Thursday, May 17, 2012

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Camo and Warnado Gameplay

As promised, I have recorded some gameplay of box-stock (no upgrades) Camo and Warnado, here it is:

Please note that Warnado was fresh off the Heroic Challenge list where I stopped with 30, 31, and 32 remaining.  I did that to have something to record with Wham-Shell's Heroic Challenge (#25).  I figured those 4 HCs would make a nice video.  With Warnado at Level 8 after 28 Heroic Challenges, I am pretty sure he would have hit Level 10 by the time he made it thru all 32.

Camo was taken thru the Speed Challenges and a few others as well as one complete round of Quickslilver Vault, hence why he had a nice wad of cash and was already at Level 10.

I say it in the video and I will say it again...both Warnado and Camo did very well in Quicksilver Vault.  I have had several Skylanders go down in the process of just playing thru the level to collect cash and/or level up (Wrecking Ball is among them).  For these two Skylanders to have no upgrades and make it thru unscathed says a lot about their potential.

As soon as I have a few upgrades under their belt (probably up to "picking a path") I will record more gameplay, this time in Leviathan Lagoon as it was requested by several users.

Anyway, enjoy for now...I'll update this post when there is another recording.

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