Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lucky Day: Back in Business and a New Game!

Maybe the stars aligned just right...or maybe the cable company fixed the line, I don't know for sure, but I am currently able to upload once more!

I just got Strength Training Part 5 and 6 uploaded and since things are going well, I have Part 7 uploading as we speak!

I am still thinking it is an issue on their end, but for the time being I have had no disconnects for the evening and am doing my best to take full advantage of it for you.  I may have to stop with Part 7 as I will have to go in and edit the 20 Reps of the Single Arm Stand.

As mentioned, I recorded Parts 7-10 last night and ended with the Plank Challenge.  I knew I'd have to go in and finish out the Push-up and Jacknife Challenge, but wasn't quite sure if the other, new exercises would have 2 or 3 tiers to them.  I have sorted all that out, and as much as I hate not having the playthrough match time wise, I feel it is best to have all 3 rounds of one exercise in sequence.

I will likely save Part 10: The Challenges and upload it...I will then come in with Part 11 for the Push-up and Part 12 for the Jacknife completion...the jacknives will be easy for me, not sure about the 100 Push-ups is just the slow pace of the game that kills me there, where we are on 20 and crawling I feel like I could be on 45 and flying. 

But we will cross that bridge when we get there I suppose.

Now for some exciting news...tonight I picked up a new game...and yes, it is actually "new" this time around.  I had tried to get it on release date, but the 2 stores I tried were out (one didn't get the shipment and the other sold their copies (really didn't think it would be that popular...maybe they didn't ship many)).

I had a game lined up to start a walkthrough on, but I am tempted to insert this one ahead of it...I think only one person actually has a playthrough up on the game so maybe it would get more traffic.  It really isn't a type of game I would pick up normally, but for some reason it really appealed to me.

Let's see if you can guess what it might be...

It has been heavily advertised, particularly for a Wii game as of late, Nintendo Week had a segment "investigating" the game, and many people are unsure of how it will rate as the first on the console...

Need any more hints?  Who can crack the case?


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