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Blog Poll #25 Results: Your Favorite Adventure Pack

Blog Poll #25 was two-fold.  It asked "Which Adventure Pack is Your Favorite?" and "Which Adventure Pack Character is Your Favorite?"

I opened the poll on April 2nd and it closed late this past week.  We had almost 900 total votes and I believe that qualifies for a great sampling.  Let's take a closer look at each poll:

Which Adventure Pack is Your Favorite?

Poll Results

We had 441 total votes, meaning an ultra competitive race would have been knotted up at 110 with that 1 single vote determining the winner.  That said, it was a bit more one-sided than that.

Dragon's Peak took home 250 votes, or 56% of the total count.  That is an impressive victory.  I can not ignore the trend that what is "new" or "hard to find" tends to get more hype, and thus more votes.  The reason I let this blog go so long was to try and allow for that trend to be overcome.  I can't say for sure if it was, or if folks simply like Dragon's Peak that much better

Second Place would go to Empire of Ice with 84 Votes (19%) and roughly 30 more votes than our Third and Fourth Place APs.  If you factor in the logic of it being the "second newest" you could possibly explain things.  It might also simply be Haldor, the catapult wall battle, or simply the unique fact it was the only "winter" or "ice" level in the game.

Third Place went to Darklight Crypt with 55 votes (12%).  DLC and Pirate Seas were both out at the beginning.  I have noticed that many people have commented that their parents wouldn't allow them to get DLC, primarly because of Ghost Roaster.  That said, it still performed well given its age.

Fourth Place went to Pirate Seas with 52 Votes (11%), see how just a few votes make the difference between 3rd and 4th?  Pirate Seas has, of course, been out since the game's debut.  The level has the unique, prolonged ship battle where you blast away with canons, but I have to wonder if the card games didn't help doom this ship.

Personally, here is how I feel about the APs.

Darklight Crypt: Probably the most intense level with a nice balance of humor, exploration, and an actual boss fight.  Plus you get pies strung out thru Skylands to help you out.

Dragon's Peak: Too much hype in my opinion.  Some elements, like Ramses and Flavius in the story line were okay, but there wasn't much of a challenge, the flying controls were iffy at best, and the biggest demerit is the boss fight, or lack thereof.  I still get burned out seeing Vathek stroll down to decimate us, only to have it end prematurely.

Empire of Ice: The Ice was a nice addition.  However, I feel like there were not as many enemies as I'd have like to see.  The wall battle wasn't bad, but having an army of Cyclops spinners etc at the crumbling foot of the wall would have been a nice addition.

Pirate Seas: I like the lay of the level and Jess LeGrand was pretty cool.  I would have loved to see a showdown with a few Captain K-9s and the likes after the final card game, or maybe even before battling Dreadbeard.  The card game was a nice touch, but a bit over done in my opinion.  It really takes away from the level...if there were may 2-3 rounds, then sure, but as it was, I felt it hindered things more than improved them.

Thus, my personal rankings:

1. Darklight Crypt (Long, Nice Enemies, Good Hidden Areas, Boss Battle, and PIE!!!)
2. Empire of Ice (Totally Unique Level, Wall Battle, Haldor Humor, a little short)
3. Pirate Seas (Nice Layout, Great, Unique Enemies, Ship Battle, Jess LeGrand, cards are repetitive)
4. Dragon's Peak (Ramses vs Vathek=Good Plot, Lack of Challenge, flying=annoying, no boss battle)

Which Adventure Pack Character is Your Favorite?

Poll Results

Interestingly, we had 11 more votes for AP Character than AP Level.  Things were also a bit more competitive.

Sunburn claimed 202 Votes (44%).  I again can not present that without stating that Dragon's Peak and Suburn stand as the newest and most likely for folks not to have, which seems to influence voting.  I do realize he has a lot of fans, but I suppose some of that total is likely attributable to hype, or anticipation.

Slam Bam chilled 108 Votes (23%) to take 2nd Place.  He has been out just a while longer than Dragon's Peak and Suburn, but many folks are just now tracking him down...this could also go along with the hype voting, but likely not the same extent.  He is a unique Skylander and the only one to use ice.

Terrafin dug up 94 Votes (20%) and claimed 3rd Place.  He has a unique ability and I am confident that those who voted for him are genuine fans given that Pirate Seas has been out since the game's debut.

Ghost Roaster scared up 48 Votes (10%) to take last place in the poll.  I must again mention, I know many parents are not allowing their kids to get Ghost Roaster.  Do you then want him more and vote, or just stick with what you can have and pick your favorite...that lies a potential issue.

The only discrepancy between Your Favorite AP and Your Favorite AP Character is the fact Terrafin displaced Ghost Roaster, where Pirate Seas fell short of Darklight Crypt.

Personally, here is how I feel about them:

All of these Skylanders are great and bring unique elements to the game.

Ghost Roaster was my first Level 10 and the first to get treated to mass upgrades.  He could come in and decimate a screen full of enemies.  His primary attack leaves a bit to be desired, but Metal Head more than makes up for it.

Terrafin is one of my true favorites. No other Skylander can burrow below the ground, and his belly flop does massive damage.  Great in close combat, able to evade enemies, it is a great combo.

Slam Bam is just cool...literally.  Not the fastest guy around, but the close quarters combos do massive damage and his Ice Prison is one of the better secondary attacks.  Toss in googles and a snowboard and you are set.

Sunburn is flaming hot.  I may not be on the same page as most people. The teleportation is what I was most excited about and it is unique, but doesn't set him apart from the others in my books.  Plus, the fact he can not fly is still a bit of a bummer in my book.

Thus, my personal rankings (which could change once fully upgraded etc):

1. Terrafin (Unique, Melee Brawler, Burrows, Dorsal Fin Does Damage)
2. Slam Bam (Unique, Melee Brawler, Moves on Water, Ice Prisons are Nice)
3. Ghost Roaster (Skull Master, Regains Health)
4. Sunburn (Teleportation, can't fly)

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