Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Basic Run Short Routes

Alright, I am going to have to take on the Basic Run in installments.  The good news is all the Short Routes fit easily into one video...let's take a look:

Basic Run Short Route

Let me start by saying that I really enjoy the Basic Run...just not as much on the short course.  Due to having to slow down so often and the lack of distance to improve your score it is not the most condusive to a high-score.  I tried several times after with various strategies to land a 4 Star Rank and came up empty.

Anyway, what you will do is select to hold the Wiimote, or place it in a pocket...I prefer to hold it, whether I have pockets or just seems more natural and I personally think that it registers better.  You will be tasked with following your guide around a predetermined course across Wuhu Island.  Each route will offer something different and exciting, which is why I like it so well.  The other cool feature is the interaction.  You will see birds, dogs, cats, random island Miis, and other Miis you have makes a big improvement in the enjoyment factor.  It is always interesting to see which Miis will wave, holler, or ignore you, lol.  It really makes for a unique experience.

Another thing I love about the Basic Run is the sound.  If you changes from dirt to pavement to grass you will hear a noticeable difference in your foot steps.  Similarly when you pass certain regions (Falls for example) you are greeted with the appropriate sound effects.

This applies to all the "Runs" on Wii Fit Plus. 

I want to outline all the routes for this complete walkthru, so here they are:

-Route 1: Following the Mii:: Make a short circle back to stone circle in town.
-Route 2: Follow the gray cat with the blue collar up to rooftops and then onto the ship to finish.
-Route 3: Follow the white cat with the red collar across the downed tree back to falls (8 Bit Circuit).
-Route 4: Follow the white dog with the red collar up to the cabins and up the hill to finish.
I then made 3 more runs trying to land the 4 Star Rating for the playthrough...I only quit trying because the video was close to 30 minutes, lol.
-5: Normal Speed to the boat.
-6: Fast speed to the boat.
-7: Mix up, makign sure we didn't miss a route...still no 4 star.

So there you have it my fellow Wii Fit Plus Junkies...a complete walkthru on the Basic Run Short Routes...and yes, I will be doing the same for all the routes in the other distances of the Basic stay tuned!

And just fyi, my personal favorite short route is the first cat which scales the rooftops and takes you to the ship to finish.

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