Friday, May 18, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure: Unboxing Wham-Shell

Well, almost one month to the date of the Amazon Pre-Order, it happened...No, not the shipping notice to get over joyed about, but something more unlikely....I found Wham-Shell locally!  I'm still kind of in shock and this is after unboxing, recording his intro, playing the Heroic Challenge, and getting Grand Admiral, but nonetheless, here it is for you to enjoy:

Here is a look at the most asked questions:

Where did you get Wham-Shell?
-I got him at a local store, which is not nation wide.

How much did you pay for Wham-Shell?
-As always, I paid this case $8.99.  NEVER pay more than retail.

Where can I get Wham-Shell?
-Locally your best bet is Walmart followed by GameStop.

My local stores never have any new Skylanders, what about online?
-Your best bet at this point online is GameStop.  However, once Amazon delivers on the pre-orders I would imagine they will start to have him (that is how it has gone with Wave 4 and now Camo and Warnado).

Will you record his Heroic Challenge and some gameplay?
-Yes, the Heroic Challenge should already be uploaded and you can expect to see a "stock" (no upgrade) gameplay soon followed by a later rendition with Basic Upgrades, and maybe later on a full Upgrade with Soul Gem gameplay.

Is Wham-Shell your final Skylander?
-Yes.  He is the final Skylander, 32 of 32.  I don't include the Legendaries or Variants in the overall count.

And now that the basics are out of the way, here is what you should hopefully be more concerned about:

Wham-Shell "Brace for the Mace!"
#4 in Overall Rankings

*Note his current ranking is # the time of that post no one knew of the +40 Soul Gem Boost for Armor...I'll amend it shortly.**

In-Game Stats

Health: 300/600
Speed: 50/98
Armor: 18/88 (+40 Soul Gem)
Critical Hit: 30/80
Elemental Power: 25/100

Card Stats

Strength: 75
Defense: 90
Agility: 25
Luck: 60

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