Monday, July 11, 2011

Update from the Weekend July 8-10th, 2011

Man, what  a weekend!  I was able to get some time in each night on Mystery Case Files and Wii Fit Plus. 

The Wii Fit Plus playthrough had to take a bit of a hiatus as I played thru to unlock all the necessary reps.  This made me back track and edit things in, but it worked well.  This kept things fluild and concise.  The later exercises take so long all strung together each one is essentially its own installment.

The good news is, as of last night, I am done with the Strength Training exercises!  Well, everything but the Challenges...which I will finsih up over the next few nights.  The Plank is actually done, I had previously beaten it and simply replayed can not go back and take on lesser challenges.

I basically have been alternating the Push Up and Jacknife, I think I'm up to 40 on each.  Once commplete I will edit all the pieces together and upload them...that will officially wrap-up the Strength Training Portion of our Playthrough.

Later tonight I will archive the exercise playthrough here...I'm starting to think I should blog every one individually or something, but oh and learn.  I may do that in the future.

Also of note is my progress on Mystery Case Files...I went from the 1st and 2nd Walkthrus all the way up to Part 15 as of 3 AM last night...I am very pleased with the progress...I think I will blog each one with more detail here.

I should be able to get the articles written and posted tonight...sorry for the delay.  I must say, The Malgrave Incident has been a very fun change-of-pace game and has me anxious to continue.

See you later,


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