a few people I ran it by...but the developers had a different take.

Their vision, particularly with the regular testing from kids, is to keep it simple.  Kids like to switch characters a lot and they didn't want anything like that to distract them from getting back to the game itself (ie focus on seeing what happens with all the different parts etc).

However, I still think it would have been pretty cool, regardless of how pointless it might be...

In the video we investigate things with Hoot Loop and Wash Buckler...We had Loop not registering...Added Wash to make a registering Wash Loop...and then pulled Loop and made Wash "stand" solo, but to no avail.

The game simply asks you to put a character on the portal.

Still, we now know the true answer and I can sleep easier at night..It really was a pretty good question and I am on the record as being partial to the idea of having something funny happen.

I've got a lot more exclusive E3 Swap Force content headed your way!

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