Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 7th, 2011: 1 Month Update

Hard to believe I've been on a solid month now, certainly doesn't seem that long.

My apologies for the lack of updates the last few days, I went out of town for the Independence Day weekend.

One thing I like to do is check out GameStop's when I am out-of-town.  It is always interesting to compare the store layout and especially their stock of used games.  I say this in regards to the GameCube collection.  It was very difficult for me to land a copy of Super Mario Sunshine up here at the home stores.  Down state I found 2 copies on the shelf!  I got to check out a few new games and spend some time with the 3DS as well.  We did score a copy of Mario Party 7 for a friend of mine.

I actually have several videos ready to upload as I continue the Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Playthrough...the only issue is I have been getting disconnected, which subsequently aborts the upload.  I have literally fought with uploading Part 5 now for the last 8 hours and prior to that had trouble before leaving out on vacation. 

It seems to be an issue with the modem...our connection is the best we can get in the area and is still super quick when active.  Not an issue with the router, this has to do with the cable company's end of things.  I will work towards resolving the issue.

Tonight I captured Strength Training Part 7-10.  It featured a few exercises I had not yet played so we went the demo route once more.  I did have to wonder how many reps were available with the Balance Bridge, Side Lunge, Single Arm Stand, and Single Leg Reach.  I didn't want to have to play through the same exercise twice and I like to keep the progression fluid (the minutes add up the same (18 minutes in Exercise A + 3 minutes in Exercise A-2 = 20 minutes etc).

I will unlock the 2nd and 3rd tiers and finish the playthroughs.  If the upload issues persist I may simply edit them in with the others despite loosing the merits of the straight playthrough.

I also went ahead and did the Challenges.  Granted, I had done some of each prior, but I wanted to hit each of the three consecutively to round out the Strength Training Playthrough.  It was only the 2nd time I'd done the Push-up Challenge so we have a lot to go before we finish it up.  The Jacknife Challenge only lacks a few more, and the Plank Challenge, which I believe I had already beaten (7 attempts) netted me a 180 second win over the trainer...very nice!

So yes, the Strength Training Playthrough is basically 95% complete.  I will go in tomorrow and wrap up the remaining sets of the new exercises and I should be able to complete the Jacknife Challenge and will tackle a few rounds of the Pushup Challenge.

Once the uploads can resume there will be a lot of new content to enjoy!

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