Friday, May 11, 2012

Blog Poll #27: Mario Kart Wii

Blog Poll #27 asks, "What Do You Want to See in the Mario Kart Wii Playthrough?"

I got this up last night, but we've already had a few can vote, or better yet, comment here with what you'd like to see...I'll try to deliver on it.

-Quick & Casual
-Win Each Cup 50cc-100cc-150cc
-All Unlockables

So, it is hard to paraphrase this into a poll question, but I think you get the jest of it.  I basically just want to know what you would like to can even post a comment here to let me know better what it is.

-Quick & Casual 

This would basically just be going thru the game.  If I get Silver in the Shell Cup and unlocked the next one, I would just go play it.

-Win Each Cup 50-100-150cc

Just like it says. If I got Silver in the Shell Cup, I would go back, replay, and repeat until I get Gold.

-All Unlockables

Instead of just getting Gold in each 50cc Cup, I would have to get a 1-Star Ranking to unlock Baby Daisy etc.
The same would go for bikes etc.


This is technically the same as above, but I wasn't sure if people would distinguish them so I figured "everything" was a nice catchall term.

If you want me to just play 100cc and win, I can do that.

If you want a full playthru where I go from the base characters up to Mii Outfit B I would like to know.

I am really wanting to get started on some other stuff, but as I've said before, I wanted to do Mario Kart Wii when I bought the stuff to record, so this was just a matter of time...the fact it blew away the "What Would You Like to See Next" poll just prompted the playthru that much more.

I won't be recording the ultra shortcut, shortcuts, or likely any online play (I get disconnected all the time thanks to our ISP).  This is actually why I quit playing back in the day...I'd play online almost daily with some friends and then it got to the point I was just getting things set up, or waiting to take off from the starting line and I'd be disconnected.  It wasn't fun for me or my friends.

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