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Wii Fit Plus Strength Training Plus Part 14: Balance Bubble Plus

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 14: Balance Bubble Plus

Part 14 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough moves on to the river where we take on Balance Bubble Plus.  Balance Bubble Plus, much like Table Tilt Plus, was so popular on Wii Fit it was carried over to Wii Fit Plus and improved.  This one is noticeably more challenging than the Balance Bubble housed within the Balance Game catalog.  Let’s check it out:
Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 14: Balance Bubble Plus

Balance Bubble Plus
This is another one-and-done activity; that is there are no upper levels of difficulty.  That isn’t a bad thing as what you will be shooting for is improving your time.  I would think unless you really stalled out and barely made it past the finish line you should 4-Star this exercise.  I could be wrong if you have a really slow time, but the main objective is to cross the finish line.  Just like Balance Bubble, if you make it right to the edge of the line and your bubble gets popped it is over.  It is very easy to get sunk in the last section.  Speaking of which, let’s analyze the course.
If you are a fan of the Wii Fit Plus Playthough you likely remember me ranting about the “flowing water” in Balance Bubble, well it doesn’t…however, it does in Balance Bubble Plus…sweet justification!  What the means is you must always be leaned slightly forward to stay steady.  If you stand 50/50 (front and back) you will slip in the direction of the current.  Sometimes you may want to do this, most of the time it has to simply be compensated for and avoided.  Always keep this in mind as you progress.
I basically played this one to the point where I 4-Starred it, and then a few token plays (21 attempts).  I should play it more often as it is a lot of fun and challenging.  We start out and have to navigate a few bends, some sharper than others…simply avoid the walls and you are golden.  You also have to move due east and west at times, which was never seen on the basic Balance Bubble. 
Once you have navigated the first few turns, some of them 90 degrees and managed to course your way straight east or west a few times you will come to a center-pivot with three arms.  The trick here is to wait, hit an opening, and then maintain speed with the water vane.  If you go to slow, you’ll get hit by the trailing arm…move too fast and you’ll pop into the forward arm.  As soon as you emerge on the other side of this obstacle you enter a “dark temple.”
I really don’t know if that is what it is called, but if you examine the front walls it looks like some sort of a temple, and the jungle-esque music supports that hypothesis, lol.  Anyway, as you enter you’ll notice on big change, it is dark…like completely dark.   Fear not, move straight ahead and some torches will light small segments of your path.  There are many different ways to navigate through this section.  You essentially just have to use a lot of caution and move slowly to reveal the next break-point.  You will pop if you run into a torch base, or the random spikes placed in the watery temple.  This probably makes a lot more sense just watching the video, but text wise, this is the best I can do for you.   When you get to  a point that you are going for a personal best or World Record simply remember what path you think you can pull off in the least amount of time, learn it, and fly through as best you can.  For casual game players and beginners, just take your time and come through unscathed.
So you’re still reading?  Excellent and congratulations on making it through the dark temple portion of the course….if you were expecting to be rewarded with the finish line you should probably just turn around and pop the bubble…the worst is yet to come!
Literally a second out of the temple and we’ve got another center-pivot water vane.  The strategy is the same, but this one has a much more straight forward approach.  Oh and be careful not to speed…there is another center-pivot water vane turning the opposite direction right past this one.  Seriously, they almost touch!  The trick is of course to be mindful of the rotation and adjust accordingly.  This one does have a sharp 90 degree bank if you take the right side (which is likely easier for most since you have to speed and swing due west if you go left (it can be done, but I don’t recommend it)). 
So another challenge avoided, one more to go…and no, it won’t be an easy one.
As you clear the second center-pivot water vane after the temple there is a narrow straightaway.  Do not speed through here!  There are swarms of bees to greatly complicate things, the good news is they do have a pattern.  The band news is that pattern will slow you down.  So for the record runs fly wildly forward and hope for the best, for the rest of us, just take it easy and master holding your position.  What I mean by that is that when you proceed, you’ll have to stop…but remember that current I spoke of?  Yeah, you’ve got to lean ever so slightly forward to stay steady.  If you master this the bees are not that bad. 
There are a total of 8 bees.  Three that fly the same direction at the start, three that form a 1-2-1 grid, and then two that fly top to bottom and guard the finish line from angled entries.
The first, second, and third bees fly left to right first, and then right to left.  You can make a break for it if things line up right.  The fourth bee flies right to left first, and then left to right while the fifth bee will take the course of the first three.  The sixth bee mimics the fourth, which makes for a bit more of a challenge from this second tier of three than the first three bees presented.  Please note that you can slow and rest between the third and fourth bees, you just have to hold your position.  If you do that you can line up your run to the finish.  The seventh and eighth bees actually fly top to bottom and then bottom to top.  You can always tell when they’ll fly based on their wiggling before they do so, you can also weave through any of them when they turn (old pro trick there!).  These last two really aren’t in the way if you are waiting.  However, if you are making a speed run attempt for a record, they prove difficult as you never really have a straight shot lined up after traversing through the left to right flying bee field.
Nonetheless, get lined up and clear these last two bees and you cross the finish line (rainbow) and find yourself in a peaceful pool surrounded by treasure and your fellow Miis.  It is actually a pretty cool ending.
Our first attempt back netted 1,739 yards and a 3-Star Rank.  We had a few that were not that great, but then the payout came.  The third attempt got 1,720 yards as the sixth bee got our bubble.  The fourth attempt hit pay dirt and we got to end the recording on a happy note.  Our efforts earned us a score of 1:29::68 which was good for a Champion Label and 4-Star Rank.  As you can see, cross the line and your distance is scrapped and replaced with your time.  My personal best is a 1:17::90 albeit with limited attempts.  You won’t set the world on fire, but we did burn 4 calories over 2 minutes.
Balance Bubble Plus is the sequel to Balance Bubble and it will likely continue to be a staple of the Wii Fit series.  This activity offers a lot of replay to master and then subsequently for going for a personal best or record.  I think if you give it time you’ll come to enjoy Balance Bubble Plus.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 13: Table Tilt Plus

Table Tilt was so popular on Wii Fit that the designers brought back a more challenging version for Wii Fit Plus Training Plus, let’s  check it out:
Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 13: Table Tilt Plus

Table Tilt Plus
This is a sequel to Table Tilt from Wii Fit’s Balance Games.   This is a one-and-done activity,  that is there are no advanced levels.  Once you play you will understand why.   Table Tilt Plus keeps the basic 8 stage strategy, but with one major change…Now when you roll a ball into a hole you only get +6 seconds while clearing a stage nets you nothing.  Yeah, that is correct you will be adding time 6 seconds at a time.  You begin with only 50 seconds so it is very easy to struggle with one stage and wind up falling short of completing the game.  Table Tilt Plus definitely requires multiple attempts and lots of practice to master.
The first level is pretty straight forward, you have to use the orange recessed areas to launch to the outer ring and roll into a hole, just be careful not to roll off the edge.  Level 2 features a rotating hour-glass.  The trick here is to get the balls in order of rotation as the hourglass changes directions after you pocket the first ball…I recommend getting each one right to the hole and not trying to land both at the same time.  Level 3 also has 2 Balls…if you lean straight back you’ll land both against the orange levers that thrust them forward, stay perfectly balanced and you’ll drain both for +12 seconds.   Level 4 graduates to 3 balls and you have to launch them from the base level to the top.  My advice is to take one ball at a time and not worry about the others rolling off.  Level 5 still has 3 Balls and you simply roll them forward along the spiral while avoiding the rising columns.  Level 6 features 4 Balls and they must be maneuvered thru what I call a “pinball machine.”  The best thing to do is take one at a time (while launching the others onto the main area).  Roll it down avoiding the orange lever and use the column at the bottom as a stop before rolling into the hole.  Level 7 features 5 Balls and  one hole on the upper most corner of a platform.  You can get balls to the hole from either the top platform or the bottom platform’s launcher.  Take one at a time, but do your best to keep the others on the platform.   Level 8 is pretty crazy.   You start with 8 Balls atop a rotating hour glass, which just so happens to cover virtually the entire platform.  Get the balls off as quick as possible and rotating with the hourglass.  Once you have done this work to get one, as soon as you do, the hourglass will change directions and speed up…try to net another before it closes the whole.  When it covers the hole you were using, shift your focus to the other hole, repeat this until you’ve landed every ball in a hole, that will get you thru the exercise with 80 base points and a time bonus for whatever you have left.
The first time through we had trouble with a few and only made it thru round 6 for 60 points. Our second attempt saw us improve and make it thru with 36 second to spare for a total score of 116 Points, which was good for a 3-Star Rank.  A complete run through will take somewhere between 3-5 minutes and burn around 5-9 calories.
Table Tilt Plus is a lot of fun and the challenging nature makes it worthy of many replays.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 12: Skateboard Arena

Part 12 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough takes us back to an activity I really enjoy, Skateboard Arena.  This one builds up your skill level in Beginner and then let's you put it to the test in Advanced while the Free course will let you practice the details, have fun, or go for a high score!  Let's check it out

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 12: Skateboard Arena, Beginner

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 12: Skateboard Arena, Advanced

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 12: Skateboard Arena, Free

Skateboard Arena

This is really an awesome game!  When I first started playing I wasn't that great, particularly at the Advanced Course.  In fact, I often wondered how they expected anyone to get thru however many stages there were.  With practice, I was able to nail down the technique and finish out the 8th Stage on Advanced, man was that a good feeling.  Granted, there wasn't much time left and the score was still pretty low, but nonetheless there was improvment.  I worked from there to really perfect it and learn all the ins-and-outs of Skateboard Arena.  With a bit more practice I was able to click off some pretty impressive scores (note: I have yet to use the Stage 6 "Shortcut").  This once again goes to show you that with practice, comes improvement and mastery.  Now it is rare for me to finish with a 3-Star Rank.

The Beginner course just goes thru and teaches you all the basic moves.  In the Advanced course you put all those to the test and attempt to execute them in succession to nail a good score.  I have to say I like Advanced the most.  Beginner really isn't much of a challenge...Advanced, even for a good skateboarder, can still throw you for a loop and offers a ton of replay value.  I haven't done the Free course much, but you can either have fun, work on a set skill (like jumping off the half-pipe to a new platform for Stage 8 on Advanced), or just go for a high score.  Obviously some portions, like the half pipe rows, are more condusive to getting high scores.

Overall Skateboard Arena is a great activity and one of the all star activities in Training Plus.  It was a great challenge and in all honesty still is as you shoot to overtake your personal best.  I have yet to get tired of this exercise and will likely to continue playing it for years to come.

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough: Part 11 Big Top Juggling

Part 11 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us clowning around at the circus with Big Top Juggling.  Again, I’ve played 4 times prior to recording this playthrough.  This activity, along with Rhythm Parade, just never appealed to me.  That said, it isn’t a bad activity, just not one of my favorites.  Let’s  take a look and then expand on what you see:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough: Part 11 Big Top Juggling

Big  Top Juggling 
To juggle you simply flick the Wiimote and Nunchuck upwards.  The trick is that you have to balance on a ball while juggling…the catch?  You control the ball’s motion, or stability, by shifting your weight right or left.  The game is divided between Beginner and Advanced. 
Somehow we managed to score a 905 in Beginner which was good for a 3-Star Professional Rank and our personal best.  This also burned 5 calories over 2 minutes and unlocked us Advanced (5 Balls).  Having unlocked Advanced we just went ahead and tackled it.  In our first ever playthrough of Advanced we scored 1,180 points which was good enough for an Amateur Ranking and 2-Stars.  Advanced will consume about 2 minutes and 6 calories.

I’ve almost come to the conclusion that you simply dodge the bombs and then the other Miis will eventually throw Balls 4 and 5.  I’ll find out for sure at some point and let you know.
I will likely play this one more thru the winter, particularly if we are ever snowed in etc.  I would like to 4-Star it, but just as with Rhythm Parade it is not high on the priority list with so many other options on Wii Fit Plus and the entire Wii library.  I’m sure some folks will really enjoy this, is just isn’t one of my personal favorites.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 10: Rhythm Parade

Part 10 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us marching downtown in Rhythm Parade.  I must again stress, I do not play this one much and it simply does not appeal to me.  I do like the graphics and night scene at the city’s center, but this just isn’t my cup of tea.  Nonetheless, this isn’t horrible and I’m sure some will love it.  We need the Balance Board for marching and the Wiimote and Nunchuck for our directing.   Let’s check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 10: Rhythm Parade

Rhythm Parade
There are two levels, beginner and advanced.  The main difference between the two is the pace and duration.  My biggest gripe is the march to the whistle.  If this was just hitting the Wiimote or Nunchuck in-time with the sequence I would be fine.   In my opinion I am keeping the same pace, yet the game doesn’t seem to think so.  As you progress and do well you will add band members,  the marching band can get pretty large depending on how well you perform.   Make just one miss and you’ll loose the back row.
It is easier to understand the concept by just watching the video.  Again, I feel like what is holding me back is the whole “march in time to the whistle.”  I’ve never been a fan of that type of thing, and don’t intend to start now.   I went ahead and persisted through the entire procession and we netted 410 points, good for a 3-Star Calorie Torcher Ranking on Beginner (Personal Best 468 Points, 3 Star).  This will pass 3 minutes and burn roughly 13 calories.  Advanced saw us score  1,010 points good enough to earn Calorie Torcher and the accompanying 3-Star Ranking (Personal Best 1,135 Points, 3 Star (3 Attempts, lol)).  More importantly though, the Advanced segment of Rhythm Parade will burn 16 calories over about 4 minutes, not bad for the time invested.
I might play this once or twice a year, most likely on a day I’m snowed in at home.  I would eventually like to 4-Star it, but there are many other things I will put a priority on completing.    Nonetheless it is fun, aside from the stepping in tune part, and I’m sure a lot of folks will really enjoy this activity.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 9: Tilt City

Part 9 of our Wii Fit Plus Playthrough sees us take on Tilt City.  This is a very fun game, not a great workout, but good for coordination.  Let’s check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 9: Tilt City

Tilt City

Tilt City is divided into three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.  I had never played Expert and let me say it is quite challenging!

Beginner gets started with 25 balls and 3 colored pipes.  The objective is simple enough, get the colored ball into the corresponding colored pipe.  The best advice I can offer is to practice.  Once you have played enough the actions will become ingrained in your muscle memory, which will be of great service.  We shockingly clicked off a Perfect Score on Beginner with 250 Points for a 4-Star Champion Ranking, it wasn’t the first time we got a perfect score, but it is still cool to pull it off right off the bat.  It burns 4 calories over roughly 2 minutes, again, not a big burn, but great for total body coordination.

Next up in Advanced we saw the same thing, but with 4 colored balls and pipes.  They also upped the total ball count from 25 to 40.  This is the same concept, just more difficult.  I’m sure with time and practice you can master it just like Beginner.  The good news is the controls are the same, Wiimote top, Balance Board bottom. We managed a 322 good for 3 Stars and a Professional Ranking!  This also unlocked “Expert” which at the time I didn’t even know existed, lol.  It will burn 5 calories over about 2 minutes each playthrough.

Naturally we had to take on Expert, it is the same thing as Advanced with a few minor tweaks.   The most troubling is the control swap…where the Wiimote was the top element to tilt, now the Balance Board is up top with the Wiimote below where the Balance Board used to be located.  This minor change really complicates things.  Granted, if you play this one over-and-over I’m sure it will ingrain just the same as the other control orientation, but when you are accustomed to it one way, it is a big change.  There are still 40 balls, but they seem to come quicker and in larger groups (towards the end).  This makes things extremely tough as you will have multiple balls pile up and one slight mistake can cause you to miss out on 4 or so balls in a matter of seconds.  Nonetheless this is a great challenge and will no doubt be something to work towards mastering.  We managed a 114 and 112 in two attempts, both good for 2 Stars and an Amateur Rank…not horrible given the circumstances and not knowing Expert even existed.
Overall Tilt City is a good challenge and will help with total body coordination. 

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 8: Obstacle Course

After venting some stress by pummeling Miis with snowballs, we take to the clouds for the Obstacle Course.  This was definitely one of the reasons I picked up Wii Fit Plus and it was used heavily by reviewing agencies as one of the best new features.  It is hard to argue as you get a good workout, and have a lot of biggest complaint is that there is not an "Expert" level on this game, let's check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 8: Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

As mentioned, there are only two levels on this one Beginner and Advanced.  I really wish I knew why they limited this great activity to just two rounds, but oh well.  Again, that is my biggest slight on Obstacle Course...simply that there is no expert or 3rd round.  That should, however, speak volumes for how great this exercise is.  While you get a good workout in, you have a ton of fun, and that is exactly what Wii Fit Plus' Training Plus aimed to deliver.

The Obstacle Course on the Beginner level is fairly straight forward.  You run, jump, and avoid obstacles that would send you off the course.  Granted, each time you get knocked off you simply start over at the last cleared segment.  It will take awhile to master, but once you first hit that finish line it won't be long until you are crossing it quicker and quicker each time out.

The Advanced level is a bit more demanding.  You have the same series of challenges, but there are some new ones as well...most notably ice!  The ice is slick and your Mii will slide across it...and off it (as I so elegantly demonstrated, lol).  The basic concept is the same though, master the course and improve your times.  Once you have established a good time you will have to contend with trying to best it...this is usually catch 2-2.  Your judgment tells you to be safe and wait, but your record hungry side says to go for'll either make it and ascend to new heights or be knocked off and lucky to place in your Top 10.

The Obstacle Course is a ton of fun and has great replay value both for record seekers and casual players alike.  It did exactly what the designers intended...get you active and make sure you have fun while being active!

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 7: Snowball Fight

Part 7 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us change gears, and clothes, as we bundle up for the Snowball Fight.  This is another Training Plus original that makes great use of the Balance Board (dodging) and Wiimote (throwing).  It isn't a great workout, but is great for hand-eye coordination and tests your reflexes, let's take a look at the action:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 7: Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight

This is broken down into three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.  As you progress each level gets progressively more challenging.

After taking to the skies for Bird's Eye Bullseye, we make our way back to earth and find the ground covered in snow, perfect for a Snowball Fight. This isn't necessarily a great workout, but it will do wonders for your hand-eye coordination (point and shoot) and reaction time/agility (dodging). You essentially just dodge snowballs by moving behind your protective barrier and then pop out to the right or left to nail opponents. Beginner and Advanced give you 3 hearts, if you get hit your vision will be blurry (covered in snow) and you will loose a heart. You can regain the heart b not being hit in succession. Some enemies will have snowman suits which make them have to take 2 hits to be knocked out. If you time it all right you'll have fun and pull in a good score. We netted 4-Stars on all stages including the Expert course, which only allows you to get hit once, which is understandable given the fact your opponents are throwing entire snowman heads at you! Overall it is just a lot of fun!
The best thing to do to perfect your skill is practice!  You are probaby tired of hearing that, but it is true.  The simple controls make this one easy to learn and a pleasure to master.  I've found it is also a good way to relieve a little stress after a rough day, lol.

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Part 6: Bird's Eye Bullseye

Part 6 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough has us ditch the Segway for an aerial flight of WuHu Island…granted that flight comes in the form of a Chicken Suit:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 6: Bird's Eye Bullseye

Bird’s Eye Bullseye
This is truly one of the best activities on Wii Fit Plus.  It helped launch the title, it is a great workout (believe it or not), and it is just pure, good old fashioned fun.  Best of all, in true Wii Fit Plus fashion, you look like a complete idiot when you stand on the Balance Board flapping your arms…your friends or family will likely burn as many calories just laughing!
This one is also broken down into three levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.   I have spent the majority of the time I’ve played in Beginner and as you saw in the playthrough I had never once tackled Expert.  I really should play this one more and on a regular basis, it is a ton of fun and a good workout.   I’m not sure why, but for whatever reason I just seem to do other activities and don’t play this one often; I think I will change that!
You basically fly around the island from start to finish and have the option of landing on platforms for bonus time.  Some platforms have multiple time bonus rings, just like a dart board…it is actually quite difficult to land dead-center.
The easiest way to 4-Star any of these levels is to get a good score and then land on the rooster icon in the dead center of the final target…it will give you a significant bonus and can turn your ordinary 3-Star score into a 4-Star with ease.
Beginner is pretty straight forward, but Advanced gets a bit more challenging.  First off, there are multiple path options.  Second, some platforms sink below the water, land late and you’ll drown!  Both Advanced and Expert put the final target aboard the blimp, which makes it very difficult to land on that big bonus point (the blimp is moving constantly).
We clicked off a 163, 3-Star Early Bird on our Beginner Run which was good for 8th Place where my personal best is 233 (4-Star).  Advanced saw us muster a 6th Place Rank with 124 points as a 3-Star Early Bird rank, with my personal best being a 157 (3-Star).  Expert, which is really fun and challenging, saw me score 180 Points good for a 2-Star “Spring Chicken” Ranking (keep in mind this was my first and only time to play Expert).
I definitely plan to play this a lot more after the playthrough is complete and maybe even see how close I can get to some World Records.  The best thing to do is practice, learn the course, and perfect your skill to land those big bonus points.  I’ll definitely be coming back to 4-Star Advanced and Expert.  Bird’s Eye Bullseye is a great activity for Wii Fit Plus and shows how getting a workout can be very fun!

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 5: Segway Circuit

Part 5 of our Wii Fit Plus Playthrough has us ditch the golf car for a Segway!  The Segway Circuit was a real treat being included on Wii Fit Plus.  It basically came out of nowhere, but it makes perfect sense as the Balance Board and Wiimote team up to make a very realistic Segway experience, check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 5: Segway Circuit

This game is broken down into three distintct levels: Beginner, Advanced, and Expert.  Each level has its own section of the island, route, and music.  Beginner puts you rolling the segway across the beach.  You learn the basic controls and then have to chase down the moles and pop the beach balls.  Granted, not all of them just pop up out of a hole, some will move and make you chase them!  The last mole has one beach ball and he doesn't just burrow from hole-to-hole, he also has a Segway!  This is a ridiculously fun exercise and helps with total body control and your reflexes.  It won't burn off a hundred calories, but it is a ton of fun!  We made quick work of this level and pulled off a 4-Star Ranking!

The Advanced level is where I used to play...that was some time ago, now I mainly play Expert.  That said, it took me some time to readjust and learn what route to take and how to best handle the moving moles.  I think we netted our 4-Star Ranking on the 3rd attempt.  It all comes down to learning the positions, which moles move, and understanding whether it is best to follow a burrowing mole, or continue with your route.  The big catch here is that the final mole has 2 beach balls and is a bit trickier to rundown.

The Expert Level is probably my favorite.  I spend most of my time in Segway Circuit here and it shows.  Just as with the previous two, this one is all about knowing when to follow, and when to stay the course...sometimes doing one or the other can be the difference between a record run and a 3-Star Ranking.  We pulled off the 4-Star Rank on our first attempt.  The final mole here has 3 beach balls (you have to pop them in succession).  He can go any number of ways, if he goes back into town and takes the tight corners it is that much more difficult to keep up with him.  The difference between a record run and just  another good 4-Star score can be as simple as hitting one or two moles before the burrow. 

Segway Circuit is a game that probably wasn't on the list of "most anticipated," but it sure is a lot of fun.  I find myself playing this one about once a night.  It is laid back, but has enough of an edge to keep you stimulated.  If you really get good you can go for a world record to add even more intrigue to the game.

This is definitely one of my favorites and a true bright spot for Wii Fit Plus and a perfect example of how well the Balance Board and Wiimote work together to mimic real life action!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 4: Driving Range

Part 4 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough sees us move from the hilltop dojo down to the links where we leisurely take on the challenges at the Driving Range:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 4-1: Driving Range, Approach Shot

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 4-2: Driving Range, Iron

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 4-3: Driving Range, Driver

Driving Range

The Driving Range portion on Wii Fit Plus is a very leisurely paced activity and very relaxing.  They break it down into three sections: Approach Shot, Iron, and Driver.  These are obviously reflective of your wedges, irons, and drivers just like you would have in the bag on the course.  The approach shot is 100 yards out, the iron shot is 160 yards out, and the driver is a full 250 yards to the pin.

Obviously, just as with real golf, the farther away from the pin and the larger the club you swing the greater your chances are that something goes wrong, lol.

Testament to that was my score of 195 on the Approach Shot and a much lower score with the Driver.

I will say that not being centered with the tv does compromise my swing ,and likely will your swing...if you are struggling, make sure that you are centered with the tv sounds irrelevant, but it can help.

You basically want to swing the Wiimote (please wear the wrist strap!) just as you would a golf club.  This is actually pretty natural to do while standing on the board.  You will have to get a feel for how hard to swing to send the ball just the right distance: to soft and it won't be a "nice shot," too hard and you'll risk a "miss."  Once you have established the feel and rhythm you should be set to go...

On the Approach Shot Playthrough I got an okay on the first shot, landed the second shot, and went on to score a 195, which is 5 short of a perfect round.

The scoring is straight forward:
Nice Shot=10 Points
OK=5 Points
Miss=0 Points

As you can see, netting one "miss" can really kill your chance for a good score.  As for finite adjustments, you can utilize the "Swing Analysis" for an idea on how to really improve.  In all honesty, this is a pretty good tool.  If you have ever been to a pro shop, most of them have some sort of "golf simulation" that helps customer's select clubs and improve their swings.  This is as good as most of the software out there, or atleast it was based on when I was last in such a golf shop.

The thing I really like, aside from how relaxing this exercise is, that it offers encouragement to hit the links in real life when you perform well.  Overall this is a great change up with the leisurely pace and offers a chance to hone your swing and maybe inspire you to hit the driving range yourself.

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 3: Rhythm Kung Fu

Part 3 of our Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough sees us move from Island Cycling to a mountain top dojo where we practice Kung Fu moves in rhythm with the music.  Let's take a look:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 3: Rhythm Kung Fu

Rhythm Kung Fu

This is a pretty fun exercise.  You have elements from rhythm boxing, but this might be a little easier to follow along with and execute.  You simply perform the moves you see behind you in the mirror...sounds simple, but it will take some time to adjust.

The best thing to do is practice.  Playthrough Beginner several times and you are sure to see your score improve.  Unlike Rhythm Boxing you don't have to leave the Balance Board, so foot work is a non-issue.  You do occasionaly have to raise a leg, but you always come down on the board, not the floor itself.  You will have some recovery time if you miss an intial move, think Basic Step. 

I had a pop-up processing and that somehow interrupted the recording is all there, but so many frames were dropped it ends the video portion before the sync'd commentary some points the Miis move in a much faster pace, that is the recording glitch.  It was kind of funny, so I opted to leave it.

I would like to 4 Star both of these, but that will happen after the playthrough wraps up here shortly.

This is a bit quicker than Rhythm Boxing, a lot of fun, and is a good change of pace from the norm.

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 2: Island Cycling

Island Cycling, what is there to say?  I love this part of Wii Fit Plus, and I am not alone.  Island Cycling is a ton of fun, and offers immense freedom to leisurely cycle or get competitive with online standings (not thru the game, but via other outlets).  The early segments allow you to go for the "shortest distance" while the Free Ride course lets you go for the greatest distance or the quickest time, something I hope to work towards this fall/winter.

There are 5 stand-alone parts to Island Cycling, so let's check them out:

Wii Fit Plus Traning Plus Playthrough Part 2-1: Island Cycling Beginner Course

Wii Fit Plus Traning Plus Playthrough Part 2-2: Island Cycling Advanced Course

Wii Fit Plus Traning Plus Playthrough Part 2-3: Island Cycling Island View Course

Wii Fit Plus Traning Plus Playthrough Part 2-4: Island Cycling Expert Course

Wii Fit Plus Traning Plus Playthrough Part 2-5: Island Cycling Free Ride

Island Cycling

Again let me stress that I really enjoy this.  I rank this as probably the most fun on the entire game disc, mainly due to the freedom's you don't have with Basic Run and Free Run, and the fact there is such a competivie nature to the game.

There are a few short comings, like not having an odometer in the early portions, but that is far from a deal breaker.

In all honesty, I would buy a cycling game for $49.99 that featured similar options.  Just expand it with more content and go WiFi for the leaderboard in distance, calories, and time and you'd have a FIT HIT!  That's right, are you reading this Nintendo?  Do the reasearch and prove me wrong!  This would be the next step up in exergaming.

Again, in all honesty, Island Cycling is a big reason I rushed out for Sports Resort.  I was a bit disappointed that the cycling on SR didn't have an option to use the balance board and to eliminate the "pace yourself" stuff...if I get tired, I will quit moving the nunchuck (or stepping on the Balance Board).  To compensate, just put in difficulty settings for beginners and diehards.  I plan to hit that segment some time in the near future as I have put it off for 2 years now waiting to get all lined up with recording equipment, lol.

Anyway, back to Island Cycling.  I spend most of my time being competitive thus far on Beginner and Advanced, and my scores reflect that.  When I first got into beating records, I was on Island View, at the time those scores were good...I moved to Beginner and then graduated to Advanced.  Last I checked, which admittedly was a while back, my Beginner and Advanced were both Wii World Records, although not submitted.  I'm sure that could have changed, but that is how dedicated I am to this and how much I enjoy playing.

I do plan to focus more this winter on Expert Course and Free Ride as I'll have more time inside and it is a great way to stay active.  I believe the best times on Free Ride are around 15 minutes or less!  I actually haven't played it much (not even 10 times!).  Hence why I had to play twice just to get all 20 beach balls, which some folks may have been oblivous too. 

As for tips and tricks, simple...Play through the course and learn where the checkpoints are located.  Now, try to pick a short route.  Try it out.  Tweak your route and try to improve.  This is really a trial-and-error process.  More time invested will yield a greater, or lesser, score.

My personal favorite is Advanced.  I just really like the diversity of the checkpoints and think it is a great distance for every day play.

Let me once again stress that I DID NOT TAKE MY SHORT ROUTES.  I simply wanted to complete these with a decent score for the playthrough.  I am capable of much better distances on the first 4, I just simply went about it casually as I do not want to reveal my personal routes etc to get the good scores.

This is truly one of the high points of Wii Fit Plus and it really shines.  The following Island Cycling gets is reflective of how much Wii Fit fanatics appreciate the diversity and open concept of the exercise!

Look for me to get into the competition on Free Ride later this year!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to Download Virtual Console and/or WiiWare Games on your Nintendo Wii

I had a few folks ask, so I just decided to make a video to show how to do it...especially since I had been delaying my download of Jett Rocket for about the 11th month, lol.  It is really easy to do, the video should cover everything.  If you have any questions, just let me know and I'll do my best to help you out:

How to Download Virtual Console/WiiWare Games to your Nintendo Wii

Melty Molten Galaxy: Through the Meteor Storm, Star Roll

Hey, just spent some time tonight getting a little casual gameplay in...picked up SMG for the first time since May of this year and picked up where we left off with Melty Molten Galaxy.  A friend and I were taking turns, he go thru the first section and then I advanced us past the thwomp wheel and then on to the final "star roll" section.  He passed the torch to me as I tend to be a little better with these types of missions.

Well, it took 8-10 tries, hence why I recorded there...I kept getting thru the entire maze and would land the jump from the rock platform to the revolving lava platforms, but could never make the final, seemingly small jump to the final rock platform.  I even got a speed run and jump in that didn't clear it.

I finally got it as we decided to wait for the platform to get high and then jump!

Granted we hadn't played in awhile, but this one really added insult...the stress and odd position of holding the Wiimote 90 from parallel proves to be tiresome.  Nonetheless, it was a big relief to clear the mission and collect the star.  I figured I would post it here in case anyone has the same trouble....that strategy will save you a lot of time, provided you can get there!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

1ofWiisdom...Now on Twitter

Yeah, that's right.  I'm not a huge fan, but I think it will be fun and might even allow me to make a few more friends and expose folks to this blog and my YouTube account.

I will use Twitter primarily to alert folks to fresh uploads, blog postings, or  playlist links and anything else I deem pertinent or helpful whether that be retweeting Nintendo's tweets, or posting links to other videos I like.

I encourage you to follow me on Twitter and subscribe here on Blogger and YouTube as well to stay up to the minute.  Check it out:


I actually made the Twitter account just before leaving on vacation last week, but spruced it up and added some content tonight.  Oh, and for your convenience I added the Twitter Feed to the blog's sidebar!

Not bad for a late night Wednesday I suppose...

Wii FIt Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 1: Perfect 10

Finally, we have moved on to the last segment of our Wii Fit Plus Playthrough, Training Plus.  I saved this one for last as it is what really sets Wii Fit Plus apart from Wii Fit.  It features 15 awesome activities/exercises and is undoubtedly where a lot of Wii Fit Alumni spend the majority of their time.

We get things started with a totally unique challenge, Perfect 10:

Wii Fit Plus Training Plus Playthrough Part 1: Perfect 10 

Perfect 10

Okay, so I admit it...I honestly enjoy this one.  I like how the developers incorporated THOUGHT and action into this one.  They could have just had it be a balance game, but the extra challenge of having to think and sum a series of numbes to a pre-determined total adds another nice element.

The concept is very have to shift your weight to light up a series of balls that adds up to "10."  Often times there are more than one right answer, for example you might have 6, 4, 8, and 2 where 6+4 and 8+2 both equal 10.  Other times it might be 6, 2, 2, and 8 where 6+2+2=10 and 8+2=10.  This makes it even more of a challenge and you can easily get to a point where you over think things. 
Oh and then there are negative numbers!

That's right, now you've got to sum it up with negatives in the mix.  Sometimes it'll be 12 and -2, while other times you'll have 8, 4, -2, and 2.  You can go 8+2=10, or 8+4+-2=10.  It seems simple enough and it is easy to watch a video and say, "Gee, I could go faster," but once you are the one on the balance board things change!  I tend to do great and then check the time to see how I am doing and loose a little.

I was able to 4-Star all three levels:

Beginner: Add to 10: <40 seconds, Personal Best 30.93 seconds
Intermediate: Add to 15: <45 seconds, Personal Best 42.88 seconds
Advanced: Add to 20: <60 seconds, Personal Best 57.08 seconds

I don't know what it is, but I had a really hard time getting the 4-Star rank on the "Add to 15" Intermediate level.  I can nail down 10 and 20s, but the adding to 15 proves quite a bit more difficult.  I am not sure if it is because it is a non-zero number or what, but it just seems to be more challenging.  And of course, with not having the time constraints of the trip etc, I had to make it happen....So a few attempts later, I clicked off the 4-Star Rank in Intermediate.

This may just be a personal issue, or it may vary for different people, but I really had a hard time getting the weight to shift to the back and hit the rearward seems like I usually hit left or right before getting the back position, but oh well.  This is just a minor issue and you can still adjust accordingly to make a good score.

This one won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy the mind AND body challenge that comes with Perfect 10.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 9: Lotus Focus

After winding down the slopes, we try to clear our minds with the unique Lotus Focus:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 9: Lotus Focus

Lotus Focus

Talk about different.  Lotus Focus takes the activity level down a notch, but proves to be a very unique experience.  What you are trying to do is hold perfectly still...essentially maintain perfect balance.  Not too hard right?

Guess again!

The developers made sure to make this a true test of mind and body.  You don't just simply sit still on the balance board for 3 minutes...
There are footsteps on the creaky wooden floor, frogs in the background, a fly that buzzes about your Mii, and many more subtle distractions.  The biggest kick is when the fly goes thru the candle's flame and burns to a crisp.  It is still hard to see that and not laugh...which is bad, because a laugh will generate enough motion to cause your flame to flicker and burn out.

If you want a 4-Star Ranking you have to earn requires a full 180 seconds (3 minutes) of maintaining almost perfect balance. 

I started out with a great first run (almost made it) and then we had a few not so good attempts.  I really didn't feel like I was moving, but have to take what you are dealt.  I knew I could 4-Star this one and I became hell bent on doing just that, lol.  Luckily it didn't take too terribly long.

This one is truly unique, but doesn't really entice me to play it often.  I think it is fun to shoot for the Perfect Score, 180 seconds and achieve the 4-Star Ranking, but after that I'd say it is one that you might play once or twice a year...if at all.  It isn't really a bad activity, there are just so many more great options on Wii Fit Plus this one seems to settle in quietly at the bottom. 

That said, it would make for a nice group challenge amongst friends etc with your little group adding more of a distraction.  Very unique, fun for a moment, but not a lot of replay value here in my opinion.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 8: Snowboard Slalom

Part 8 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us hop from the iceberg over the slopes for the Snowboard Slalom:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 8: Snowboard Slalom

Snowboard Slalom

This one is no doubt a big hit with many Wii Fit veterans.  I personally prefer some of the other activities, but this is still a ton of fun.  The objective here is simple...clear the checkpoints and do so in the quickest time possible. 

I have to say, the controls here are not as precise as the Ski Slalom that we played earlier.  It is significantly more difficult and I had trouble with the board registering what my weight shifting should have produced...or in laymen's actions were not reflected as best they could be on the screen.  Thus, it becomes quite problematic to land a good score when you are leaning back and trying to steer right and the game still has you rocketing forward and to the left.

We improved quickly on the Beginner runs and netted a new Personal Best and 4-Star Rank of 26 seconds!

Advanced is a bit more difficult, longer course with tighter gates, and we managed to make a 3 Star pass with a best time of  52.95 seconds.  We seemed to miss the same 2-3 gates in each of the penalized runs.  Oh and don't miss gates, one miss is 7 do the math.  I will have to come back and try to 4-Star this one later on, but it will not be a priority any time soon...too many other great games, lol.

Nonetheless, despite the somewhat questionable controls this is a lot of fun and a nice change of pace.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 7: Penguin Slide

Part 7 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us slip our way to Penguin Slide:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 7: Penguin Slide

Penguin Slide

The Penguin Slide is another feel-good classic from Wii Fit.  The game remains unchanged and you simply shift your weight left and right to gobble up fish and earn as many points as possible. 

Blue Fish are one point, and you will note that they flop in the direction that the ice berg is leaning.  Green Fish are two points and they will hop across the iceberg regardless of the direction it is tilted.  Red Fish are 10 points and they hang in mid-air for a few brief seconds, to catch them you have to slide with speed in their direction and quickly shift your weight back the other direction to catch some air!

The best strategy is of course to get all the 10 point red fish.  After that it becomes logic...if you can get a green fish and blue fish (3) points on the left side, but there are 4 blue fish and 1 more hopping out of the waters to the right (5) points, go for the bigger score. 

When I get good scores, I can usually get up to around 75 points or so without missing a fish.  We started out with a 4-Star, and kept playing to see if we could close in on the personal best of 133.  We had a few decent runs and some that weren't so great and ultimately settled for a 123. 

This game is a lot of fun and will help improve your mind-body coordination while you burn a few calories.


Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 6: Balance Bubble

Part 6 of our Balance Games Playthrough shifted over to the river for Balance Bubble:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 6: Balance Bubble

Balance Bubble

The Balance Bubble is a really enjoyable game, and was often a favorite amongst Wii Fit purchasers.  Testament to the popularity of the exercise is that Wii Fit Plus created a Balance Bubble Plus activity in the Training Plus section.

This one just requires the Balance Board.  You lean forward to control your speed, just level out to 50/50 to remain stationary.  The challenge of course comes from the banks of the river and of course, bees!  You have to shift left and right to avoid the shore line walls and juts.  When bees show up you have to either rush through them, dodge them, or slow down and let them pass.

The issue then becomes how to pace yourself to get a good score.  If you make it to the edge of the finish line it won't be a a good score.  In order to get a decent score you have to cross the finish line.

I had never finished the Beginner version with a 4-Star Ranking, but with a little persistence it came to fruition as we registered a time of 29.43 seconds! 

We follow up the Beginner level with Advanced.  It is a bit more challenging as the bees are out in full force.  I wasn't able to 4-Star it, but plan to after the playthrough wraps up.  The most difficult part is having speed built up to get past the last bee, which guards the finish line.  I never got it done in this limited playthrough (recorded it right before leaving on vacation).  If you wait, you can get across the finish line just fine, but it won't be fast enough for the 4-Star Ranking.

This is a great activity and a true staple of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus.  You will get a little bit of a workout in while improving your coordination and balance. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Price Drop and Super Mario Land 3D

I had mentioned perviously that the price of the 3DS was to drop from $249 to $169 (that's $80 folks!), and today is the day!  If you have put off buying the 3DS because of the steep price, wait no more! I personally might wait for a promotion (I doubt it drops from $169 soon, but I would bank that you can hold out for a $20 gift card or free games etc).  The main reason I'm not rushing out to pick one up is simply because the titles I want the most are not out yet...however, that is soon to change as well.

Granted, Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3D and Pilot Wings (loved Island Flyover on Wii Sprots Resort) would suffice for the meantime, but dang...coming soon we'll have Mario Kart, Mario Land 3D and more!  Speaking of which, my inbox was greeted with this message from Nintendo:

Really Cool Box Art (Not Finalized) Blogger didn't want to Copy Over Here, lol.

Get Ready for a New Spin on a Familiar Tail

Super Mario 3D Land reinvents everything fans love about Mario™ gaming with
the first platforming environment in true 3D, without the need for special
glasses. Players will experience an exhilarating new sense of depth, distance
and speed while running, jumping and stomping on enemies throughout the
  • Tanooki Mario returns! The fan-favorite Tanooki suit makes its first appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. Use the Tanooki suit’s tail to attack enemies or float gently down from great heights. These abilities help players move through the 3D environments with more confidence.
  • 3D visuals make it easier for players to judge the depths and distances in their environments. Players can more accurately judge the jump to the next platform or how far Mario is from a question block.
  • New and familiar abilities add unique game-play strategies to the adventure. Mario can perform a rolling somersault attack or run fast with a dash move.
  • The Circle Pad gives players complete control to confidently move Mario through fun and challenging environments.
  • New enemies include Goombas with tails, tall stacks of Goombas and a Piranha Plant that spits ink to obscure a player’s view.
That my friend's is freakin' awesome!  I can't wait to see it and that may be when I pop for the 3DS.  It should be a lot of fun and I'd love to see a promotional pack including Mario Land launched when it debuts...or atleast $20 at Target or Toys'R'Us etc.   I have watched many preview vids and have to say the Tanooki equipped Goombas, cardboard cut out Goombas, ink spitting piranaha plants, and the warp boxes are all pretty cool.  And it looks like the Koopalings might even be back...should be a great adventure!

Still if you have been waiting for the price drop, today is your day!

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 5: Tight Rope Walk

Part 5 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us take on the Tight Rope Walk....let's tread carefully right into the playthrough:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 5: Tight Rope Walk

Tight Rope Walk

This is another one that I do not play often.  With so many great activities in Training Plus and the exercises available in Aerobics and Strength Training, I just haven't spent much time with the Tight Rope Walk.  It is pretty fun, just not as fun, in my opinion, as some of the other activities. 

What you want to do is walk in place on the Balance Board, but that isn't easy when you consider you have to do so centered.  Put too much weight to the right or left and your Mii will start to lean, if you don't correct it in time you will fall!  But there's more...

Each stage (Beginner, Advanced, and Expert) will give you more obstacles.  The bear-trap line runner will knock you off the rope, so you have to jump it.  In order to execute a jump you simply bend your knees and extend upwards...just like the Ski Jump. The only catch is you have to do so while centered!  If you jump while you angle left or right you risk falling during the jump or right as you land.

The Advanced installment throws another robot bear-trap at you, but it also has flocks of piegons to contend with...that doesn't sound too daunting, but they can really wreak havoc on your progression.

The Expert rendition sees the same challenges, but with an added danger...wind gusts!  Again, in text it is easy to dismiss this challenge, but play it in person and you will learn just how dangerous it can be!  The trick to surviving the wind is to shift your weight INTO the wind.  Don't go the same direction or you'll be heading for the city streets below...a long way below!  You also have to clear 3 of the bear-trap robots.  When you jump the second one you will be hit with a wind soon as it ends another comes (I learned that the hard way).  The trick to mastering walking the tight rope and staying up in the wind is to watch for leaves.  When you see leaves swirly by you, you know the wind gust is fixing to come from that direction...prepare accordingly and you will be fine!

This exercise is a lot of fun and I should probably play it more.  Once the playthrough wraps up I might go back and try to 4-Star them, for now I am content completing them with 3-Star rankings, lol.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 4: Table Tilt

Part 4 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough sees us move on to the Table Tilt, another cult classic amongst the Wii Fit diehards.  This is perhaps the best representation of what you can achieve with the balance board as you have to utilize all 360 degrees of the Balance Board to excel.  Check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 4: Table Tilt
Table Tilt

The Table Tilt exercise is broken down into Beginner and Advanced installments.  The premise is simple, get the balls into the hole(s) as quick as possible.  Everytime you pocket a ball and clear a stage you earn more time, up to a max of 99 seconds.  You can then proceed to tackle the next Stage.  Both installments have 8 total stages that give you 10 points for completing them and then a bonus score based on the seconds you have remaining.  It is a simple scoring proces and works very well.

This exercise mandates that you master Balance Board control.  You don't just lean left or right, or shift your weight forward or back, you have to do them in a combination and every sequence imaginable.  With practice you won't have any trouble mastering the controls and picking up 4-Star Rankings.

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 3: Ski Jump

Part 3 of our Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough features the Ski Jump.  Let's jump right in and take a look at the video:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 3: Ski Jump

Ski Jump

This is another classic.  It is simple, yet stimulating and another great showcase of howt the Balance Board can excel.  I hadn't played in quite some time, but I played often on Wii Fit.  It did not take long to regain my form.

You essentially "lower" your weight and place it forward enough to put the red dot in the blue-grey circle.  This will build your speed.  Now you need to stay centered and get ready to launch.  Toward the bottom of the ramp there is a red-zone with an upswing.  You need to wait for the game to tell you to extend. 
Now that you are launched you need to center yourself, vertically and horizontally, and get ready to hold that position.  The better you hold that pose the better your score will be...

I researched it fairly thoroghly on this playthrough and can offer this.  Stay centered and build your speed, try for high 50s or 60 mph, which I believe is the cap.  Now extend right after crossing the line.  Pull your weight back to a 50/50 center position and hold it as best you can, don't lean back or forward as that will cost you distance!  Nail the landing and stand backto admire your score!  Repeat it in Round 2 and you've got a chance for a World Record!

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 2: Ski Slalom

Part 2 of our Wii Fit Plus Aerobics Playthrough sees us take on the Ski Slalom.  This is a pretty cool exercise that will help with your reflexes, reaction time, and agility.  Admittedly I have not played this one in quite some time.  That said, you can note how easy it is to come in rusty, re-learn the skill set, and improve with each session.  Let's check it out:

Wii Fit Plus Balance Games Playthrough Part 2: Ski Slalom

Ski Slalom

I have to say, I should probably play this one is a ton of fun!  With Training Plus available on Wii Fit Plus, I tend to spend a lot of my time there, this reminded me how much I enjoyed the Ski Slalom on the original Wii Fit.  I'm not the greatest at it, but again, it sure is fun! 

You can see how the main goal should be to not miss any targets.  The 7 second penalties really kill you, regardless of how fast you went.  My advice is to pace yourself thru the checkpoints, but then speed up on the one or two long, downhill stretches.

You can also lean left or right for a longer period of time to make a slow you convert your momentum to the side to avoid missing a marker. 

The best tip I can offer is just to practice.  Go once to learn the controls, again to work on speed, and then focus on the course and find the points to speed up and slow down...before you know it you will be improving each time and well on your way to a 4-Star Ranking!

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