Friday, July 29, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training: Parts 12-14 The Challenges

Well, I FINALLY got them uploaded!  If you recall I had mentioned several times that they had been done, I just needed to add post commentary and get them uploaded.  I got that done last night and it nice to have it behind me.  The vids have been added to the playlist as well, hopefully you will enjoy them.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 12: Pushup Challenge

The Pushup Challenge

I have to say, this one proved much more difficult than I had anticipated.  I had played it once before and wasn't too interested because I made use of the Pushup and Side Plank regularly.  I had done the Plank previously and knew that the duration increased at the end, but I had no clue we would jump from 50 to 100 reps for the final challenge.

My best advice here is to simply work your way up and don't be afraid to use your knees.  It is difficult to do 100 Pushups, especially when you do not control the pace.  Completing this challenge gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 13: Jacknife Challenge

Jacknife Challenge

I have to admit, I didn't think this one would be too difficult, hence why I had not completed it prior to the playthrough.  I was absolutely fine just doing the 30 Reps in the Jacknife exercise every night.  I was correct in doing the challenge, it was by far the least in my opinion.  If you can handle the 30 reps, I don't think you'll have trouble completing this challenge, if so just work your way up to that level.

I will caution, this one also jumps from 50 reps to 100 reps for the final 7-Star Guru ranking.  If you need a good start to the challenges, I reccommend you tackle this challenge first.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough Part 14: Plank Challenge

The Plank Challenge

I felt like this one would be the most difficult challenge in the game, so I did it early on.  I mean way early on...basically once it was unlocked I had to take it on.  I was very shocked when the final round went up quite a bit more than 20 seconds...180 seconds (3 Minutes) is a very long time to hold the Plank position, and hold it well.
This is the same as we had previously done, but with a longer duration.  The Challenges don't let you backtrack so I could only do a rematch of the final round with the trainer.
Here is my advice...cover the board with a towel or soft material to save your forearms, huge difference right there.  Do not look at the tv, it will only mess you up and make you loose the position while increasing strain on your body.  Just perservere and do your best.  If you don't make it, keep trying!


This wraps up not only the Challenges, but also our Strength Training Playthrough.  I spend a lot of time with the basics: Pushup and Side Plank, Jacknife, Torso Twist, etc.  After the playthrough I will no doubt be adding a few more to my regimen.  The Challenges are quite difficult, but add a nice sense of accomplishment to veteran players that are up for the task.  It is a good feeling to wrap it all up!

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