Monday, May 28, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 111: Magic Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 113: Tech Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 115: Earth Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 117: Fire Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 119: Life Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 121: Air Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 123: Undead Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 125: Water Element Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 127: Legendary Skylanders Fully Upgraded Gameplay

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Mass Upgrades

Videos will be added as they go live!

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 110 Magic Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 112: Tech Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 114: Earth Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 116: Fire Magic Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 118: Life Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 120: Air Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 122: Undead Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 124: Water Element Mass Upgrades

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Part 126: Legendary Skylanders Mass Upgrades

Weekly Update: Memorial Day Edition (2012)

Hey Everyone,

The update is a bit behind schedule, but there is good reason for that.

Skylanders Update (Skylandin' and YouTube Combined)

A lot went down this past week.  It started with finding Wham-Shell locally.  This allowed me to record the "Complete Collection video."  More importantly it let me wrap up Warnado's "box stock Heroic Challenge Quest," obtain "Elite Agent" and "Grand Admiral" Accolades, and get a true 100% Completion in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  I got those videos recorded, edited, and uploaded throughout this past week.

Skylanders Playthrough on YouTube

Since then I have taken every Skylander through their full slate of upgrades.  That's right, the "Mass Upgrade" videos I promised are finally complete...In addition to that, I have also recorded and edited the same "Fully Upgraded Gameplay" videos.

I currently (1:40 AM 5/28/2012) have the first two uploading to YouTube.  I've said it before, but they will go in order and by element.  So right now I have Magic Upgrades as Part 110 and Magic Gameplay as Part 111.

I will mention that several of these videos had bad game audio lags.  This is an issue I can't correct.  It is easy to pick it out if you have a trained eye and then you will gradually notice the game audio coming before the game video and my commentary, which are usually still sync'd pretty well.  It happens, and this is something I can't "record again" due to the fact it would involve resetting the Skylander, and spending a ton of time to get them back to being ready to fully upgrade.

That said, ALL OF THESE VIDEOS are edited and ready to upload!  I will probably upload one Element group (upgrades and gameplay) per day or every other day as time allows.

What I still lack on Skylanders is simply recording a similar video with the Legendary Skylanders and Dark Spyro.  I will take them down the other path as promised.  I also have "extra" Skylanders I can take down the alternative upgrade paths for comparison sake (Ignitor, Cynder, Warnado etc).

Skylanders Blogging

I've got a lot that went up this past week: Wham-Shell's HC, Warnado's final HC vids, getting the true 100%, and then of course the "Complete Collection" which included a lot of information.

The "Your Favorite Skylander" Poll is quickly coming to an end...if you have not voted, do it now!  I also opened new polls regarding Glow-in-the-Dark and Crystal/Clear Variants.  I have one more coming soon regarding packaging.

Over the next few days you will see some new Skylanders posts.  I will post my official upgrade path recommendations.  I have also pretty much completed my favorite Skylanders lists and will work on making that one translate to a  nice read.  Both of those should be pretty cool to have complete and live on the blog.

More Skylanders Stuff

As soon as I have all the upgrades/gameplay videos up and the blog posts about the upgrade paths and my personal favorites I will enter into my final plans for Skylanders...I'll see how it goes initially and then decide whether to continue it or call it off.  Stay tuned to see what  I have planned.

Street Passin'

I made a prediction last week before running errands I would not get any tags, and I was correct...insert shocked face.  One day it will happen, until then I can just know I'm the only cool person in my area that drives around with their 3DS in sleep mode.

New Games

If you saw the unboxing, you know I picked up Mario Tennis Open (3DS) and Mario Kart (DS).  I am really enjoying Mario Tennis Open and it is much better than the reviews make it out to be...I've only played the Mushroom Cup, but I have won it with almost the full roster of characters, most recently Waluigi who never lost a game!

I'll be updating my 3DS Library soon!

Mario Kart Wii

This is, of course, the next playthrough.  Unless the earth slips off its axis, I think it looks like ya'll want to see a full blown playthrough showcasing how to unlock everything.  I may or may not make that happen, it'll depend on a few factors that are yet to be determined.  That said, I will do my best to make sure it is close to what you want to see...after all, this was voted on by you!

I will start recording it this week (while uploading the final Skylanders videos).

The Next Playthrough

This one is not going to be up for voting, and I think I might record it alternately with Mario Kart Wii (which should be a much, much quicker playthrough than Skylanders, lol).

In all honestly, I have thought of doing an alternating cycle.  For example recording Mario 2 one night, then recording Mario 3 the next...I could then pick to upload only Mario 2 and then have down time to record a new game while uploading Mario 3, or to upload them alternately...That is all theoretically speaking by the way...I have honestly not started recording anything new...I've been too focused on wrapping up Skylanders.

Currently Playing

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Wii): Working on Legendary Stuff.

Wii Fit Plus (Wii): Daily Body Test if nothing else.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout (Wii): Down to a few times a week due to a busy schedule.

Mario Kart 7 (3DS): I decided to get one star on every cup, just lack one in 150cc now.

Mario Tennis Open (3DS): Currently trying out each character in the Mushroom Cup.

Currently Listening

Home Audio: Taylor Swift, Audioslave

Car Audio: Theory of a Deadman, specifically tracks from "Gasoline"


The "Magic Element Mass Upgrade Video" lacks about 9 mins till uploaded.  I will continue uploading them through the next week or so and will also be working on getting the final few Skylanders Blog Posts up...

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend!  I know most of you should now be done with class for the semester, graduating in some cases, or advancing to the next grade.  Or just probably wishing you were doing one of those things as opposed to just going back to work Tuesday, lol....such is life!

Stay tuned for some cool posts and keep your eye out for the new videos.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Easy Money Glitch

So, how does Activision make up for the infamous "Weapon Master Glitch?"

Well, they don't...but, this "easy money" glitch is a nice treat for those who lost all that time having to replay 20 Chapters to progress.

Essentially, here is what happens.

When you pick up Pirate Seas you get a magic item called the "Hidden Treasure."  When you place this item on the portal, it pops up and Eon announces that you can now find the "Hidden Dragon's Treasure" or something along those lines (it is 3:30 AM and I'm not concerned about perfection here).

You basically walk around till you find it (three circles light up), and then you get cash.  That said, when you pull the item off the portal, you can put it back on, and repeat.

That is nice, but you'll wander all over the Ruins or a level looking for the treasure chest...if only it could just reappear in the same spot every time...

Well it can!

Once you find the Hidden Treasure, you can go talk to anyone, back out, and go find the Treasure in the exact same spot.  This is good, but not great...You still loose time meandering from the character to the location of the chest.

Fear not!  If you get the Hidden Treasure by Persephone you are set up for this great trick.  (This will work with any character (close to T-Bone, between Cali and Flynn etc), but Persephone is the best).  Once you get the Hidden Treasure to pop-up just to the left of Persephone, go talk to can even cut her off by backing out of the dialogue.  Stammer back to the left and voila!  Hidden Treasure.

You now just repeat this as many times as necessary to get the cash you need.  This is very helpful if you are in a hurry, are just a few hundred short of the next power-up, or are just taking 2nd Skylanders thru the paces and are just wanting to go down the other Upgrade Path etc.

If you need to "Level Up" in addition to collect cash, I would still suggest Quicksilver Vault.  That said, if you just need $500 to get a Soul Gem, pull out the Hidden Treasure and go to town.

Amazingly, I have barely used this (despite knowing of it for a long time).  The recording you see here was really the first time I'd gone in-depth with it. Since that time, I made great use of it rounding off the Skylanders for the Mass Ugrade vids...which are coming soon.

Hopefully you find this helpful, if you didn't already know, and I know it will come in handy.  I know this works on Wii, but I am not 100% on other consoles...I'm sure someone can chime in on the subject.


Mario Tennis Open: A Not So Great Unboxing

Hey, you read the title, so let me serve it up:

This is definitely not my finest hour.  I'm beat, fought back loosing my voice, the camera was dimming on me even after the initial "ominous shadow" and that made me oblivious to the glare off the packaging.  BUT, all that aside, I wanted to get this up ASAP for two reasons: First, I wanted to show people what they'd get for the money and put out a little insight on the reviews.  Second, the "Buy One, Get One 40% Off" at Toys'R'Us is actually a great deal!

A new Nintendo title usually keeps the top price mark for quite some time. The fact this title dropped and lined up with a decent sale makes this the best time to buy the game.  I seriously doubt we'll see a "half-off" before the summer is up, and even if the sales aren't great this title will be sitting at $39.99 for quite some time.

Here are the basics:

What Are You Unboxing: Mario Tennis Open for the Nintendo 3DS
What Did It Cost: $39.99 (Buy One, Get One 40% Off)
Where Did You Get It: Toys'R'Us

You will also want to note the following:

The low "critic" scores are being rebuffed by most who have picked the game up.

I have asked a few reputable people (Twitter, IRL, YouTubers ,etc) and those that have had the game have basically been playing it all week (always a good sign), and have all reported enjoying it.  The two folks I know who have gone online loved it...that is probably the high point of this entry.

Camelot has developed (I believe) all of the Mario Tennis titles and this one tires to take the focus from the story line/plot with crazy, power shots and special moves, to a more finesse, control based game.  It won't please everyone, but for most Mario, Mario franchise, or casual sport game fans this will fit the bill.  I think the side draw for those not into "online play" will likely be all the customizations and the implementation of your Mii into the game.

I will be playing this game heavily here the next few weeks and will likely log the progress on the blog, or make some Tweets regarding my initial impressions etc.

Again, the "Buy One, Get One 40% Off Sale" at TRU is a great deal and will likely be the most opportune chance to get the game for quite some time.  You may see a $10 off for a stray week or so, but the savings on a similar priced game ($29-$34-$39) will be greater.  Plus, I know many of you are getting done with class for the semester, or have kids getting out for the summer...This would make a great gift!

You will also want to note:

*Club Nintendo has a Yoshi Costume for your Mii...Sign in to scan the code!

**Mario Power Tennis (Wii) will be released as Nintendo Select Title in June (ie $19.99).

***If you want this game and you don't have a 3DS the AquaBlue 3DS is being phased out...Get it while you can!  AquaBlue is the color of my 3DS and I love it!  There are a lot of great 3DS games out now and it is well worth the asking price of $169.99.

Well, that is it...I'm off to hit the hay...Stay tuned for updates!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Complete Collection

Well, here it is...the long awaited, final installment of the Skylanders Collection Videos.  With the recent acquisition of Wham-Shell, I was finally able to set everything out for a comprehensive video of the complete collection.  In true 1ofWiisdom fashion we erred on the side of providing too much information.  This is something I do to HELP PEOPLE OUT.  I don't often have the time to hit every e-mail, comment, or message.     To help counter that I feel it is best to provide as much information as possible.

That said, not only is this a complete look at the complete collection for Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, it also contains a lot of information to some very frequently asked questions.

Here it is:

Please note that the video was recorded Monday, May 21st, 2012.  Everything I said was accurate, to the best of my knowledge, at that time.  Things I mentioned a green or pink translucent variant could show up tomorrow.  The video, and this post, are just designed to recap the collection, highlight some basic Skylanders: 101 Information, and hopefully help folks out.

This video covers the following topics:

-Starter Packs
-Triple Packs
-Adventure Packs
-General Purchasing Strategies

And since I know it is inevitable questions will arise about the current blind playthrough, or even Giants (coming this fall), I felt obligated to touch on that briefly.  I hit these topics:

-Thoughts on the Game
-Battle Mode
-Plan for Skylanders: Giants

That said, I feel this is set up to help you out as best as possible.  Some people, like myself, will find it much easier to skim through a short blog post as opposed to filter through a 20 minute video.  Still other people will prefer watching a video over skimming a blog post.  For the people that don't watch the video and don't read the blog, I really don't know what to tell you...The answers are likely there if you just watch or read!  That said, I've got some fantastic viewers who are more than willing to share their knowledge and might help you out before I get to the comment.

As always, short of me quitting my day job and giving up all my free time, I kind of can't manage the influx of YouTube comments.  That is why I try to always stress that I check the blog pretty much every night.  If you have something to ask that isn't covered, or you can't seem to find I'll be glad to try and help you...the quickest way is right here on the blog...I prefer it over Facebook.  It is just a cleaner interface and much easier to keep track of....

Anyway, here is a text version of the video:

Starter Packs

Wii/XBOX/PS3: Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy

3DS: Dark Spyro, Ignitor, Stealth Elf

Triple Packs

A-1: Drobot, Flameslinger, Stump Smash
B-2: Prism Break, Voodood, Boomer
C-3: Eruptor, Chop Chop, Bash
D-4: Wrecking Ball, Stealth Elf, Sonic Boom
E-5: Zap, Hex, Dino-Rang
F-6: Whirlwind, Double Trouble, Drill Sergeant
G-7: Lighting Rod, Cynder, Zook
H-8: Camo, Ignitor, Warnado

Single Pack Only : Wham-Shell

Adventure Packs

Pirate Seas with Terrafin
Darklight Crypt with Ghost Roaster
Empire of Ice with Slam Bam
Dragon's Peak with Sunburn

Legendary Skylanders

Triple Pack: Bash, Spyro, Chop Chop
Single Pack: Trigger Happy


Silver: Boomer, Dino-Rang, Eruptor
Gold: Chop Chop, Drill Sergeant, Flameslinger
Translucent Blue: Bash
Crystal/Clear: Wham-Shell, Cynder, Stealth Elf
Glow-in-the-Dark: Warnado, Wrecking Ball, Zap
Pearl (Nuremberg): Hex
Metallic Purple (Toy Fair): Cynder
Pre-Game Fair: Trigger Happy Single


1: Spyro, Gill Grunt, Trigger Happy, Dark Spyro, Ignitor, Stealth Elf, Drobot, Boomer, Drill Sergeant, Voodood, Eruptor, Flameslinger, Stump Smash, Bash, Prism Break, Terrafin, Chop Chop, Ghost Roaster, Sonic Boom, Whirlwind, Zap
2: Wrecking Ball, Dino-Rang, Hex
3: Double Trouble, Cynder, Slam Bam
4: Lightning Rod, Zook, Suburn
5: Camo, Warnado, Wham-Shell

Purchasing Strategies

Never pay more than retail.  For local options (US), Walmart seems to stock most often.  Toys'R'Us has the largest selection, but the highest prices.  GameStop is a decent option, but you might have better luck landing what you want from them online.  Amazon is a great resource for your online hunt.  Again, never give more than retail and DO NOT BUY FROM SCALPERS!!!

Thoughts on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

This was a great game.  The Weapon Master Glitch was quite the oversight and I don't feel like they are doing much to warn players of this issue, but aside from that the game was a lot of fun.  It is unique, enjoyable, and blends elements of collecting in with game play.

I was not a fan of the "hype" behind new releases and the lackluster production we  dealt with for many months.  I got in on Skylanders in October and shelves went from fully stocked at Thanksgiving, to desolate around Christmas.  It really took until mid-February for new stuff to show up with any significant quantity.

Scalpers have really taken away a lot of the enjoyment.  If a store employee or ebay pirate raids stock and buys everything, it is hard for the true fans to enjoy it...

I think all figures should be available at the time of purchase and if not there really needs to be a pre-order system to allow hardcore fans the chance to buy direct, or through select distributors, and save the hassle and disappointment that came with Waves 3-5.

Battle Mode is a lot of fun and adds TONS of gameplay...However, not having an option for One Player is really baffling to me...

I would also like to have the option of resetting just to the point of picking a path...nothing major, but it would beat the current set-up.

I am still a bit miffed with the "Exclusive" label given to Whirlwind and Drill Sergeant in the U.S.  You can say what you want, but there certainly was NO MARKETING to go along with WW or DS that they'd no longer be an exclusive after "x" days...That is deceptive and misrepresenting the product.  Dragon's Peak was a well known "timed" exclusive, no news or announcements came with WW and DS.  The Legendary Packs at TRU had the same "exclusive" designation and they have remained thus...Get it right, be consistent, and don't misrepresent a product.

Despite the weapon master glitch, a few minor and livable quirks, and the lack of a Single Player Battle Mode this is a great game and tons of fun.  I whole heartedly recommend it and have done so since October.

Current Blind Playthrough

As of typing this, I have recorded and edited all of the Mass Upgrade videos I promised.  I recorded them by Element.  The plan is to upload one, then upload game play of that same Element showcasing the full upgrades.  The only hold up here is that I have to record the gameplay.

After that I am really done with Skylanders.  I might take some "extras" down their other path and compare/contrast, but past that there isn't a whole lot to do.

I will likely play the game throughout the summer to wrap up a full 32/32 on the Heroic Challenges for all Skylanders.

That reminds me that I will probably upgrade and do the same with the Legendaries, none of which has been recorded.

Plans for Skylanders: Giants

This is a very frequently asked question, "Do you plan to play Giants?"  The answer is...Yes!  I will likely do Giants the same way I did this game...It will be a blind playthrough that I will begin recording and uploading as soon as I get it.  Should I buy any new figures, I will do the same style of unboxing.  I am looking forward to the game and hope that the issue with production and scalpers will have a workaround by this fall.


I have had a lot of fun playing Skylanders, uploading the videos, interacting with viewers, and talking strategies for levels, battles, and upgrade paths.  As mentioned, I'll still keep playing through the summer working on the Heroic Challenges for each character.

I do have a few more things planned for Skylanders, which I think a lot of you will enjoy.  I will post more about that AFTER I get the upgrade vids uploaded and the gameplay videos live on YouTube.

Good luck with your collection!


PS, if you are looking for more in-depth info, check out this comprehensive blog post:

Ulimate Skylanders Information

Friday, May 18, 2012

Blog Poll #28: Crystal and Glow-in-the-Dark Favorites

Blog Poll #28 takes another compilation view and asks both:

"Who is Your Favorite Crystal "Clear" Skylander?"
--Cynder, Stealth Elf, or Wham-Shell


"Who is Your Favorite Glow-in-the-Dark Skylander?"
--Warnado, Wrecking Ball, and Zap

The polls are located on the RH Side of the Blog, just below the Twitter feed and the "Who is Your Favorite Skylander?" Poll.  You may vote once in each poll and they are open 21 Days and will close June 8th, 2012 at 11:59 PM CST.

Just pick your favorite, or who you think is the best suited to be Crystal or Glow and go with that.  Also be sure to vote for your favorite Skylander if you have not already done so!

Thanks in advance for voting...


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Wham-Shell's Introduction and Heroic Challenge

Part 107 of our Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Playthrough showcases the introduction and Heroic Challenge of our final Skylander, Wham-Shell.  Check it out:

Wham-Shell was quite the challenge to track down, but looks like he should upgrade nicely.

I would like to again make a point to thank Michael (8 years old) and Matthew (6 years old) for finding Camo and Warnado at a local Walmart and talking their Dad, David, into picking up the extra of each to send to me.  I turned the offer down thanks to having just pre-ordered them, but I think there is not enough emphasis put on the "good" things in life.  David, Michael, and Matthew got into Skylanders and have enjoyed the videos and the blog and wanted to send me the new, "hard to get" Wave 5 duo.  That says an awful lot for Michael and Matthew and I think deserves just as much attention as all the notice given to the scalpers and greedy people cleaning up the racks.

There are still good people in the world and some of them are willing to bend over backward to do nice things. It is the thought that counts here and that really hits home.  I've mentioned stuff like this before and felt it needed to be pointed out not only to thank them, but to show case their actions as I am sure they put just as much thought into helping out other people.  That is a rare trait to see anymore, but definitely one that will help them both out.

The plan now is to edit and upload a few vids I recorded tonight, which include:

-Earning ALL Portal Master Accolades
-Wrapping up Warnado's Box Stock Heroic Challenge Quest

I will then go ahead and focus on completing the "Mass Upgrades" by element.  Part 1 will be the actual upgrades and Part 2 will be gameplay with said upgrades.  I think it will work out nicely.

Should there be interest, I will do some in-depth gameplay with requested Skylanders.

After that I have one more thing planned with Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and I'll see how it goes over...I think most will enjoy it.

This has been a lot of fun and I have met some great people...Good luck tracking down the Skylanders you lack!

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Unboxing Wham-Shell

Well, almost one month to the date of the Amazon Pre-Order, it happened...No, not the shipping notice to get over joyed about, but something more unlikely....I found Wham-Shell locally!  I'm still kind of in shock and this is after unboxing, recording his intro, playing the Heroic Challenge, and getting Grand Admiral, but nonetheless, here it is for you to enjoy:

Here is a look at the most asked questions:

Where did you get Wham-Shell?
-I got him at a local store, which is not nation wide.

How much did you pay for Wham-Shell?
-As always, I paid this case $8.99.  NEVER pay more than retail.

Where can I get Wham-Shell?
-Locally your best bet is Walmart followed by GameStop.

My local stores never have any new Skylanders, what about online?
-Your best bet at this point online is GameStop.  However, once Amazon delivers on the pre-orders I would imagine they will start to have him (that is how it has gone with Wave 4 and now Camo and Warnado).

Will you record his Heroic Challenge and some gameplay?
-Yes, the Heroic Challenge should already be uploaded and you can expect to see a "stock" (no upgrade) gameplay soon followed by a later rendition with Basic Upgrades, and maybe later on a full Upgrade with Soul Gem gameplay.

Is Wham-Shell your final Skylander?
-Yes.  He is the final Skylander, 32 of 32.  I don't include the Legendaries or Variants in the overall count.

And now that the basics are out of the way, here is what you should hopefully be more concerned about:

Wham-Shell "Brace for the Mace!"
#4 in Overall Rankings

*Note his current ranking is # the time of that post no one knew of the +40 Soul Gem Boost for Armor...I'll amend it shortly.**

In-Game Stats

Health: 300/600
Speed: 50/98
Armor: 18/88 (+40 Soul Gem)
Critical Hit: 30/80
Elemental Power: 25/100

Card Stats

Strength: 75
Defense: 90
Agility: 25
Luck: 60

Weekly Update 5/19/2012: Skylander Hunt, Wham-Shell, and YouTube Updates

Hey Everyone...

Today was a good day!


So, if you follow the blog you know I got "StreetPassin'" (see also: driving around town with the windows down and my 3DS on in hopes of landing some Street Pass Tags to pick up Wandering Heroes and Puzzle Pieces.

And if you follow the blog regularly, you will not be surprised when I tell you it was another day of nothingness.  I remain eternally optimistic that someday I'll land my first "local" Street Pass Tag.

3DS Update

Profressor Layton and the Last Specter

I wrapped this game up and have to say it was great.  I really enjoyed it.  My only issue now is I can't find a decently priced copy of the first PL game, "The Curious Village."  I may just pick up "Unwound Future" and "Diabolical Box" while I can get then new for retail.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME!!

Goodbye AquaBlue 3DS

Thanks to a NintendoFanGirl retweet, I caught news that the AquaBlue 3DS was being phased out, effective immediately.  I guess the new colors will supercede it, or they just think the Cobalt Blue will out sell etc.  All I know is I really like my AquaBlue and do not regret picking it up...I actually like it better than the other DS, DSi, and 3DS colors I've seen.  So, long story short, if you want an AquaBlue 3DS get it while yo u can!

Mario Tenns Open and Midnight Purple 3DS

Both come out this weekend (Sunday, May 20th, 2012).  I think it will be a great game and plan to pick it up later in the week...I've never been a huge fan of Sunday releases in all honesty...I prefer less trafficked dates, lol.

Actual System Updates

First off, the system update from a few weeks ago is still out there as is the mandatory update (if you play online multiplayer) to eliminate the Maka WuHu glitch etc on Mario Kart 7.  I have not done either of them...but I suppose I will shortly.  I noticed you have to do the system update to access the 3DS Store the other night.


Why not, right?  That's what I thought too...

So tonight was a little different.  I was a little behind schedule and had originally considered trying Best Buy for Wham-Shell...I ultimately decided against it (I really don't like that store and remain un-phased about not having their exclusive "Volcanic Vault" in case you were unaware).

I ran in Target and was surprised to see some stock had moved and new stuff was in its place:

In a weird move, I just went ahead and skipped Toys'R'Us, GameStop, and Walmart (which will never have a "new" Skylander until they fire the scalper).  My logic was they likely wouldn't have anything and I wanted to get home and pick back up on the mass upgrade videos (more on that later).

Well, as you may know I often hit up a regional store that carries Skylanders...I went by and the crowd was abysmal--Naturally that means I had to go in...Needless to say,  I am glad I did:

Holy Smorgousborg of Wave 3, 4 and  5 Captain!

You can't see the left side of the rack well, but Zook, Lightning Rod, and Ignitor Single Packs were present from Wave 4, there were 2 Camo and Warnado Single Packs for Wave 5, even the Camo, Ignitor, Warnado Triple Pack was present!  You could also find several Cynder, Drill Sergeant, and Double Troubles in addition to Hex, Wrecking Ball, Chop Chop, Stump Smash, Drobot, boomer, and Eruptor.  This was the best stock I had seen at this store in quite some time.

I wasn't surprised to not see Wham-Shell on the rack, or to not find him behind the "new" stuff where you're usual assortment of Boomer and Drobot reside.  However, my keen 7 year old mindset always looks down, "Wrecking Ball, Wham-Shell, and Stealth Elf...great.  Wait...What?  Wham-Shell?  Really?!"

Oh yeah...there he was...I don't even think he was on the bottom shelf as much as he had taken a spill (we'll call it a jump to keep things more heroic) from the tabs above.  I was shocked.  I never expected to find a Wham-Shell in my area, especially not this soon and before the Amazon order ships.  I'm still kind of shocked in all honesty.

So that is it...the great Skylander hunt is over (although I'll still probably look just because it has kind of become habitual after 8 freakin' months).

Wham-Shell is the 32nd of the 32 base Skylanders.  With him I can complete all the in-game Accolades, wrap up recordings, finish upgrades, and all sorts of other stuff I won't go into.

It is sad when it takes you from October to May to complete a collection, but hey...I bet you were (or will be) excited when you land that final Skylander too.

Here he is, just waiting to be unboxed and wreak havoc on Kaos:

YouTube Updates: Recordings and Uploads

So, this is now an area of great activity.

Mass Upgrades

The "Mass Upgrades" I have promised for quite some time (I had to get the Heroics done first) are now underway!

The Mass Upgrades will be two-part segments and divided by Element.  Thus, Part 1 you willl see the 4 Basic "X" Element Skylanders go from wherever they are at, down an Upgrade Path, and pick up their Soul Gem.  Part 2 will feature those fully upgraded Skylanders showing off their new moves in some gameplay segments.

Last night I recorded the first two rounds of "Mass Upgrades."  I began with Magic and Tech.  Basically I go thru, take each character (base only, no Legendaries or Variants), continue upgrading them, pick their upgrade path, and purchase the Soul Gem.

I had planned to record random gameplay of the upgraded Skylanders tonight, but with Wham-Shell in the mix I will get that taken care of ASAP!

You can expect to see the Mass Upgrade Vids start trickling out very soon.


I think I am more excited about what Wham-Shell will allow me to do than I am about actually seeing how he plays.  With Wham-Shell now in my possession, I can record and upload his unboxing (going on as we speak), record his Introduction with basic abilities and Heroic Challenge, and then wrap up Warnado's Heroic Challenge Quest.

I will also be able to pin down the stats on his Heroic Challenge and thus complete the Skylanders: Heroic Challenge List blog post from last week.

Warnado's Heroic Challenge Quest

Just in case you skim topics as opposed to read the whole post, I'll say it again.  With Wham-Shell, I can now go in and record the final four Heroic Challenges for Warnado!  The last video (Part 105) will feature HC #25, 30, 31, and 32.  I held out recording those three to add in with Wham-Shell's to make for a nice video.
As you should know by now, Part 104 is recorded, but the commentary doesn't sync well thanks to gameplay.  If I get time I'll re-record it, otherwise I'll upload what I've got.

But now,  shortly after you see Wham-Shell's Intro Video you should see Parts 104 and Part 105 completing Warnado's Heroic Challenge Quest...which will allow me to upgrade him!!


You can still vote for "Your Favorite Skylander" and I encourage you to do so if you have not...I want a big sampling to give the best representation possible.

There is also the poll for what you want to see in the Mario Kart Wii Playthrough...check it out if you haven't.

I should be posting a few new polls over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for that!

Currently Playing

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Wii): I am now recording the "mass upgrades" mentioned above and will also record Wham-Shell's Intro, and wrap up Warnado's Heroic Challenge Quest.

Mario Kart 7 (3DS): I just picked it back up to work on getting all the Kart parts...maybe even the golden ones.

Gold's Gym Cardio Workout: I am partway through Advanced and will definitely be recording this one on down the road.

Wii Fit Plus: Still play pretty much daily to some extent...enjoying Island Laps as of late.

Currently Listening

Home Audio: Taylor Swift, Matchbox Twenty

Auto Audio: Gary Allan, specifically "Smoke Rings in the Dark" and "Songs About Rain"


And that is a wrap!  I'm pretty stoked to go record Wham-Shell's Intro Video...I think I can get it knocked out really quick and then have it AND the unboxing edited and uploaded tonight.  If it isn't too late I may then record Warnado going thru the final Heroic Challenges.

I guess you'll be seeing a few new videos in the not too distant future...Thanks for reading and enjoy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Camo and Warnado Gameplay

As promised, I have recorded some gameplay of box-stock (no upgrades) Camo and Warnado, here it is:

Please note that Warnado was fresh off the Heroic Challenge list where I stopped with 30, 31, and 32 remaining.  I did that to have something to record with Wham-Shell's Heroic Challenge (#25).  I figured those 4 HCs would make a nice video.  With Warnado at Level 8 after 28 Heroic Challenges, I am pretty sure he would have hit Level 10 by the time he made it thru all 32.

Camo was taken thru the Speed Challenges and a few others as well as one complete round of Quickslilver Vault, hence why he had a nice wad of cash and was already at Level 10.

I say it in the video and I will say it again...both Warnado and Camo did very well in Quicksilver Vault.  I have had several Skylanders go down in the process of just playing thru the level to collect cash and/or level up (Wrecking Ball is among them).  For these two Skylanders to have no upgrades and make it thru unscathed says a lot about their potential.

As soon as I have a few upgrades under their belt (probably up to "picking a path") I will record more gameplay, this time in Leviathan Lagoon as it was requested by several users.

Anyway, enjoy for now...I'll update this post when there is another recording.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Heroic Challenge List

Here is a complete list of all 32 Heroic Challenges in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  It is broken down in several convenient formats and will show you what challenges yield what powers.  Hope this helps you out!

*You can post this info elsewhere, but please do so via linking back to the blog...I've found some of my work on other sites and the least you can do is let folks know the original source of information and who took the time to make it...Thanks!*

I will list them in various forms to suit your needs, break them down by stat, element group, and then offer my tips.

Here are all 32 Heroic Challenges in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure:

1. Chompy Chomp-Down--Warnado +9 Elemental Power
2. This Bomb's For You--Ghost Roaster +3 Armor
3. Jump for It--Wrecking Ball +8 Speed
4. Where Art Thou, Paintings--Spyro +5 Critical Hit
5. Lair of the Giant Spiders--Prism Break +5 Critical Hit
6. Fight, Teleport, Fight!--Lightning Rod +3 Armor
7.  The Three Teleporters--Hex +3 Armor
8. Stop, Sheep Thieves--Dino Rang +3 Armor
9. Mining for Charms--Bash +5 Critical Hit
10. Dungeoness Creeps--Cynder +5 Critical Hit
11. Mining is the Key--Ignitor +8 Speed
12. Mission Achomplished--Stump Smash +3 Armor
13. Pod Gauntlet--Chop Chop +9 Elemental Power
14. Time's A-Wastin'--Sonic Boom +5 Critical Hit
15. Save the Purple Chompies!--Drobot +8 Speed TOUGH
16. Spanwner Cave--Terrafin +5 Critical Hit
17. Arachnid Antechamber--Sunburn +3 Armor
18. Hobson's Choice--Trigger Happy +8 Speed
19. Isle of the Automatons--Eruptor +9 Elemental Power
20. You Break It,You Buy It!--Double Trouble +8 Speed TOUGH
21. Minefield Mishap--Stealth Elf +8 Speed TOUGH
22. Lobs O'Fun--Whirlwind +5 Critical Hit
23. Spell Punked!--Voodood +3 Armor
24: Charm Hunt--Wham-Shell +5 Critical Hit
25. Flip the Script--Camo +3 Armor
26. You've Stolen My Hearts!--Zook +5 Critical Hit
27. Bombs to the Walls--Flameslinger +9 Elemental Power
28. Operation: Sheep Freedom--Boomer +5 Critical Hit
29. Jailbreak!--Gill Grunt +3 Armor
30. Enivronmentally Unfriendly--Drill Sergeant +9 Elemental Power
31. Chemical Cleanup--Slam Bam +9 Elemental Power
32. Break the Cats--Zap  +3 Armor TOUGH

1ofWiisdom's Tips for Heroic Challenges

Well, let's get this started first as it is likely what most of you care about.  Keep in mind, I base this on the Wii version of Skylanders...there are a few differences between versions which may impact things.  Nonetheless, here is my strategy.

Speed Kills.  It was in every Madden game when I was a kid.  It is probably the single most noticeable and enjoyable upgrade in terms of the Heroic Challenges.  Had all the figures been available in October, I probably would have used this strategy...thanks to the staggered release, many of us just took who we had and treated them to upgrades...which can come back to haunt us later on...

My advice is simple:

1. Take each Skylander thru all 6 of the Speed Challenges.  Each one grants +8 Speed, so you will have +48...and that makes a huge difference.  Most Skylanders will top out somewhere in the 90s for Speed when you have fully upgraded them.  

1a.  The other big thing is Drobot and Double Trouble's Challenge.  Drobot's isn't as big of an issue, but if you are like me and have a decked out Ghost Roaster down Skull Master you will never beat it.  The ghosts you create kill the chompies, regardless how careful you are, some purple chompie will walk into a ghost off-screen and in your bid for Heroic Challenge glory.  The sad thing is, a box-stock Skylander can whiz thru this with little effort, provided you don't get lost.

1b.  Double Trouble's Challenge is likely the toughest in the game.  Not because it is "hard," but because of the design.  I took a stock (no upgrades) Cynder thru last night and had trouble not breaking the vases or paintings...even when you position yourself perfectly you will often still take out a painting or 2-3 vases.  If you take out 2 Paintings, you fail.  Every vase you break costs you 10 think, just 6 vases and you've lost a minute...this gets tough.

The biggest issue I had is that by the time Double Trouble was released and I tracked him down, I had upgraded Boomer and Eruptor quite a bit...big problem.  Double Trouble's Heroic Challenge is a nightmare for those guys with much past the base fact, box-stock it is pretty challenging.  

If you get desperate, and don't want to reset your maxed out Skylander, you can make use of the Anvil Rain and other Magic Items or Location Pieces to bring home the win....not ideal, but think of the time you save!

2. Once you have the Speed Challenges done, I don't really see any that are much of a challenge.  Whether you go at it fully upgraded or not just seems to impact time.  So, in challenges like Cynder's or Dino-Rang's the upgrades will just help you kill enemies quicker, which will get you thru the challenge that much earlier.

3. Zap's Challenge to me isn't "Tough" as the game says.  If you are careful and have the speed challenges done it isn't bad at all...upgraded or stock.  I do think having the speed challenges done is a big help as that makes up for any vases you (or the Drow spearman) might happen to  break.

4. Whirlwind's Challenge is the biggest pain of all 32.  The bombs are just not consistent.  Sometimes you can stand at the foot of the platform and land a glorious kill...the next time you use the same strategy the bomb can fall flat on the ground and do nothing.  There seems to be no ryhme or reason to success with this one other than keep trying.  The bombs in other challenges (Voodood and Zap) seem to work much better. The best counter to this annoyance is to just have the Speed Challenges done to move quicker and have more attempts to land hits.

That is pretty much it.  Knock the Speed Challenges out as soon as possible...the rest are not too big of a deal in my opinion.  If you have trouble with one in particular, just figure out if you are better suited to tackle it with or without upgrades and proceed on...Good luck!

Now, let's take a look at the Heroic Challenges divided by Reward:

+3 Armor Challenges (10 Challenges, +30 Armor)

Ghost Roaster
Lightning Rod
Stump Smash
Gill Grunt

+5 Critical Hit (10 Challenges, +50 Critical Hit)

Prism Break
Soinc Boom

+9 Elemental Power Challenges (6 Challenges, +54 Elemental Power)

Chop Chop
Drill Sergeant
Slam Bam

+8 Speed Challenges (6 Challenges, +48 Speed)

Wrecking Ball
Trigger Happy
Double Trouble
Stealth Elf

TOUGH Challenges (According to the Game)

Drobot (+8 Speed, #15)
Double Trouble (+8 Speed, #20)
Stealth Elf (+8 Speed, #21)
Zap (+3 Armor, #32)

And now, since you are still are the videos of a Box-Stock "No Upgrades" Warnado progressing through all 32 Heroic Challenges.  The only hiccup was Whirlwind's Challenge which took a few attempts thanks to the bombs:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Poll #27: Mario Kart Wii

Blog Poll #27 asks, "What Do You Want to See in the Mario Kart Wii Playthrough?"

I got this up last night, but we've already had a few can vote, or better yet, comment here with what you'd like to see...I'll try to deliver on it.

-Quick & Casual
-Win Each Cup 50cc-100cc-150cc
-All Unlockables

So, it is hard to paraphrase this into a poll question, but I think you get the jest of it.  I basically just want to know what you would like to can even post a comment here to let me know better what it is.

-Quick & Casual 

This would basically just be going thru the game.  If I get Silver in the Shell Cup and unlocked the next one, I would just go play it.

-Win Each Cup 50-100-150cc

Just like it says. If I got Silver in the Shell Cup, I would go back, replay, and repeat until I get Gold.

-All Unlockables

Instead of just getting Gold in each 50cc Cup, I would have to get a 1-Star Ranking to unlock Baby Daisy etc.
The same would go for bikes etc.


This is technically the same as above, but I wasn't sure if people would distinguish them so I figured "everything" was a nice catchall term.

If you want me to just play 100cc and win, I can do that.

If you want a full playthru where I go from the base characters up to Mii Outfit B I would like to know.

I am really wanting to get started on some other stuff, but as I've said before, I wanted to do Mario Kart Wii when I bought the stuff to record, so this was just a matter of time...the fact it blew away the "What Would You Like to See Next" poll just prompted the playthru that much more.

I won't be recording the ultra shortcut, shortcuts, or likely any online play (I get disconnected all the time thanks to our ISP).  This is actually why I quit playing back in the day...I'd play online almost daily with some friends and then it got to the point I was just getting things set up, or waiting to take off from the starting line and I'd be disconnected.  It wasn't fun for me or my friends.

Blog Poll #25 Results: Your Favorite Adventure Pack

Blog Poll #25 was two-fold.  It asked "Which Adventure Pack is Your Favorite?" and "Which Adventure Pack Character is Your Favorite?"

I opened the poll on April 2nd and it closed late this past week.  We had almost 900 total votes and I believe that qualifies for a great sampling.  Let's take a closer look at each poll:

Which Adventure Pack is Your Favorite?

Poll Results

We had 441 total votes, meaning an ultra competitive race would have been knotted up at 110 with that 1 single vote determining the winner.  That said, it was a bit more one-sided than that.

Dragon's Peak took home 250 votes, or 56% of the total count.  That is an impressive victory.  I can not ignore the trend that what is "new" or "hard to find" tends to get more hype, and thus more votes.  The reason I let this blog go so long was to try and allow for that trend to be overcome.  I can't say for sure if it was, or if folks simply like Dragon's Peak that much better

Second Place would go to Empire of Ice with 84 Votes (19%) and roughly 30 more votes than our Third and Fourth Place APs.  If you factor in the logic of it being the "second newest" you could possibly explain things.  It might also simply be Haldor, the catapult wall battle, or simply the unique fact it was the only "winter" or "ice" level in the game.

Third Place went to Darklight Crypt with 55 votes (12%).  DLC and Pirate Seas were both out at the beginning.  I have noticed that many people have commented that their parents wouldn't allow them to get DLC, primarly because of Ghost Roaster.  That said, it still performed well given its age.

Fourth Place went to Pirate Seas with 52 Votes (11%), see how just a few votes make the difference between 3rd and 4th?  Pirate Seas has, of course, been out since the game's debut.  The level has the unique, prolonged ship battle where you blast away with canons, but I have to wonder if the card games didn't help doom this ship.

Personally, here is how I feel about the APs.

Darklight Crypt: Probably the most intense level with a nice balance of humor, exploration, and an actual boss fight.  Plus you get pies strung out thru Skylands to help you out.

Dragon's Peak: Too much hype in my opinion.  Some elements, like Ramses and Flavius in the story line were okay, but there wasn't much of a challenge, the flying controls were iffy at best, and the biggest demerit is the boss fight, or lack thereof.  I still get burned out seeing Vathek stroll down to decimate us, only to have it end prematurely.

Empire of Ice: The Ice was a nice addition.  However, I feel like there were not as many enemies as I'd have like to see.  The wall battle wasn't bad, but having an army of Cyclops spinners etc at the crumbling foot of the wall would have been a nice addition.

Pirate Seas: I like the lay of the level and Jess LeGrand was pretty cool.  I would have loved to see a showdown with a few Captain K-9s and the likes after the final card game, or maybe even before battling Dreadbeard.  The card game was a nice touch, but a bit over done in my opinion.  It really takes away from the level...if there were may 2-3 rounds, then sure, but as it was, I felt it hindered things more than improved them.

Thus, my personal rankings:

1. Darklight Crypt (Long, Nice Enemies, Good Hidden Areas, Boss Battle, and PIE!!!)
2. Empire of Ice (Totally Unique Level, Wall Battle, Haldor Humor, a little short)
3. Pirate Seas (Nice Layout, Great, Unique Enemies, Ship Battle, Jess LeGrand, cards are repetitive)
4. Dragon's Peak (Ramses vs Vathek=Good Plot, Lack of Challenge, flying=annoying, no boss battle)

Which Adventure Pack Character is Your Favorite?

Poll Results

Interestingly, we had 11 more votes for AP Character than AP Level.  Things were also a bit more competitive.

Sunburn claimed 202 Votes (44%).  I again can not present that without stating that Dragon's Peak and Suburn stand as the newest and most likely for folks not to have, which seems to influence voting.  I do realize he has a lot of fans, but I suppose some of that total is likely attributable to hype, or anticipation.

Slam Bam chilled 108 Votes (23%) to take 2nd Place.  He has been out just a while longer than Dragon's Peak and Suburn, but many folks are just now tracking him down...this could also go along with the hype voting, but likely not the same extent.  He is a unique Skylander and the only one to use ice.

Terrafin dug up 94 Votes (20%) and claimed 3rd Place.  He has a unique ability and I am confident that those who voted for him are genuine fans given that Pirate Seas has been out since the game's debut.

Ghost Roaster scared up 48 Votes (10%) to take last place in the poll.  I must again mention, I know many parents are not allowing their kids to get Ghost Roaster.  Do you then want him more and vote, or just stick with what you can have and pick your favorite...that lies a potential issue.

The only discrepancy between Your Favorite AP and Your Favorite AP Character is the fact Terrafin displaced Ghost Roaster, where Pirate Seas fell short of Darklight Crypt.

Personally, here is how I feel about them:

All of these Skylanders are great and bring unique elements to the game.

Ghost Roaster was my first Level 10 and the first to get treated to mass upgrades.  He could come in and decimate a screen full of enemies.  His primary attack leaves a bit to be desired, but Metal Head more than makes up for it.

Terrafin is one of my true favorites. No other Skylander can burrow below the ground, and his belly flop does massive damage.  Great in close combat, able to evade enemies, it is a great combo.

Slam Bam is just cool...literally.  Not the fastest guy around, but the close quarters combos do massive damage and his Ice Prison is one of the better secondary attacks.  Toss in googles and a snowboard and you are set.

Sunburn is flaming hot.  I may not be on the same page as most people. The teleportation is what I was most excited about and it is unique, but doesn't set him apart from the others in my books.  Plus, the fact he can not fly is still a bit of a bummer in my book.

Thus, my personal rankings (which could change once fully upgraded etc):

1. Terrafin (Unique, Melee Brawler, Burrows, Dorsal Fin Does Damage)
2. Slam Bam (Unique, Melee Brawler, Moves on Water, Ice Prisons are Nice)
3. Ghost Roaster (Skull Master, Regains Health)
4. Sunburn (Teleportation, can't fly)

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