Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough: Parts 1-4

Hey Everyone,

As mentioned, I feel like the best thing to do (in the future) might be to blog about each upload to keep it simple and maximize the utility.  However, the Strength Training Playthrough is complete, aside from the last round of the Pushup and Jacknife Challenge, which I plan to take-on tonight.

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 1:
Single Leg Extension and Push-up and Side Plank

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 2:
Push-up and Side Plank (20r) and Torso Twists

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 3:
Jacknives and Side Lunge (10r)
Balance Board Battery FAIL

Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Part 4:
Lunge and Rowing Squats (15r)
No Game Audio!

Okay, so this covers the first row of exercises: Single Leg Extension, Push-up and Side Plank, Torso Twist, Jacknife, Side Lunge, and even the first tier of reps in the Rowing Squats.

As you can see, the highlights are of course the fact my balance board's batteries gave up the ghost trying to start the 15 Reps of the Lunge and of course the next video where I had no audio from the game; both epic fails.  However, things have been smooth ever since...keep your fingers crossed.

The Single Leg Extension is pretty simple and a great way to get started, sort of a Yoga meets Strength Training.

The Push-up and Side Plank remains one of the most true Strength Training Exercises and a favorite of mine.  It is a genuine, physical exercise that can yield great results.

The Torso Twists are another favorite and again, a very beginner friendly Strength Training Exercise.  This is kind of like the old "windmill" exercise from gym class...but better because it is on Wii Fit Plus and uses the Balance Board!

The Jacknife is a staple in my daily routine.  I make a point to do the 30 rep set every night.  It is another tried-and-true Strength Training Exercise.  Work your way up and stay dedicated to it and you will be on your way to rock-hard abs!

The Side Lunge is a great way to get into the Strength Training-Weight Shift exercises.  It is straight forward and takes the basic lunge we all know and love (or hate) and simply positions the weight sensor to ensure you are going the distance.  Just don't bend past 90 degrees and you are ensured of great form!

Well, that is it for now...I would like to expand on all this and improve the formatting...might do that when time allows.

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