Saturday, May 5, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Unboxing Triple Pack H: Camo, Ignitor, Warnado

Having waited on the pre-order, I had a hard time passing up the instant gratitude of ordering the Camo, Ignitor, Warnado Triple Pack from I pulled the trigger and got it in Thursday, May 3rd, 2012.  Here is the unboxing:

I have to say, it is only fitting I got "notice of pending shipment" from Amazon the next day, but hey, what can you do?  Wham-Shell is all I lack at this point and I am hoping Amazon gets him out pretty soon.  In the mean time I will definitely enjoy having Camo and Warnado around.

As many of you know, I have been waiting for Warnado to come out since debut week.  I picked up those large posters they had at the game demo during launch week and nailed Warnado down as a potential favorite...I can finally see if he delivers.

This video will cover the background story on the Skylanders, their card stats, their in-game stats, and even their upgrade paths.

To recap the basics, and most asked parts, here you go:

Where Did You Get It?

How Much Did You Pay?

How Long Did It Take to Get It?
-3 Days

Which Shipping Method Did you Pick?
-Standard, I'm cheap.

Will you record gameplay of Camo and Warnado?
-Uh, yes.  I hope to have their Heroic Challenges up by early Monday morning.

Is Your Collection Complete?
-No, I still lack Wham-Shell.

Has Amaon Shipped Your Pre-Order Yet?
-No, I have a "soon to ship" notice on Camo and Warnado ( I wanted two Warnados, one for each path) and the other Camo and Warnado will be going to my friend.  I have no notice on Wham-Shell, but despite breaking the shipment up, both are slated for the sweet, "Super Saver Shipping" which is FREE.

All that aside, here is what you probably really want to see in text format if you are reading, the stats:

Camo "Fruit Punch"
#7 in Skylanders Overall Rankings

-Health: 300/600
-Speed: 50/98
-Armor: 34/64
-Critical Hit: 30/80
-Elemental Power: 25/100

-Strength: 70
-Agility: 45
-Defense: 70
-Luck: 70

Ignitor "Slash and Burn"
#30 in Skylanders Overall Rankings

-Health: 240/480
-Speed: 43/91
-Armor: 12/82
-Critical Hit: 30/80
-Elemental Power: 25/100

-Strength: 100
-Agility: 40
-Defense: 65
-Luck: 50

Warnado "For the Wind"
#5 in Skylanders Overall Rankings

-Health: 310/620
-Speed: 35/83
-Armor: 30/100
-Critical Hit: 10/60
-Elemental Power: 25/100

-Strenght: 50
-Agility: 70
-Defense: 90
-Luck: 45


It is now 4 AM.  The unboxing has just uploaded and is almost fully processed on YouTube.  I am going to get some sleep, but will try to try out Camo and Warnado tonight...if all goes well their Heroic Challenges should be up before sun rise on Monday, lol.

The "Skylanders Overall Rankings" are determined by in-game power stats and health totals.  You can find the complete breakdown by selecting the "Skylanders Overall Rankings" tab on the right hand side bar.

This brings the count to 31/32...all that is missing is Wham-Shell.

Keep in mind that Wave 5 consists of the following:

Triple Pack H
-Camo, Ignitor, and Warnado

Single Packs

Good luck tracking them down!  Walmart is your best bet locally...they have the best price and seem to always have the most regular delivery.  If your store is raided by a scalper, you might have to resort to buying online.  I would suggest Amazon or GameStop.

Hope you enjoy the video and find it helpful!



  1. 1ofwiisdom, today when I went on I found these bundles with super rare crystal skylanders. One of them had a crystal wham shell! Just sharing some info!

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    1. Yep, that is nice...the other thing they are doing is offering gold and silvers via Reward Points. While that is cool, it is totally disproportionate AND it just shows they started breaking down shipments, pulling the "rare" stuff, and then sending the filtered stock to their stores. Hard for collectors to "get lucky" when the distribution centers are pulling all the luck out.


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