Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dodge Racing: Charger vs Challenger

Well, as of a few hours ago it became next playthrough has been revealed on YouTube!

It is....(drum roll please):

Dodge Racing: Charger vs Challenger

This is one of those promotional games that a lot of folks will over look, and it is a shame because it really isn't that bad of a game.  For Mopar enthusiasts, like myself, it is a great experience! 

Granted, you MUST play this game with the nunchuck.  Let me expand on can play the game with just the Wiimote like you would Mario Kart, but the control is horrible.  You could place the Wiimote on the floor and your car would be wanting to weave left and right!  That level of control is totally inexcusable, however, since it is an "option" and you can play with the nunchuck, it becomes moot...although a very noticeable and disappointing "moot."

Once I got past the horrible Wiimote only controls, the game was enjoyable.  It is quite difficult when your car is not up to par with the rest of the field and the wrecks and tendency for the cars to spin-out is also a bit annoying at times, but overall it is a laid back game.  When you finish miserably and can't advance you simply have to re-race, or earn more upgrade points to tweak your car.

I am currently to Part 10 on the playthrough, and aside from the control issue, which is resolved, and the fact it is a bit challenging, in large part due to the nature of the game, I am really enjoying this one.  Granted, if you are a casual race fan, or prefer exotics, mustangs, or camaros you will probably not be as lenient as I am. 

I had previously played Chrysler Classic Racing so I had an idea what this game would be like (and yes, I do plan to recrod a playthrough of CCR as well).  I wasn't disappointed, but I was not blown away either.  For the race enthusiast looking for something new, or diehard Mopar fanatic you can't go wrong with this game!

I will blog about the playthroughs as I get them uploaded...or atleast that is the plan.  I will be working on this one while wrapping up Wii Fit Plus and the final 2-3 Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident videos.  Hopefully this will expose you to something new and if you don't go out and get the game, at least you will know how it plays and how it ends!

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