Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training: Parts 5 & 6

Okay, so we left off with Part 4 that featured the first 15 Reps of the Rowing Squat.  Let's pick up right where we left off:

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 5
Rowing Squats (30, 45r), Single Leg Twist (10, 20r),
and Sideways Leg Lift (10, 20r)

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 6:
Plank (30, 60, 90sec) and
Tricep Extension (10, 20r)

Rowing Squats

These are fairly straight forward.  You saw the 15 reps in the previous installment (Part 4) you can enjoy the 30 and 45 reps with full audio and commentary, lol.  You essentially just want to treat this a squat + rowing combo.   Focus on pulling your arms back and trying to close your shoulder blades.  At the same time, try to make sure you are getting a deep bend, but not causing yourself any pain or extending past the 90 degree mark.  I actually enjoy this exercise and depending on what I have done previously I will usually tackle the 30-45 reps from time-to-time.

Single Leg Twists

This is another fairly easy exercise and and is somewhat reminescent of a windmill.  The scoring is simple and easy to adapt to with the ideal position on the board and facing the screen.  I enjoy this one a bit more than the sideways leg lift, but often play them back-to-back.

Sideways Leg Lift

Very similar to the "Single Leg Twist" but instead of coming in, you go out...straight out.  This is a good one for a quick exercise and no doubt helps you work on your posture and center of balance; both key for advanced exercises.


This is a good exercise and one of the few that you can really feel working, with no doubt in your mind!  However, the scoring is iffy.  You CAN NOT maintain the proper position AND look up to see your score.  There is sound, but it is certainly less than ideal.  You can hold a perfect position the full course of the exercise, but if you are off a little it will impact the score.  I think the Wii U could correct this with a controller screen laid down in front of you...that would be awesome!  If you plan to do this exercise, work your way up with some Push-up and Side Planks and don't be afraid to stop short.  My best advice is to line the board with a flannel shirt, or something else "soft" that will save your forearm from being dimpled!  This won't impact the way it registers or have any adverse effects.  I would go for a high score if you must, but once you are satisfied there focus on the form and don't fret about the score...your neck will thank you.

Tricep Extension

A classic exercise no doubt, but not one well served to the WiiMote.  This will teach you good form, but for a true workout you need to lift more weight than the WiiMote.  The problem?  You will not score as it is sensitve to the motion sensor of the remote control.  My advice, practice the form and then move on to dumbbells.  Make use of this only to practice the correct form, or to cool down from a more strenous exercise.

That wraps up the second row of exercises on Strength Training.  I will come in for the next blog entry and recap the final row, before the challenges, which are complete as of last night (7/13) was the Push-up Challenge tough...more on that soon!

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