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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Heroic Challenge List

Here is a complete list of all 32 Heroic Challenges in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  It is broken down in several convenient formats and will show you what challenges yield what powers.  Hope this helps you out!

*You can post this info elsewhere, but please do so via linking back to the blog...I've found some of my work on other sites and the least you can do is let folks know the original source of information and who took the time to make it...Thanks!*

I will list them in various forms to suit your needs, break them down by stat, element group, and then offer my tips.

Here are all 32 Heroic Challenges in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure:

1. Chompy Chomp-Down--Warnado +9 Elemental Power
2. This Bomb's For You--Ghost Roaster +3 Armor
3. Jump for It--Wrecking Ball +8 Speed
4. Where Art Thou, Paintings--Spyro +5 Critical Hit
5. Lair of the Giant Spiders--Prism Break +5 Critical Hit
6. Fight, Teleport, Fight!--Lightning Rod +3 Armor
7.  The Three Teleporters--Hex +3 Armor
8. Stop, Sheep Thieves--Dino Rang +3 Armor
9. Mining for Charms--Bash +5 Critical Hit
10. Dungeoness Creeps--Cynder +5 Critical Hit
11. Mining is the Key--Ignitor +8 Speed
12. Mission Achomplished--Stump Smash +3 Armor
13. Pod Gauntlet--Chop Chop +9 Elemental Power
14. Time's A-Wastin'--Sonic Boom +5 Critical Hit
15. Save the Purple Chompies!--Drobot +8 Speed TOUGH
16. Spanwner Cave--Terrafin +5 Critical Hit
17. Arachnid Antechamber--Sunburn +3 Armor
18. Hobson's Choice--Trigger Happy +8 Speed
19. Isle of the Automatons--Eruptor +9 Elemental Power
20. You Break It,You Buy It!--Double Trouble +8 Speed TOUGH
21. Minefield Mishap--Stealth Elf +8 Speed TOUGH
22. Lobs O'Fun--Whirlwind +5 Critical Hit
23. Spell Punked!--Voodood +3 Armor
24: Charm Hunt--Wham-Shell +5 Critical Hit
25. Flip the Script--Camo +3 Armor
26. You've Stolen My Hearts!--Zook +5 Critical Hit
27. Bombs to the Walls--Flameslinger +9 Elemental Power
28. Operation: Sheep Freedom--Boomer +5 Critical Hit
29. Jailbreak!--Gill Grunt +3 Armor
30. Enivronmentally Unfriendly--Drill Sergeant +9 Elemental Power
31. Chemical Cleanup--Slam Bam +9 Elemental Power
32. Break the Cats--Zap  +3 Armor TOUGH

1ofWiisdom's Tips for Heroic Challenges

Well, let's get this started first as it is likely what most of you care about.  Keep in mind, I base this on the Wii version of Skylanders...there are a few differences between versions which may impact things.  Nonetheless, here is my strategy.

Speed Kills.  It was in every Madden game when I was a kid.  It is probably the single most noticeable and enjoyable upgrade in terms of the Heroic Challenges.  Had all the figures been available in October, I probably would have used this strategy...thanks to the staggered release, many of us just took who we had and treated them to upgrades...which can come back to haunt us later on...

My advice is simple:

1. Take each Skylander thru all 6 of the Speed Challenges.  Each one grants +8 Speed, so you will have +48...and that makes a huge difference.  Most Skylanders will top out somewhere in the 90s for Speed when you have fully upgraded them.  

1a.  The other big thing is Drobot and Double Trouble's Challenge.  Drobot's isn't as big of an issue, but if you are like me and have a decked out Ghost Roaster down Skull Master you will never beat it.  The ghosts you create kill the chompies, regardless how careful you are, some purple chompie will walk into a ghost off-screen and in your bid for Heroic Challenge glory.  The sad thing is, a box-stock Skylander can whiz thru this with little effort, provided you don't get lost.

1b.  Double Trouble's Challenge is likely the toughest in the game.  Not because it is "hard," but because of the design.  I took a stock (no upgrades) Cynder thru last night and had trouble not breaking the vases or paintings...even when you position yourself perfectly you will often still take out a painting or 2-3 vases.  If you take out 2 Paintings, you fail.  Every vase you break costs you 10 think, just 6 vases and you've lost a minute...this gets tough.

The biggest issue I had is that by the time Double Trouble was released and I tracked him down, I had upgraded Boomer and Eruptor quite a bit...big problem.  Double Trouble's Heroic Challenge is a nightmare for those guys with much past the base fact, box-stock it is pretty challenging.  

If you get desperate, and don't want to reset your maxed out Skylander, you can make use of the Anvil Rain and other Magic Items or Location Pieces to bring home the win....not ideal, but think of the time you save!

2. Once you have the Speed Challenges done, I don't really see any that are much of a challenge.  Whether you go at it fully upgraded or not just seems to impact time.  So, in challenges like Cynder's or Dino-Rang's the upgrades will just help you kill enemies quicker, which will get you thru the challenge that much earlier.

3. Zap's Challenge to me isn't "Tough" as the game says.  If you are careful and have the speed challenges done it isn't bad at all...upgraded or stock.  I do think having the speed challenges done is a big help as that makes up for any vases you (or the Drow spearman) might happen to  break.

4. Whirlwind's Challenge is the biggest pain of all 32.  The bombs are just not consistent.  Sometimes you can stand at the foot of the platform and land a glorious kill...the next time you use the same strategy the bomb can fall flat on the ground and do nothing.  There seems to be no ryhme or reason to success with this one other than keep trying.  The bombs in other challenges (Voodood and Zap) seem to work much better. The best counter to this annoyance is to just have the Speed Challenges done to move quicker and have more attempts to land hits.

That is pretty much it.  Knock the Speed Challenges out as soon as possible...the rest are not too big of a deal in my opinion.  If you have trouble with one in particular, just figure out if you are better suited to tackle it with or without upgrades and proceed on...Good luck!

Now, let's take a look at the Heroic Challenges divided by Reward:

+3 Armor Challenges (10 Challenges, +30 Armor)

Ghost Roaster
Lightning Rod
Stump Smash
Gill Grunt

+5 Critical Hit (10 Challenges, +50 Critical Hit)

Prism Break
Soinc Boom

+9 Elemental Power Challenges (6 Challenges, +54 Elemental Power)

Chop Chop
Drill Sergeant
Slam Bam

+8 Speed Challenges (6 Challenges, +48 Speed)

Wrecking Ball
Trigger Happy
Double Trouble
Stealth Elf

TOUGH Challenges (According to the Game)

Drobot (+8 Speed, #15)
Double Trouble (+8 Speed, #20)
Stealth Elf (+8 Speed, #21)
Zap (+3 Armor, #32)

And now, since you are still are the videos of a Box-Stock "No Upgrades" Warnado progressing through all 32 Heroic Challenges.  The only hiccup was Whirlwind's Challenge which took a few attempts thanks to the bombs:


  1. I fully agree on your advice: Finish the speed challenges, and the rest is a walk in park. I know you don't like to wear hats, but if you wear the winged one, it's even easier.

    I had trouble with Double Trouble's with a fully upgraded Boomer - at least until I stopped using the primary attack. Otherwise, I find Drobot's to be the toughest in the game. Some, as Slam Bam's, are ridiculous easy!

    Would make sence if Wham Shells reward will be Critical Hit to make it 10,10,6,6 in total.

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    1. Glad you like the strategy as well...I have actually kept hats on since Dragon's Peak, lol. I should probably start implementing them more in gameplay just for the heck of it though.

      I agree on Wham-Shell...I'm thinking it will be Critical Hit, but I am holding out to keep it "all new."

      Double Trouble's is an issue primarily because he came out so long after the game was established...that meant I was hitting it with a nice arsenal of upgrades (which usually expedite things), but not in this case.

      I am about 90% sure the only way I can get Ghost Roaster thru Drobot's at this point is to reset him...which I probably won't do.

  2. Heh, I have to agree on the last part, as that was exactly what I had to do to get him through ;-) But reseting them doesn't harm you so much - fortunately it's not so time consuming to get the upgrades back, anyway.

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    1. Yeah, it is amazing how quick you can max out a single character...especially with the discounts. I would reset him if not for the fact he has done 30 challenges, lol. That's about 2 hours of time to gain.

  3. Yea, some of the Skylanders do take a bit to get through DT's HC, especially if they're upgraded, but here's a few tips for those getting there with either an upgraded Cynder and Spyro (as well as Sunburn):

    * Painting #1 - Try to smash the weapon rack and move around the Troll gunner before smacking him. And be sure you're facing him, with your back facing the painting. Cynder, if you have her ghost, will be able to do this with the ghost. For Spyro, if you've gone down Sheep Burner, use his charge, Sunburn needs to keep his flamethrower short, as in, don't hold it. When you get to the Troll Bomber, face him and hit him, but with Spyro, do NOT do the flames. Just charge. When the three Greasemonkeys come at you, lure them away from the pots and smack 'em there.

    *Painting #2 - With this one, be very caution on how you're positioned, especially with Spryo. Cynder had to use her Ghost, and Sunburn again had to face it. Spyro, I used the charge.

    *Painting #3 - This on was a headache for me, at least for a bit, but again, face the troll with your back to the painting.

    *Painting #4 - Getting that troll near that painting was a pain, so watch the angle!

    The very last painting, if you haven't hit any others, that is, you can hit to get those two trolls, but if you have, just be cautious!

    Hope that helps for some of the upgraded ones!

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    1. Thanks for the detailed breakdown...I think when I upgraded L-Spyro, I forgot to do any HCs...That means I'll have to see how he does down the Blitz Path in everything, lol.

    2. Might wanna use his breath in that case, since the final thing looks like it might burn the paintings.

    3. Yeah, I'm going to have to play around with it and see what works...Hoping it won't be too bad.

  4. Trust me, if it does happen, you can always reset him. :P In two more days, Warnado and L-Rod'll be here.

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    1. Those are honestly 2 of my favorites...Hope you like them too! I've been really busy at work, but will hopefully get to update the blog tonight and then maybe upload a new vid and work on the HCs for the reset of the group.

  5. Yea, I haven't been playing Skylanders for a few days (been playing with my new 3DS game I got when I got that other Skylander previously), but I'll get back to work with upgrading as many as I can starting tomorrow. First ones up will be DT and Flameslinger, and I'll go from there. Any that I can't get with the two trouble-making HC's will be on reserve, and the others will be on the guard. After that, hopefully, I'll get going with the next sets of upgrades, exploration, and HC's before getting set to get the AP's concerning Terrafin and Slam Bam, though I forgot if I saw Ghost Roaster at Wal-Mart or not. Can always try to go to a Toys R Us while on vacation to snag him if I want to.

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    1. Oh the Theatrhythm one? How do you like it? You know, when I made the rounds tonight I saw everything but Darklight Crypt! It is usually the easiest to find on the APs. Terrafin and Slam Bam are both awesome...Ghost Roaster down Skull Master is one of my favorites too :D

      Well, I am beat...Going to do the blog update tomorrow...Did record the Sidekick vid though...You might jump on that if you want the best shot to land your favorite.

      If your vacation is like mine you will walk into a store and be amazed that they have 15x the stock as your "local" store of the same name :s

    2. Theatrhythm's been fun... Until I played the chaos shrine, that is... Ouch! I'll be taking it along with me, since it'll be fun... As for locating Ghost Roaster, only if we're near a Toys R Us will we get to go there... Maybe we'll stop in at a Wal-Mart along the way or when we get there. :P

    3. I hate it when games do that and take a sudden difficulty spike towards impossible, lol. Are you on vacation now? Where are you headed? I'll keep my fingers crossed you land Ghost Roaster...or Wham-Shell...I think I'm hitting the roads again this weekend. Have fun!

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