Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dodge Racing: Charger vs Challenger

Well, as of a few hours ago it became next playthrough has been revealed on YouTube!

It is....(drum roll please):

Dodge Racing: Charger vs Challenger

This is one of those promotional games that a lot of folks will over look, and it is a shame because it really isn't that bad of a game.  For Mopar enthusiasts, like myself, it is a great experience! 

Granted, you MUST play this game with the nunchuck.  Let me expand on can play the game with just the Wiimote like you would Mario Kart, but the control is horrible.  You could place the Wiimote on the floor and your car would be wanting to weave left and right!  That level of control is totally inexcusable, however, since it is an "option" and you can play with the nunchuck, it becomes moot...although a very noticeable and disappointing "moot."

Once I got past the horrible Wiimote only controls, the game was enjoyable.  It is quite difficult when your car is not up to par with the rest of the field and the wrecks and tendency for the cars to spin-out is also a bit annoying at times, but overall it is a laid back game.  When you finish miserably and can't advance you simply have to re-race, or earn more upgrade points to tweak your car.

I am currently to Part 10 on the playthrough, and aside from the control issue, which is resolved, and the fact it is a bit challenging, in large part due to the nature of the game, I am really enjoying this one.  Granted, if you are a casual race fan, or prefer exotics, mustangs, or camaros you will probably not be as lenient as I am. 

I had previously played Chrysler Classic Racing so I had an idea what this game would be like (and yes, I do plan to recrod a playthrough of CCR as well).  I wasn't disappointed, but I was not blown away either.  For the race enthusiast looking for something new, or diehard Mopar fanatic you can't go wrong with this game!

I will blog about the playthroughs as I get them uploaded...or atleast that is the plan.  I will be working on this one while wrapping up Wii Fit Plus and the final 2-3 Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident videos.  Hopefully this will expose you to something new and if you don't go out and get the game, at least you will know how it plays and how it ends!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics: Super Hula Hoop and Rhythm Boxing 10 Minute Versions

Well, we are progressing nicely with our Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough, here are Parts 6 and 7 for your enjoyment.

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 6: Super Hula Hoop 10 Minute Duration

Super Hula Hoop: 10 Minutes

This one isn't tough, but it can be tiring.  We went about it casually and managed to pull in a 4-Star Ranking on the first attempt.  Just find a good form and twist, lol.  You do 5 minutes to the Right and 5 minutes to the Left.  It is defnitely good for getting the heart rate up and burning some calories.  I would still prefer the 6 minute version, but for Hula Hoop fans it doesn't get much better than this!

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 7: Rhythm Boxing 10 Minute Duration

Rhythm Boxing: 10 Minutes

This one is actually pretty enjoyable, granted it helps to not have to wear a headset on an offset balance board, and try to commentate while learning routines, but hey, I sacrificed for a good cause, lol.  Despite the 3 major glitches and a few minor incidents we were still able to net a 4-Star Ranking on the first go-around.  I would reccommend you work your way up to the 10 Minute version and then replay it anytime you are looking for a big burn, or just have some stress to vent.  It is a lot of fun, despite sometimes seeming repetitive, and once you get in a groove you can really rack up some points!


That wraps up this installment...take on these two exercises in one session and you will have passed about 20 minutes and really amped up your heart rate.  I would follow either of these with a simple Balance Game or Yoga pose to cool down and then maybe some stretching.  These two exercises, when done at their max of 10 minutes, are two of the real gems in the Aerobics playthrough.  They may get tiresome or repetitive, but play each thru the full course of time and they are sure to give you a nice workout.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training: Parts 12-14 The Challenges

Well, I FINALLY got them uploaded!  If you recall I had mentioned several times that they had been done, I just needed to add post commentary and get them uploaded.  I got that done last night and it nice to have it behind me.  The vids have been added to the playlist as well, hopefully you will enjoy them.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 12: Pushup Challenge

The Pushup Challenge

I have to say, this one proved much more difficult than I had anticipated.  I had played it once before and wasn't too interested because I made use of the Pushup and Side Plank regularly.  I had done the Plank previously and knew that the duration increased at the end, but I had no clue we would jump from 50 to 100 reps for the final challenge.

My best advice here is to simply work your way up and don't be afraid to use your knees.  It is difficult to do 100 Pushups, especially when you do not control the pace.  Completing this challenge gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 13: Jacknife Challenge

Jacknife Challenge

I have to admit, I didn't think this one would be too difficult, hence why I had not completed it prior to the playthrough.  I was absolutely fine just doing the 30 Reps in the Jacknife exercise every night.  I was correct in doing the challenge, it was by far the least in my opinion.  If you can handle the 30 reps, I don't think you'll have trouble completing this challenge, if so just work your way up to that level.

I will caution, this one also jumps from 50 reps to 100 reps for the final 7-Star Guru ranking.  If you need a good start to the challenges, I reccommend you tackle this challenge first.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough Part 14: Plank Challenge

The Plank Challenge

I felt like this one would be the most difficult challenge in the game, so I did it early on.  I mean way early on...basically once it was unlocked I had to take it on.  I was very shocked when the final round went up quite a bit more than 20 seconds...180 seconds (3 Minutes) is a very long time to hold the Plank position, and hold it well.
This is the same as we had previously done, but with a longer duration.  The Challenges don't let you backtrack so I could only do a rematch of the final round with the trainer.
Here is my advice...cover the board with a towel or soft material to save your forearms, huge difference right there.  Do not look at the tv, it will only mess you up and make you loose the position while increasing strain on your body.  Just perservere and do your best.  If you don't make it, keep trying!


This wraps up not only the Challenges, but also our Strength Training Playthrough.  I spend a lot of time with the basics: Pushup and Side Plank, Jacknife, Torso Twist, etc.  After the playthrough I will no doubt be adding a few more to my regimen.  The Challenges are quite difficult, but add a nice sense of accomplishment to veteran players that are up for the task.  It is a good feeling to wrap it all up!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Basic Run Short Routes

Alright, I am going to have to take on the Basic Run in installments.  The good news is all the Short Routes fit easily into one video...let's take a look:

Basic Run Short Route

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy the Basic Run...just not as much on the short course.  Due to having to slow down so often and the lack of distance to improve your score it is not the most condusive to a high-score.  I tried several times after with various strategies to land a 4 Star Rank and came up empty.

Anyway, what you will do is select to hold the Wiimote, or place it in a pocket...I prefer to hold it, whether I have pockets or just seems more natural and I personally think that it registers better.  You will be tasked with following your guide around a predetermined course across Wuhu Island.  Each route will offer something different and exciting, which is why I like it so well.  The other cool feature is the interaction.  You will see birds, dogs, cats, random island Miis, and other Miis you have makes a big improvement in the enjoyment factor.  It is always interesting to see which Miis will wave, holler, or ignore you, lol.  It really makes for a unique experience.

Another thing I love about the Basic Run is the sound.  If you changes from dirt to pavement to grass you will hear a noticeable difference in your foot steps.  Similarly when you pass certain regions (Falls for example) you are greeted with the appropriate sound effects.

This applies to all the "Runs" on Wii Fit Plus. 

I want to outline all the routes for this complete walkthru, so here they are:

-Route 1: Following the Mii:: Make a short circle back to stone circle in town.
-Route 2: Follow the gray cat with the blue collar up to rooftops and then onto the ship to finish.
-Route 3: Follow the white cat with the red collar across the downed tree back to falls (8 Bit Circuit).
-Route 4: Follow the white dog with the red collar up to the cabins and up the hill to finish.
I then made 3 more runs trying to land the 4 Star Rating for the playthrough...I only quit trying because the video was close to 30 minutes, lol.
-5: Normal Speed to the boat.
-6: Fast speed to the boat.
-7: Mix up, makign sure we didn't miss a route...still no 4 star.

So there you have it my fellow Wii Fit Plus Junkies...a complete walkthru on the Basic Run Short Routes...and yes, I will be doing the same for all the routes in the other distances of the Basic stay tuned!

And just fyi, my personal favorite short route is the first cat which scales the rooftops and takes you to the ship to finish.

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics: Hula Hoop, Basic Step, and Advanced Step

Hey Everyone,

The goal now is simply to play, upload to YouTube, and blog here in small installments.  This will not only be easier for me to manage, but I think you will enjoy it better as well.  (And no, I have not forgotten about uploading the Challenges...that will be done soon and posted asap!).

So in my Wii Fit Plus Complete Playthrough I went from Yoga to Strength Training and am now taking on the Aerobics portion.  It is very enjoyable and concise.  Do not let the 9 exercises fool you though, you will spend a lot of time here, and I do mean a lot!

The first installment isn't too bad....let's take a look:

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 1:

Hula Hoop

This is our first exercise in the Aerobics arena; it is straight forward and fun.  You can swing to the left or right, the board will register it the same either way.  I do want to again stress I am not a Hula Hooper and I know I don't use proper form...if I stand upright and don't bend my knees excessively or rock my feet the hoops litearlly slow to a stand still and I do what works for the game.  The result?  How about a 4 Star Ranking right off the bat despite not playing in a LONG time!  Awesome!

Super Hula Hoop: 3 Minutes

With the success we had in Hula Hoop I figured why not try out Super Hula Hoop.  I have played this one more, but again, not in quite some time.  For the 3 Minute round you do 90 seconds to the Right and then 90 seconds to the Left.  This does get tiring, especially when you Hula Hoop my way, lol, but it is effective...definitely not a bad exercise for getting the heart rate pumping.  We once more got lucky right off the bat and achieved a 4 Star Ranking!  There are also 6 and 10 minute versions of Super Hula Hoop, but I'd had my fill of Hula Hooping for the night.  I''ll tackle those very soon...wish me luck.

Basic Step

This one doesn't take long and I do actually enjoy it...not as much as Advanced Step, but it is fun none-the-less.  True story...first round was horrible.  I had to move the board towards the desk and computer to have any slack to step right...that put the board out-of-center with the tv, which actually does impact my performance, I could adjust over time, but I like to be square and centered for most WFP exercises.  I went ahead and played it thru, we did not do well.  I wanted to havea  "good" score for the playthrough so I went at it again, this time sans the headset...much better.  However, I still wasn't content...we can score better and the fact the whole first session was basically "ok" I knew there were points on the table.

So we went back for a third attempt and it paid off big time.  We not only got a personal best, we also 4 Starred the exercise...very nice!  This just goes to show you that practice and set-up are key variables in determining success on Wii Fit Plus!

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough Part 3: Advanced Step

Advanced Step

I have to say, this is one of my favorites in the Aerobics regimen (behind the Basic Run and Boxing).  I really prefer this over Basic Step.  Advanced Step has a quicker pattern that suits me very well; Basic Step is a little slow for my liking.  The added challenges of the "side step" and "kick" are very fun as well...they really spice things up.

My advice here, and for Basic Step, is to follow the Red Box and scrolling steps rather than the Miis around you.  It works well for me, try both and see what works for you.  I also go in sets of 4.  Meaning "Up, Back, Up, Back" or "Up, Kick, Down, Back" etc.  This allows me to stay focused...if I miss the kick, I simply don't fret about step 3 and 4 and focus on "five" or the start of th next 1-4.  This lets me achieve a higher overall score by getting back on track quicker.

These strategies coupled with the faster pace and knowing to pull the headset and keep the board centered helped me 4 Star Advanced Step the first time in our least you know I'm not joking when I say I like it better than Basic Step!

You really look silly to onlookers, but it is a lot of fun and a good challenge.  My improvement from when I first played to now is remarkable...shame it doesn't archive the low scores for comparison, lol.  Remember, if you struggle, just play it again...and then repeat 1-2 times a night.  You too will be amazed with how quickly you can improve.


These first few exercises are fun and very laid back.  Hula Hoop and Basic Step really provide the skill set necessary to move on to the more advanced versions of the exercises.  They are great  for quickly getting the heart rate up, relieving some stress, or just having a little fun.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Back Online

Hey Everyone,

My apologies for the absence.  The internet connectivity at home has been worked out...water in the line, low signal strength, and a faulty splitter were the bulk of the issues.

I have somehow managed to get up the last few Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident playthroughs.  The game is complete, and I am simply exploring Malgrave Island for any new scenes etc.  I am actually having a hard time finding the "Crypt" that you can view in the Multiplayer scene selection...I just can't seem to locate it?!

I have played thru the Barber Shop and Curio Shop though...they will be uploaded soon.  I will also finally be able to upload the Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Challenges.

More to come soon..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training: Parts 7-11 Advanced Exercises

We wrapped up the second row of Strength Training exercises, and now it is time for some Advanced workouts.  These are a bit more strenous than some of the previous Strength Training exercises, so we will cover each in detail.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 7:
Arm and Leg Lift

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 8:
Single Arm Stand


Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 9:
Balance Bridge

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 10:
Side Lunge

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 11:
Single Leg Reach

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training: Parts 5 & 6

Okay, so we left off with Part 4 that featured the first 15 Reps of the Rowing Squat.  Let's pick up right where we left off:

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 5
Rowing Squats (30, 45r), Single Leg Twist (10, 20r),
and Sideways Leg Lift (10, 20r)

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 6:
Plank (30, 60, 90sec) and
Tricep Extension (10, 20r)

Rowing Squats

These are fairly straight forward.  You saw the 15 reps in the previous installment (Part 4) you can enjoy the 30 and 45 reps with full audio and commentary, lol.  You essentially just want to treat this a squat + rowing combo.   Focus on pulling your arms back and trying to close your shoulder blades.  At the same time, try to make sure you are getting a deep bend, but not causing yourself any pain or extending past the 90 degree mark.  I actually enjoy this exercise and depending on what I have done previously I will usually tackle the 30-45 reps from time-to-time.

Single Leg Twists

This is another fairly easy exercise and and is somewhat reminescent of a windmill.  The scoring is simple and easy to adapt to with the ideal position on the board and facing the screen.  I enjoy this one a bit more than the sideways leg lift, but often play them back-to-back.

Sideways Leg Lift

Very similar to the "Single Leg Twist" but instead of coming in, you go out...straight out.  This is a good one for a quick exercise and no doubt helps you work on your posture and center of balance; both key for advanced exercises.


This is a good exercise and one of the few that you can really feel working, with no doubt in your mind!  However, the scoring is iffy.  You CAN NOT maintain the proper position AND look up to see your score.  There is sound, but it is certainly less than ideal.  You can hold a perfect position the full course of the exercise, but if you are off a little it will impact the score.  I think the Wii U could correct this with a controller screen laid down in front of you...that would be awesome!  If you plan to do this exercise, work your way up with some Push-up and Side Planks and don't be afraid to stop short.  My best advice is to line the board with a flannel shirt, or something else "soft" that will save your forearm from being dimpled!  This won't impact the way it registers or have any adverse effects.  I would go for a high score if you must, but once you are satisfied there focus on the form and don't fret about the score...your neck will thank you.

Tricep Extension

A classic exercise no doubt, but not one well served to the WiiMote.  This will teach you good form, but for a true workout you need to lift more weight than the WiiMote.  The problem?  You will not score as it is sensitve to the motion sensor of the remote control.  My advice, practice the form and then move on to dumbbells.  Make use of this only to practice the correct form, or to cool down from a more strenous exercise.

That wraps up the second row of exercises on Strength Training.  I will come in for the next blog entry and recap the final row, before the challenges, which are complete as of last night (7/13) was the Push-up Challenge tough...more on that soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough: Parts 1-4

Hey Everyone,

As mentioned, I feel like the best thing to do (in the future) might be to blog about each upload to keep it simple and maximize the utility.  However, the Strength Training Playthrough is complete, aside from the last round of the Pushup and Jacknife Challenge, which I plan to take-on tonight.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 1:
Single Leg Extension and Push-up and Side Plank

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 2:
Push-up and Side Plank (20r) and Torso Twists

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 3:
Jacknives and Side Lunge (10r)
Balance Board Battery FAIL

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 4:
Lunge and Rowing Squats (15r)
No Game Audio!

Okay, so this covers the first row of exercises: Single Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank, Torso Twist, Jacknife, Side Lunge, and even the first tier of reps in the Rowing Squats.

As you can see, the highlights are of course the fact my balance board's batteries gave up the ghost trying to start the 15 Reps of the Lunge and of course the next video where I had no audio from the game; both epic fails.  However, things have been smooth ever since...keep your fingers crossed.

The Single Leg Extension is pretty simple and a great way to get started, sort of a Yoga meets Strength Training.

The Push-up and Side Plank remains one of the most true Strength Training Exercises and a favorite of mine.  It is a genuine, physical exercise that can yield great results.

The Torso Twists are another favorite and again, a very beginner friendly Strength Training Exercise.  This is kind of like the old "windmill" exercise from gym class...but better because it is on Wii Fit Plus and uses the Balance Board!

The Jacknife is a staple in my daily routine.  I make a point to do the 30 rep set every night.  It is another tried-and-true Strength Training Exercise.  Work your way up and stay dedicated to it and you will be on your way to rock-hard abs!

The Side Lunge is a great way to get into the Strength Training-Weight Shift exercises.  It is straight forward and takes the basic lunge we all know and love (or hate) and simply positions the weight sensor to ensure you are going the distance.  Just don't bend past 90 degrees and you are ensured of great form!

Well, that is it for now...I would like to expand on all this and improve the formatting...might do that when time allows.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Update from the Weekend July 8-10th, 2011

Man, what  a weekend!  I was able to get some time in each night on Mystery Case Files and Wii Fit Plus. 

The Wii Fit Plus playthrough had to take a bit of a hiatus as I played thru to unlock all the necessary reps.  This made me back track and edit things in, but it worked well.  This kept things fluild and concise.  The later exercises take so long all strung together each one is essentially its own installment.

The good news is, as of last night, I am done with the Strength Training exercises!  Well, everything but the Challenges...which I will finsih up over the next few nights.  The Plank is actually done, I had previously beaten it and simply replayed can not go back and take on lesser challenges.

I basically have been alternating the Push Up and Jacknife, I think I'm up to 40 on each.  Once commplete I will edit all the pieces together and upload them...that will officially wrap-up the Strength Training Portion of our Playthrough.

Later tonight I will archive the exercise playthrough here...I'm starting to think I should blog every one individually or something, but oh and learn.  I may do that in the future.

Also of note is my progress on Mystery Case Files...I went from the 1st and 2nd Walkthrus all the way up to Part 15 as of 3 AM last night...I am very pleased with the progress...I think I will blog each one with more detail here.

I should be able to get the articles written and posted tonight...sorry for the delay.  I must say, The Malgrave Incident has been a very fun change-of-pace game and has me anxious to continue.

See you later,


Friday, July 8, 2011

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident

Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag...mainly because I uploaded Part 1 of the Walkthru, lol.

The game I had alluded to is of course, Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident!

This isn't the type of game I usually go for, but something about this one just appealed to me.  Maybe it is just the fact it is so different than most Wii games, or those that I have a penchant for playing.

Mystery Case Files is a series put out by Big Fish Games.  It is pretty popular with the PC crowd, but this is the first ever installment on the Wii.  You can think of it as an "I Spy" game with an adventurous twist.  I have actually picked up and played a few of the I Spy games and they are fun, especially with family and younger kids.

The Malgrave Incident incorporates the "hidden object scenes" to help you collect the mysterious powder Malgrave needs to save his "beloved Sarah," and to accumulate inventory items to help you solve puzzles or perform necessary actions.

I got the game yestrday, (Thursday, July 7th, 2011) and put it in later that night (well, technically early Friday morning, but you get the drift).  Before I knew it I was 20 minutes into the game!

I wound up playing and recording 2 parts with commentary.  I have already edited, converted, and uploaded the first.  The second will get processed tonight while I will be recording Part 3.

I have to say it is fun so far.  I have limited myself to trailers and text reviews, so I haven't blown anything...I will be making a genuinely blind walkthru of the game.  I'm not sure what all it has to offer, but I will do my best ot achieve 100% completion.  I am also uploading the entire" hidden object scenes" for the simple fact I want viewers to be able to watch the videos (if they get stuck), and find what they are missing.  It will no doubt be tedious and I'm sure there are times you will be yelling at me to pick up the item right in front of me, but hey, it is live and we will take what we can get.

Once complete, I will archive the playthrough here and give a final review.  I picked the game up at Target for $29.99 (got the last copy too, haha!) and I am sure I will get my money's worth in entertainment time.  The Multiplayer Mode is supposed to be fun as well.  For now, I am focusing on the Single Player Adventure!

Here is Part 1:

And just SAVE YOUR GAME, simply exit to the main menu...this was not mentioned in the instructions and being a rookie to the series, it was unknown to me...I thought you must have to hit  a save point or something, not the case...just back out and you are golden. 

I should be uploading this one regularly to go along with the Wii Fit Plus Playthrough.

I hope you enjoy it, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to help you out.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky Day: Back in Business and a New Game!

Maybe the stars aligned just right...or maybe the cable company fixed the line, I don't know for sure, but I am currently able to upload once more!

I just got Strength Training Part 5 and 6 uploaded and since things are going well, I have Part 7 uploading as we speak!

I am still thinking it is an issue on their end, but for the time being I have had no disconnects for the evening and am doing my best to take full advantage of it for you.  I may have to stop with Part 7 as I will have to go in and edit the 20 Reps of the Single Arm Stand.

As mentioned, I recorded Parts 7-10 last night and ended with the Plank Challenge.  I knew I'd have to go in and finish out the Push-up and Jacknife Challenge, but wasn't quite sure if the other, new exercises would have 2 or 3 tiers to them.  I have sorted all that out, and as much as I hate not having the playthrough match time wise, I feel it is best to have all 3 rounds of one exercise in sequence.

I will likely save Part 10: The Challenges and upload it...I will then come in with Part 11 for the Push-up and Part 12 for the Jacknife completion...the jacknives will be easy for me, not sure about the 100 Push-ups is just the slow pace of the game that kills me there, where we are on 20 and crawling I feel like I could be on 45 and flying. 

But we will cross that bridge when we get there I suppose.

Now for some exciting news...tonight I picked up a new game...and yes, it is actually "new" this time around.  I had tried to get it on release date, but the 2 stores I tried were out (one didn't get the shipment and the other sold their copies (really didn't think it would be that popular...maybe they didn't ship many)).

I had a game lined up to start a walkthrough on, but I am tempted to insert this one ahead of it...I think only one person actually has a playthrough up on the game so maybe it would get more traffic.  It really isn't a type of game I would pick up normally, but for some reason it really appealed to me.

Let's see if you can guess what it might be...

It has been heavily advertised, particularly for a Wii game as of late, Nintendo Week had a segment "investigating" the game, and many people are unsure of how it will rate as the first on the console...

Need any more hints?  Who can crack the case?


July 7th, 2011: 1 Month Update

Hard to believe I've been on a solid month now, certainly doesn't seem that long.

My apologies for the lack of updates the last few days, I went out of town for the Independence Day weekend.

One thing I like to do is check out GameStop's when I am out-of-town.  It is always interesting to compare the store layout and especially their stock of used games.  I say this in regards to the GameCube collection.  It was very difficult for me to land a copy of Super Mario Sunshine up here at the home stores.  Down state I found 2 copies on the shelf!  I got to check out a few new games and spend some time with the 3DS as well.  We did score a copy of Mario Party 7 for a friend of mine.

I actually have several videos ready to upload as I continue the Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough...the only issue is I have been getting disconnected, which subsequently aborts the upload.  I have literally fought with uploading Part 5 now for the last 8 hours and prior to that had trouble before leaving out on vacation. 

It seems to be an issue with the modem...our connection is the best we can get in the area and is still super quick when active.  Not an issue with the router, this has to do with the cable company's end of things.  I will work towards resolving the issue.

Tonight I captured Strength Training Part 7-10.  It featured a few exercises I had not yet played so we went the demo route once more.  I did have to wonder how many reps were available with the Balance Bridge, Side Lunge, Single Arm Stand, and Single Leg Reach.  I didn't want to have to play through the same exercise twice and I like to keep the progression fluid (the minutes add up the same (18 minutes in Exercise A + 3 minutes in Exercise A-2 = 20 minutes etc).

I will unlock the 2nd and 3rd tiers and finish the playthroughs.  If the upload issues persist I may simply edit them in with the others despite loosing the merits of the straight playthrough.

I also went ahead and did the Challenges.  Granted, I had done some of each prior, but I wanted to hit each of the three consecutively to round out the Strength Training Playthrough.  It was only the 2nd time I'd done the Push-up Challenge so we have a lot to go before we finish it up.  The Jacknife Challenge only lacks a few more, and the Plank Challenge, which I believe I had already beaten (7 attempts) netted me a 180 second win over the trainer...very nice!

So yes, the Strength Training Playthrough is basically 95% complete.  I will go in tomorrow and wrap up the remaining sets of the new exercises and I should be able to complete the Jacknife Challenge and will tackle a few rounds of the Pushup Challenge.

Once the uploads can resume there will be a lot of new content to enjoy!

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